Monday, 21 August 2017

Fresh round of signalling fault delays hit NSL & DTL

Update 19 Sep 2017: Long queues and crowds at MRT stations along East-West Line due to 'train fault'

Commuters are seen waiting at the platform at Simei MRT. (Foto: Gene)

Huge crowds and long queues formed at some MRT stations along the East-West Line (EWL) on Tuesday (Sep 19) during the morning rush hour.

Announcements at the stations, according to commuters, said there was a train fault that caused delays from Tanah Merah to Pasir Ris.

Commuters started posting on Twitter about a fault along the line around 7:40am.

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Track fault results in hours-long train delays on East-West Line

Train services on the East-West Line were delayed for up to 15 minutes for more than four hours on Wednesday morning (Aug 30).

SMRT first alerted that there would be a delay from the Jurong East MRT station to Redhill MRT station at about 8.15am on Twitter. The delay was due to a track fault and was not linked to the new signalling project, it added.

At about 12.30pm, SMRT said train services have resumed.

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Disruptions to train service on North-South Line, parts of East-West Line due to signalling fault: SMRT

Train services on the North-South Line (NSL) and a part of the East-West Line (EWL) were disrupted on Wednesday (Jun 28) due to a signalling fault on a new system being tested, transport operator SMRT and the Land Transport Authority (LTA) said.

It came a day after SMRT and the Land Transport Authority (LTA) warned that that there could be potential delays on both lines in the coming weeks as engineers perform "intensive performance checks" for a new signalling system beyond the June holiday period.

In a joint statement on SMRT's Facebook page, LTA and SMRT said that initial investigations point to failure in the radio communication network of the new Communication-Based Train Control (CBTC) system, which is currently undergoing intensive full day testing.

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Delays on North-South Line again this morning, but SMRT assures it’s not due to the new signaling project

Train services on the North-South Line faced severe delays once again due to a track fault in the morning rush hour today, but SMRT assured that it was not linked to the new signaling project. As if that’d make commuters any happier about getting their journey derailed yet again.

SMRT announced the track fault at 7:32am, alerting commuters to add another 15 minutes to their traveling time from Yew Tee to Jurong East MRT stations.

The subsequent congestion prompted the transport operator to advise commuters heading to the Central Business District to take the south-bound train instead towards Marina South Pier.

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MRT's East West Line hit by track fault; delays expected

The East West Line of the MRT was hit by a delay due to a track fault on Wednesday morning (30 August), according to SMRT’s Twitter at 8.13am.

Commuters were initially advised to add 10 minutes of train travel time from Jurong East to Redhill stations, with that delay subsequently extending to 15 minutes.

According to SMRT, train service is still available.

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North South Line hit by delay due to track fault

The North South Line of the MRT has been hit by another delay. According to a tweet from SMRT, commuters were advised to add 15 minutes of train travel time from Yew Tee to Jurong East stations.

Thus, SMRT advised commuters travelling towards the Central Business District to take the train service “through Woodlands towards Marina South Pier”

Last week, both the North South Line and Downtown Line were hit by long delays of up to 45 minutes.

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Wonderful way to welcome the weekend!

What a terrible week for transport. Right off the heels of SMRT SVP’s incredible testimony on why the Bukit Panjang Light Rail Transit (LRT) wasn’t as ‘up there’ as one might think, and last night’s (Aug. 17) evening peak disruption on the North-South Line (NSL) due to – what else – faults with the new signalling system, Singapore woke up this morning to another double tragedy:

Both SBST and SMRT put up their notices about Downtown Line (DTL) and NSL at about the same time, before 6.30am. Train services on the NSL were unavailable between Marina South Pier and Sembawang.

SMRT advised commuters to seek alternative transport or MRT lines if heading towards the city.

Signalling fault causes delays on North-South Line and Downtown Line during Friday morning peak hour

Commuters were hit by another round of train delays on the North-South Line & Downtown Line during Friday (Aug 18) morning's rush hour, following a 2-hour delay during the evening peak hour the day before.

The North-South Line saw a 3-hour delay while the Downtown Line was disrupted for about an hour.

At 6.30am, SMRT tweeted that an additional 45 minutes travelling time was needed between Marina South Pier & Sembawang on the North-South Line due to a signalling fault.

'Can't you use GPS?': A train delay, a bus ride gone south and a day to remember

Bishan MRT station was a picture of chaos on Friday morning (Aug 18). Meandering lines at the taxi stand, warm bodies amassed at the bus stop, the air thick with frustration as irate passengers vented at SMRT staff on the ground & each other.

