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Watz Buzzing - 1 Sep 2012

PR from Malaysia wants PM Lee to crack down on critics of ‘rational’ immigration policy

A Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) from Malaysia, Albert Tye has written to the Straits Times forum imploring Prime Minister (PM) Lee Hsien Loong to crack down on critics of the government’s ‘rational’ immigration policy.

Mr Tye started by blasting netizens for attacking immigrants online:
The behaviour of some netizens not only reflect poorly on Singaporeans, their postings are also extremely offensive. Netizens have been getting away – and going overboard – with their anti-new immigrant postings with impunity; particularly in attacks against mainland Chinese.
He also insinuated that the authorities have been too ‘tolerant’ towards critics of the ‘rational’ immigration policy and suggest ‘reining in’ them. 

Issue on foreigners dominates REACH forum with many think their company needs foreigners

At a REACH forum led by Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen and REACH chairman Amy Khor on Thu evening (30 Aug) to discuss the National Day Rally, issue on foreigners continues to dominate at the forum.

Charles Yeo, a law undergraduate, criticised the Government for marginalizing Singaporeans, by letting in foreigners who are willing to work for less pay. Yeo, who is a student at the University of Warwick in UK, said that countries like Britain and Australia accept only foreigners with unique skills.

His censure led Dr Ng to immediately conduct a straw poll.

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TRE reader asks Philippines Embassy to stop influx of Filipinos into Singapore

Your article on “Why Are Foreigners from One Specific Country Being Employed Here is the Tip of the Iceberg” [ LINK ]

Did you know that Mount Alvernia Hospital, Gleneagles, Mt Elizabeth Hospital, Fortis Hospital and Parkway Novena employs a lot of Filipinos in their laboratories and customer service? Part of the reason why people are retrenched is because of Philippines. See below.

The only sector that is exempted is social work because most Indians and Filipinos cannot speak local dialects. However, it may change soon. Previously, registered nurses from foreign land are not allowed to work in Singapore because they are unable to speak local dialects. Now, they are allowed to work.

With a dearth in social workers, Singapore may let in foreigners to work as social workers and counselors soon.

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Senior PAP member to speak at SDP Malay forum

Singapore Democrats, 30 Aug 2012
The public forum on Malay issues organised by the SDP has generated much attention and interest among Singaporeans. The panelists will include a senior PAP member, an educator, and an academic from NUS.

The speakers will weigh in on the topic The future of Singapore – do Malays have a part?

With the current immigration policy, Singaporeans are concerned that the cultural and social identity of Singapore of which our Malay-Muslim community plays an integral part will be eroded.

This is because the mass infusion of individuals of other nationalities threatens the social ethnic mix of Singapore. It seems that the PAP Government has given little thought to how these new immigrants will integrate into the Singaporean society and culture. 

The Malay community is suspicious that the PAP is bringing in nationals especially from China and India to reduce the proportion of Malays in this country. Full story

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How do you have a national conversation...

Confirmed: Our suspicion that the exercise is more an elaborate show to placate Singaporeans than a substantive effort to listen to the people.

Channel News Asia (CNA) had sought the SDP's views on the Prime Minister's call for a national conversation (see questions below).

But when the report was published, not a single word of our response was published. The reporter said that it was an "editorial decision".

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'Ethical Limit' on "FaceBook"?

Did you read of the judgement made against Dr Susan Lim for overcharging her patient from Brunei? "Doctors face 'ethical limit' on charges . . . SMC considered striking Dr Susan Lim off medical registry" ST 31 Aug 2012.

This gave me a funny thought.

If doctors must stick to an 'ethical limit' when charging their patients, must ministers do the same when charging taxpayers for ministerial services? I guess they did with the Gerard Ee Ministerial Salary Review with Mercer earning $840,000 from the exercise. 

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Assault on the dull Sinkie mind 

Unknowingly, unthinkingly, the Sinkies have been under constant and repetitive attacks on their ability and confidence. Today, many Sinkies did not have a sense of well being and self worth. They lack confidence and cower in the presence of foreign talents, even those from the third world countries and working under some with dubious or maybe even fake credentials.

