Saturday, 13 July 2013

7 'Healthy' Foods That Are Actually Unhealthy

Contrary to what you might believe, many supposedly healthy foods can have adverse effects on our health. It is thus imperative for you to know about foods that make you feel good after having them but work in a totally contrasting manner. Here is a list of some such foods:

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1. Fruit Juices
So you have been made to believe that there are few things healthier than fresh fruit juices. To begin with, while having a glass of fruit juice from the local vendor, you can never be sure if it’s fresh or not. Secondly, the amount of sugar they add to their juices surpasses the amount put in sweets and candies. Excess of sugar was never, and won’t ever, be considered healthy

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2. Flavoured Soy Milk
The science textbooks in school weren’t lying when they claimed that soy milk contains loads of protein and
potassium. However, that’s not all it contains. In fact, in much larger doses, soy milk, especially flavoured soy milk, contains sugar and approximately 50 calories per cup. Add almond to your milk and it will benefit your body in a much better way

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3. White Bread
There are whole lot of dishes made from white bread, burgers being most popular of them. But regardless of that, white bread never serves well to your body

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4. Diet Soda
The manufactures try to make you believe that diet soda contains far less sugar, and to a large extent
they succeed but regardless of that fact, aerated drinks make your bones brittle, putting you at a risk of suffering from some common bone disorders. To know that, you don't have to squint. Not a bit

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5. Reduced Fat Peanut Butter
Don’t let the ‘Reduced Fat’ catchphrase fool you. They just replace fat with heaps of sugar or salt

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6. Energy Drinks
Sugar intake again plays its part here. The energy that these drinks provide your body with comes from sugar that contributes to high-fructose levels in the body

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7. Soup Mix
The article has been going on with food items which contain layers of sugars, but what about food items that contain excess of salt? The soups you buy from the local eateries contain a lot of salt, preservatives and butter. That’s as bad a combination as any. So before you decide including certain food items in your diet chart, make sure you consult a health expert. For a starter, let us help you make your life better, so that you live longer.

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