Thursday, 16 May 2013

5 Simple Steps to Reverse the Effects of Aging

Reverse Anti Aging

Why is it that some people seem to age slowly and gracefully, while others look haggard at a relatively young age? You might immediately point to factors like alcohol, smoking and drug abuse – but even without drugs that actively contribute to faster aging, some people seem to be ticking along to a different biological clock.

You may scoff at the notion of ‘reversing’ aging, which is often thought to be impossible, but as one of the pioneers of anti-aging medicine, Dr Ronald Klatz, has said, “The innovators are always 30 years ahead of the mainstream and that’s just the way it is with anti-aging medicine. We’re just ahead of the curve.” In other words – there’s a lot more to this idea of reversing aging than you’re probably aware.

So what are the factors that contribute to the speed at which aging happens, and how can you take active steps to slow and reverse aging effects?

Step 1: Forget About Low Fat Diets

Step 2: Spin Classes Won’t Help

Step 3: Don’t Blame All Your Problems on Age

Step 4: Stay Hydrated

Step 5: Work Out Less (Yes, Less)

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