Sunday, 12 May 2013

Simple Home Remedies that Never Fail

Nobody can deny the wonders and effectiveness of modern medicine. However, there are home remedies that can be excessively useful too, so instead of spending so much money on expensive medication, use the following home remedies to cure the following medical problems: 

Duct tape for warts removal
In 2002, doctors experimented on removing warts using duct tapes and compared the results with method of using nitrogen to remove warts. It turns out when individuals wore the duct tape on their warts for two months and later exfoliated their skin with a pumice stone, one day every week, their warts disappeared. In fact, the freezing method using nitrogen just worked on only 60% of the individuals. On the other hand, more than 80% individuals’ warts disappeared who used the duct tape method. Dr Robin Blum, dermatologist, thinks it either the chemical adhesive in the duct tape that cures the wart or maybe the duct tape is the source of irritation in the skin. This stimulates the body’s immune system to attack on the wart and eventually get rids of it. 

Using Vapor Rub to get rid of Nail fungus
Just search the internet and you will find many individuals’ testimonials that claim how vapor rub help them cure their nail fungus. Even Dr Blum states that many of her patients have vouched how effective vapor rub is on nail fungus. Some claim that it is the methanol in the rub that get rids of the fungus while other believes that the thick gel stops’ fungus from growing and thus killing it. If you use vapor rub on the fungus, it not only kills the fungus but get rids of the infected toenail as well. Eventually, a new and fungus-free nail grows in its place. 

Oatmeal helps in soothing Eczema
According to Dr Robin, oatmeal helps in reducing inflammations. Experts recommend grounding the oatmeal so that it becomes a thick paste and then applying it on the affected skin for around fifteen minutes. The oatmeal paste not only reduces the inflammation, but it also has an anti-histamine property. Dr Robin explained that this would help decreases the level of histamine on the skin that is responsible for the inflammation. 

Eat yogurt to get rid of bad breath
A bad breath can be a result of two things – the stomach or the mouth. Yogurt has been neutralizing powers that can treat bad breath. According to Dr Robert Meltzer, gastroenterologist, the yogurt neutralizes the acid between a person’s mouth and stomach that causes bad breath. 

Eating sugar to cure nonstop hiccups
Dr Edgar Engelman gathered 20 patients in 1971, who were experiencing uncontrollable hiccups. Some of the subjects even had hiccups for more than six weeks! He asked them to eat a spoonful of sugar and voila! The subjects’ hiccups disappeared. Dr Andre Dubois believes that eating sugar changes the nervous impulse in the mouth. This would stop the diaphragm’s muscles from contracting spasmodically. So next time you suffer from non-stop hiccups, just eat a spoonful of sugar.

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