Sunday, 5 May 2013

7 Steps to Get Happy Quick!

High-demanding careers and life are often hard to balance, even for the most organized and alert person. To offer advice on how to balance it all is Dr. Stacia Pierce, a successful life coach and also the CEO of Ultimate Lifestyle Enterprises, a multimillion dollar conglomerate.

As a CEO, Dr. Pierce knows how hard it is to stay calm and happy 24-7, so she devised a get-happy-quick plan to help herself and others stay calm while managing their career and life.

1. Release and let it go

2. Make a happiness wheel

3. Create a vacuum for happiness

4. Create a happiness affirmation.

5. Meditate 15-20 minutes every day.

6. Keep a gratitude journal.

7. Keep happiness files.

Bonus one if want to exchange one of the others. Change scenery, change perspective

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