Saturday, 20 July 2013

Things You Must Stop Doing To Yourself

The proclivity of blaming others for the pain and sufferings that we go through is a trait found in most of us.However, the fact of the matter is that most of the times it’s our own behavior that is to be blamed for all the wrongs in our lives. You can always start afresh and embark on a new journey. MensXP tells you about things that you must stop doing to yourself, which have been holding you back and doing no good to you.

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Stop Holding Grudges
Believe us, it would never help. Stop living your life with a heart full of hate. It will affect you more than the person you actually hate. Better let go of him/her, and stop letting others ruin your happiness.

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Stop Blaming Others
Remind yourself that you and only you are responsible for the situation you find yourself in. Stop blaming others for your problems and better go ahead and fix things for yourself.

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Stop Spending Money You Don’t Have
Borrowing money and living life on credit cards must be on your ‘stop-doing-right now’ list. Only spend the
money you earn or own. There’s nothing wrong in enjoying all the luxuries of life, provided the money is yours.

Title #23

Stop Being Judgemental
Why waste time judging others? Let’s stop being so judgmental and crucifying everyone else who doesn’t seem to fit into our scheme of things. Rather focus your attention in bettering your life.

Title #23

Stop Hanging Out With Wrong People
You are known by the company you keep. Stop spending time with people who suck happiness out of your life. Be in the company of those who inspire you to achieve greater heights.

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Stop Living In The Past
Past is history, future is mystery; this time is a gift and that’s why it’s called present. Stop wasting time living in the past; rather strive to make your present beautiful

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Stop Being Negative
Negativity affects you negatively. Period. Embrace positivity in your life with open arms and stop being negative

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Stop Being Idle
Life is too short. Make the most of it by using every moment productively. Stop being idle and make sure you execute your plans in time.

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Stop Being Jealous
Jealousy leads you nowhere. Explore ways so that others are jealous of you. And that is only possible if you stop being jealous of others.

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Stop Lying To Yourself
We love to live in denial. Although it’s not possible to lie to ourselves, yet we continue to live in a make-believe world. So stop lying to yourself, and then only you can make your life more meaningful. Stop doing the above-mentioned things and see the magic for yourself. You would pretty soon realise that life was never so beautiful.

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