Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Things of the 1980s S’porean miss

Another 90 things 1980s S’porean babies miss 

This list also includes all the things you’d forgotten you miss. 

This is a continuation of the 89 things 1980s S’porean babies remember

Ladybird storybooks, earliest attempt at being literate

Bookworm Club, gave us Young Generation too

Old movie tickets, which cost between $2.50 and $3

Kacang Puteh, in a cone

Pyramid fresh milk, most who have seen it will probably have encountered it in school

Library passes, caused long queues at the library because processing time was painfully slow

Wooden chairs, where your grandmother used to sit

MasterMind, where you’d spill all the little coloured pieces on the floor, which marked the end of the game because you couldn’t be bothered to pick up the pieces

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89 things 1980s S’porean babies will remember 

This list will make you cry. If you grew up in that era.

White Rabbit candy, with edible paper wrapping

Khong Guan biscuits from metal tin, in circle or rectangle shapes

Hawflakes, compulsory treat found in all goodie bags in school

Kuti-kuti, a game where players tried to flip plastic coloured animals on top of each other

Hopscotch, where kids got active before Wii ruined them

Five stones, where the kid with the biggest hands usually wins

Goli, or marbles, fascinated kids who wondered how the colours got inside and the stuff of creepy HDB ghost stories where imps are supposedly bouncing them at night

Stamps, if you weren’t a collector, you might as well have admitted to being an outcast

Malaysia Cup, where Singapore fans actually turned up in droves to support the local team when we were actually winning matches. And you actually know who Lim Tong Hai and Michael Vana were

Stop At Two policy, have lesser kids they said. It will be fun they said

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