Thursday, 12 March 2015

10 Miraculous Weight-Loss Transformations

The hardest part about getting in shape is usually lack of motivation. Sure, you can Google “weight loss motivation” or “easy weight loss” but sometimes it’s just not enough and the “tips and tricks” part often sound fake. So, here are 10 seriously inspiring stories of real women who have lost 80 to 200 pounds! Some of them also shared their weight loss secrets with us, so enjoy and get motivated.

1. Martha Price, 52, Stoneham, MA. Weight Lost: 84 Pounds

2. Patti Murillo-Casa, 55, New York City. Weight Lost: 102 Pounds

3. Avis Weiss, 35, Arlington, TX. Weight Lost: 73 Pounds

4. Michelle Fritts, 25, Rockville, MD. Weight Lost: 89 pounds

5. Charlotte Siems, 49, Stillwater, OK, Weight Lost: 112 pounds

6. Maureen Albrecht, 56, Arcadia, CA. Weight Lost: 111 pounds

7. LeAnne Richards, 48, Hesperia, CA. Weight Lost: 90 pounds

8. Brenda Smith, 43, Lithia Springs, GA. Weight Lost: 206 pounds

9. Laurel Fooks, 33, Springfield, OR. Weight Lost: 125 pounds

10. Terri Fisher, 40, Sioux Falls, SD. Weight Lost: 201 pounds

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