Dear Mr. Lawrence Wong,

I do not agree with some of the points that you have raised.

Firstly, with regards to the British royal couple visit, i do agree with fellow Singaporeans that it was more of a “wayang” rather than what you have claimed, “giving them a glimpse of the diverse activities in our homeland”. If our government is sincere in showing our guest “a glimpse of the activities in our homeland, we could simply show them the HDB flats that provides the basic housing for most Singaporeans (we are proud of it!) and then the market / food centre in Queenstown which will show them that despite Singapore being a small country, our food culture speaks of a fusion of cultures from all parts of the world.

In Food Centre/ Market, the British royal couple would also get to see follow Singaporeans having their lunch break (if they were early for visit), retirees shopping for grocery, or some old folks playing chess and relaxing away on benches rather than the “exhibition” of elderly practising Tai-Chi and silat. You might as well just bring them to our local museums.