Monday, 14 August 2017

6 things every woman wants from her man

Mutual respect
One of the first things any woman wants in her partner is their respect. Being treated as an equal in the relationship not just boosts a woman’s self-esteem, it also makes us feel valued and loved. When a man puts her woman down whether in public or at home, it adds a crack in the relationship cup and sooner or later it will shatter her and the relationship. If you cannot respect the woman you love, you have no business being with her and women who take insults or jabs lying down need to know that it isn’t okay.

Sharing responsibilities
Women are multitaskers but that does not mean that they love doing everything. Treating women like machines who wake up the earliest and sleep the last is simply inhuman. We would love for our partner to be considerate and share the load. This also means women to help out with finances like paying rent and other utility bills. Just like we do not want our partner to foot all our bills (including dine-outs), we do not want to be solely responsible for managing the house.

Just because a woman is in a relationship does not mean she loses her individuality and independence. A woman still wants to be the one to decide what she wants to wear, whether she wants to work and even have sex with you or not. Asking you means she wants your opinion which she will consider but the last word is still hers. No woman wants a man who dictates his terms and expects her to follow them blindly. Even though women love to have sex, there are times when they do not want to and forcing them to do so because you are in a relationship is still considered having sex with her against her will.

Splitting household chores
Girls have been trained from childhood that it is the woman of the house who does all the chores even if she is a working woman while the man has the luxury of simply relaxing with the TV remote in hand after a long day in office. If you really want your woman to be happy, split the chores with her, after all, she’s worked just as hard as you in office and is equally tired. Cook a meal together or hang clothes to dry, dust your furniture or clean the bathroom floor. Not only will she appreciate you more, it goes to show how much you love her and wouldn’t want her to be exhausted by doing everything.

Space in a relationship
Yes, you both are in a relationship and it makes you both happy but it does not mean you need to spend every waking moment together. It is good to be apart for short duration and do things you are passionate about. It is also fine for women and men to socialize with their gang without their partners. A girls’ night out, a sleepover with her besties or even an evening spent alone to just be by ourselves is essential and shouldn’t be a cause for a fight the next day.

When a relationship is new, everything is rosy and you find everything about your partner attractive. However, over time, the charm starts to fade and you may forget to appreciate the little things that make her so special. Throw in a compliment to make her happy. Not that women need to hear praises all the time but it is endearing when you notice small things and praise us for it. For instance, if we style our hair differently one day and you like it, don’t forget to tell us or if you loved the coffee, why not let us know. Appreciating us for who we are is also your way of showing us how much you love us.

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