This sickness has transcended the country and if not arrested, Sinkies will turn themselves into third world people in their first world home. The half baked foreigners are acting smug and holding the Sinkies in contempt behind their backs

The Sinkies have been told that they are daft, lazy, uninspiring, lack creativity, no drive, unproductive. They are even told that they are irresponsible with their money and would gamble them away. But it is alright for others to gamble with their money and lose them in the billions.

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Justice And Equality, Progress For Our Nation

There were lots of surprises when Chief Justice (CJ) Chan Sek Keong announced his retirement in November.

CJ Chan has served as Chief Justice for only 6 years, compared to his predecessor Yong Pung How's reign of 16 years. His successor Sundaresh Menon, 49, was Attorney General for only 21 months. He was appointed Judge of Appeal just one month ago. Since the mandatory of retirement for a Chief Justice is 65, Menon will be around for at least another 15 years.

Among his many accolades, Chan was lauded for being a champion of good judicial sense. In 2002, NSman Chong was charged with being in possession of a car while under the influence of alcohol. What actually happened was that he was drinking a beer in his father's car, parked near the family home, and dozed off. The engine wasn't even running. The Singapore Police Force has a perverse sense of humour 

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PM Lee twists AMP's arm - thou shalt not compete against thy govt

The Association of Muslim Professional's (AMP) has had its fair share of rocky relations with the govt. Recently, it tried to form a Community Forum (ComFor) to discuss issues pertaining to the Malay-Muslim Community. That idea was shot down. By none other than PM.

From the Straits Times Online dated 30 Aug 2012. You need to read between the lines of the report to understand the political implications.

AMP drops proposal for new community forum
Plan had raised fears among some that it may rival existing platforms

The AMP struck a compromise in the wider interest of the community, said the chairman of the convention steering committee, Mr Nizam Ismail. -- PHOTO: AMP
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CCTVs catching cigarette-butt tossing litterbugs

From ‘Anti-littering surveillance cameras to be set up at 100 locations’, 30 Aug 2012, Today online
Surveillance cameras will be set up at 100 locations in the next three months to catch culprits who throw items from high-rise housing blocks. The National Environment Agency (NEA) said it is first targeting at the housing estates in Bukit Panjang, Pasir Ris, West Coast, Hong Kah and Sembawang.
These housing estates have more serious littering issues, involving faeces, urine or food waste, and have also registered a high number of feedback cases from residents. NEA said those caught littering on camera will be charged in court and have their cases publicised.
NEA said the surveillance cameras, together with video analytic software, have proven effective in trials conducted to nab high-rise litterbugs. The equipment can pick up items as small as cigarette butts being thrown from windows, even in low light conditions at night.
NEA cited an earlier pilot run in Bukit Batok where two offenders were caught on camera throwing cigarette butts out from their windows at night. They were charged in court and fined S$800 and S$1,000. Under the law, such offenders are liable to be fined a maximum of S$1,000 and/or be given a Corrective Work Order (CWO) not exceeding 12 hours.
It’s surprising that Punggol was not included in the list to be spied on, considering that it was home to a serial shit-thrower as reported in May this year, which spurred the authorities into launching an ambush via CCTV. Though such ‘faeces-bombing’ culprits may be mentally unstable to begin with, other weird, disgusting, lethal objects being tossed out of windows in recent history include: 

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Imposing West's will on China goes against global norms 

China's continuous gains in strength have fanned the flames of envy, misgiving and even horror among certain Westerners, leading some to slander Beijing's development, squeeze its strategic space and challenge its main interests.

China's fast economic development over the past 30-odd years has not prevented the spread of empty talk about subjects such as "China's collapse", "China's responsibility" and "China's expansion". The country's rapid gain in international influence has been accompanied by a so-called alliance of values, the "return to the Asia-Pacific" strategy and similar Western initiatives.

Certain Westerners are always trying to contend that China's achievements are the "products of a distorted political system". Even Chinese athletes who excelled in the just-concluded London Olympics have seen their praiseworthy performances come under the harsh light of such criticism. 

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