Small wonder. They were facing yet another breakdown in train services - this time, the North-South Line (NSL) that was dogged by signalling faults which started around 6.30am and took about 3 hours to resolve.

At the height of the service disruption, Bishan MRT station was overflowing with a sea of passengers who had tapped out - some after withstanding an hour-long ride from Ang Mo Kio, just one stop away - and others newly arrived & apprised of the situation.


SMRT is struggling to pinpoint and rectify the cause of the signalling fault that is continuing to beset the NS Line. The hopeless PTO has posted two Twitter updates notifying commuters to “plan ahead” due to “longer traveling time.”

[NSL]: Our engineers are working hard to continue their checks and investigations. Our staff is ready to assist.

[NSL]: If you intend to travel on the North-South Line later, pls plan ahead. You may experience longer train travel time.

PSLE Students Queue For ‘Excuse Pass’ After Train Breakdowns Make Them Late For Exams

While train faults have become so regular that it happens nearly every other day, the train breakdown on Friday (18 Aug) had more severe implications on a particular group of Singaporeans.

Primary 6 students who were heading to school to take their Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE) oral examinations were delayed from reaching school on time after train faults caused delays on the North-South Line (NSL) and the Downtown Line.

Commencing yesterday with the English oral examinations, Primary 6 students will be completing their Mother Tongue Oral examinations today.

Friday Morning Train Delay: Second Peak Hour Delay in Two Days due to Signalling Fault

MRT commuters were certainly a frustrated bunch this morning (oh, tell us about it…). At about 6.30am, SMRT informed commuters that an additional 45 minutes travelling time would be needed on the North-South Line between Marina South Pier and Sembawang.

The cause – signalling fault. SMRT later advised commuters to take other MRT lines or other forms of transport if they were heading to the city.

The Downtown line was also hit.

Train Delays, Commuters Khaw-Beh-Khaw-Boo

There was much ado about our transport system that it almost felt like we were watching reality TV yesterday. And it’s not just the Lee family feud that is gripping this nation’s headlines, Khaw managed to step into the limelight this week, sharing the #1 spot.

I have lost track of the number of train breakdowns in recent weeks – from trains up in smoke to signalling delays, to faulty supervision systems, to commuters falling onto the tracks – there is an entire smorgasbord of things that can go wrong should you ever decide to take the train.

Our transport minister, Khaw Boon Wan, on the other hand blames the main stream media for hyping it. He has in fact been drumming into our heads that the train system is three times more reliable and that the state-run-media has gone tabloid.

Commuters forced to guide bus drivers when control room failed to direct drivers during MRT breakdown fiasco

In what appears to be a bizarre turn of events during the massive MRT breakdowns on Thursday and Friday, commuters were seen guiding confused drivers of free shuttle buses activated by SMRT because no directions were provided from SMRT’s operations control centre.

That’s right, drivers who were activated to help out during the peak-hour delays had no idea where to go and how to get there because control room staff who were supposed to provide directions did not do so.

One commuter, Ong, shared an account of what happened on the free shuttle buses this week.

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DTL and NSL affected by signalling fault on Friday morning

Commuters were met with yet another service breakdown on Friday morning (18 Aug) since the service disruption along North South Line during the Thursday evening rush hour.

At 6.29am, SMRT announced that commuters are to expect 30 minutes of additional travelling time between Sembawang and Marina South Pier stations due to a new signalling system fault near Ang Mo Kio. The same location where the signal fault responsible for yesterday's service disruption allegedly occurred.

Even up till 8.30am, the fault has not been rectified and delays in service remained at 30 minutes.

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Mainstream media took 3 weeks to state the obvious about MRT reliability against LTA’s statistics
MRT statistics won’t restore public confidence?

I refer to the article “Statistics alone won’t restore confidence in MRT” (thenewpaper, Aug 19).

It states that “Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) economist and senior lecturer Walter Theseira said it is quite difficult for the public to reconcile their train disruption experiences with the statistics provided by the Government, which claims that overall rail reliability has improved”.

Mainstream media was late by 23 days? Why did it take about 23 days for the mainstream media to as I believe to the best of my knowledge – to write about how ridiculous the statistics announced by the Government on 27 July was – that “the MRT system’s reliability has improved by three times since Mr Khaw Boon Wan moved to the Transport Ministry in 2015, but the minister wants to raise the bar much higher”? (“Khaw Boon Wan sets new rail network reliability target as MRT becomes three times as dependable as in 2015” (Straits Times, Jul 27)