Friday, 10 October 2014

Happy World Egg Day 2014

What is World Egg Day?
World Egg Day is a unique opportunity to help raise awareness of the benefits of eggs and is celebrated in countries all around the world

World Egg Day was established at the IEC Vienna 1996 conference when it was decided to celebrate World Egg Day on the second Friday in October each year.

For centuries, eggs have played a major role in feeding families around the globe. They are an unbeatable package when it comes to versatility and top-quality protein at a very affordable price. And they are also an excellent source of choline, essential in memory and brain development. When you factor in convenience and terrific taste, there is just no competition.

Eggs are one of nature's highest quality sources of protein, and indeed contain many of the key ingredients for life. The proteins contained within eggs are highly important in the development of the brain and muscles, have a key role to play in disease prevention and contribute to well being in latter life, particularly in relation to eyesight (avoiding macular degeneration).

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World Egg Day 2014

The World Egg Day is celebrated every year on the second Friday in October. On World Egg Day, events are held across the world celebrating the importance of egg in human diet. Like in the past, Pakistan Poultry Association (PPA) is also celebrating this year’s World Egg Day on Friday (today) by organising seminars at different places to make the general public aware of the nutritional value of eggs and its importance for human health. The newly-elected chairman of PPA North Zone Dr. Mustafa Kamal said that the Association will organize the function to mark World Egg Day at Press Club on Friday morning while another function in this regard will be organized at SOS Village in the afternoon.

The first World Egg Day was celebrated in 1996 and since then we have seen a variety of wonderful events taking place internationally, with people enjoying and celebrating the wonderful versatility of the egg.

Eggs have a vital role to play in feeding people around the world, in both developed and developing countries. The eggs have excellent and affordable source of high quality protein, with the potential to feed the world.

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World Egg Day 2014
This World Egg Day crack an egg and help to crack world hunger

10th October 2014 is World Egg Day – celebrate eggs and all they are doing to help eliminate hunger, food insecurity and malnutrition. In its first few months the new International Egg Foundation has launched two projects which are already using eggs to help change people’s lives in Southern Africa.

International Egg Foundation (IEF) is celebrating World Egg Day for the first time this year. The IEF is a new global charitable foundation which helps provide people living in developing countries with greater access to eggs as part of its goal to combat malnutrition and provide people who are underfed and undernourished with access to a sustainable diet.

The IEF is proud to be working alongside Heart for Africa, where it is supporting an orphanage in Swaziland, distributing hard cooked eggs to the children, a much needed source of protein. The project, named Project Canaan, will also fund and oversee the construction of an egg farm, to provide a sustainable source of food to the orphanage and the local community.

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World Egg Day celebrated across the globe

Today, 10th October 2014 is World Egg Day, a time to celebrate eggs and all they are doing to help eliminate hunger, food insecurity and malnutrition

According to the British Egg Industry Council, latest research shows eggs contain even more nutrients than 30 years ago, including 70% more vitamin D than when they were last measured; the previous limits on egg consumption, due to their cholesterol content, have been lifted; and eggs have been shown to keep you feeling fuller for longer, making them a natural aid for dieters.

Various activities are taking place around the world to celebrate and highlight the nutritious benefits of the egg: Egg Farmers of Canada have partnered with Breakfast Club of Canada and are providing 130,000 children with a nutritious egg breakfast on World Egg Day. Also close to 1,300 World Egg Day celebration kits that include egg coupons, recipe ideas and posters have already been distributed to elementary schools across Canada.

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11 Amazing Ways Eggs Can Improve Your Life

Not just tasty scrambled, eggs are a cheap alternative to beauty products, household cleaners and can even stop your cat sitting on the kitchen table... Behold, the best egg hacks to celebrate this special day
It is time to celebrate the humble egg.

With this week's World Egg Day, we've been investigating everything you can do with this most staple of store cupboard products. And even if you get the most expensive free range happy eggs you can find, they're still a much cheaper way to get glowing skin, shiny hair and, er, perfectly clean carpets.

Here are the uses for eggs you need to try out:
  1. Shampoo
  2. Glue
  3. Healthy plants
  4. Compost
  5. Snail and slug killer
  6. Face masks
  7. Make coffee taste better
  8. Cake decorating
  9. Train your cat
  10. They're really good for you
  11. Shoe cleaner