Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Preserve Your Aurat’s Honour

Childbirth “Modesty” Pants!

No more will perverse male doctors get a chance to peek at your aurat (intimate parts) when you’re giving birth, ladies.

A Malaysian company has launched a new type of maternity pants to salvage the sanctity of the aurat from the prying eyes of gynaecologists.

The vagina-hider even comes in 3 eye-catching colours.

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Selangor sultan backs Farah Ann, censures critics for picking on gymnast’s sportwear

National gymnast Farah Ann Abdul Hadi was criticised for allegedly ‘exposing’ herself after winning two gold medals, a silver medal and three bronze medals at the recent Singapore Sea Games. ― File pic

PETALING JAYA, June 26 ― Selangor Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah fully backs national artistic gymnast Farah Ann Abdul Hadi and has expressed disapproval at those who picked on her attire during the 28th SEA Games in Singapore.

In his congratulatory letter to Farah, Sultan Sharafuddin said her achievement had made the whole country, including Selangor, proud.

The Sultan, as quoted by local daily The Star said in his letter, “Criticising your attire should be the last matter in the minds of those who commented negatively on social media.

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Malaysian gymnast Farah Ann Abdul Hadi wins two gold medals but the internet only cares about her 'revealing' leotard

The seemingly-innocent snap, which has since been removed from Buliten TV 3′s Facebook, immediately sparked controversy, as the picture became inundated with comments complaining about Farah’s attire.

Many of Farah’s critics complained that she was showing her “aurat” or “private areas,” which should remain covered at all times according to Muslim belief.

While Farah has recieved a fair share of criticism for showing her “private area,” others have taken to social media to defend the athlete.

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Malaysians defend gymnast Farah Ann Abdul Hadi against outfit outcry
Farah Ann Abdul Hadi at the 28th SEA Games (Photo: Singapore SEA Games Organising Committee/ Action Images via Reuters

From the general public to prominent personalities, Malaysians have come to the defence of a SEA Games gold-medallist criticised by some for wearing a "revealing" leotard.

Muslim gymnast Farah Ann Abdul Hadi, 21, has had an impressive showing at the Singapore Games, with a gold in the women's floor exercise and women's team event, a silver in the women's individual events and three bronze medals. However, she received flak from some who felt she had exposed too much of her body.

One Facebook user wrote: "If you don't want to wear a headscarf, at least wear tights to cover up your thighs. Because that's the aurat (private parts) you have to cover and shouldn't be displayed to men."

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Malaysian gymnast Farah Ann wore the right attire and did nation proud, say supporters
Malaysian gymnast Farah Ann Abdul Hadi (right) recently came under fire from netizens who criticised her competition attire during the SEA Games in Singapore. -- PHOTO: SINGAPORE SEA GAMES ORGANISING COMMITTEE/ACTION IMAGES VIA REUTERS

Gold-medallist gymnast Farah Ann Abdul Hadi does not deserve flak for wearing standard approved leotards in her winning routine, said the country's contingent head.

Malaysia SEA Games chef de mission Datuk Norza Zakaria is the latest Malaysian to defend the athlete.
Norza said Farah Ann had won multiple medals, including two golds, for the team.

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Gymnast Farah Ann Abdul Hadi

A Burqini (or burkini) بوركيني
A burqini (or burkini; Arabic: بوركيني‎) swimsuit is a type of swimsuit for women designed by Lebanese Australian Aheda Zanetti under the company name Ahiida

The suit covers the whole body except the face, the hands and the feet (enough to preserve Muslim modesty), whilst being light enough to enable swimming. It was described as the perfect solution for conservative Muslim women who want to swim but are uncomfortable with revealing bathing suits.

It looks rather like a full-length wetsuit with built-in hood, but somewhat looser and made of swimsuit material instead of neoprene.

In August 2009, a woman in France was prevented from swimming in a public pool wearing a burkini. This was due to a long-standing law requiring swimwear in place of street clothing in public pools, for hygienic reasons, rather than the result of any specific political position on the garment, despite controversy in France over Islamic dress.

'Tu dung' or Not 'tu dung'?

The celebration of World Hijab Day (WHD) yesterday turned out to be a controversial affair in Singapore with the country's representative declaring having to "cease operations" today.

Singapore's WHD ambassador Seri Fatmawati Hambali posted a final status update on the officialSingapore WHD Facebook pagetoday, citing difficulties such as continued pressure and scrutiny from the Singapore government.

Her statement specifically highlighted the difficulty the Singapore WHD group faced  "during ground research and meet ups", and of "members of the group receiving threats that being involved may jeopardise their livelihood and affect their families".

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LifestyleNetizens shocked when they saw this man in Suntec City

Facebook user RD Jay shared and posted the photo of a scantily dressed man. He claimed that he spotted the man at Suntec City Tower 4 while he was buying groceries.

Some of the commenters took offence at the shopper’s dressing and wondered why the police was not called.

Do you think this happened in Suntec City? We have our doubts. Let us know.

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Netizens express shock at scantily dressed man – but it’s not Suntec City

Facebook user RD Jay who shared the picture in his Facebook is wrong. The picture is not taken in Suntec City but in Shenzhen, China. This is the original post from where the picture was ripped.

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What in the world? Man in skimpy attire attracts stares from commuters on train

Stomper IZ shared a video of a man dressed in a colourful crop top, black thongs and knee-high gladiator sandals.

Said the Stomper: "This is unbelievable!"

Some commuters couldn't help staring, while others seemed to be completely oblivious or were just focused on averting their eyes from the "fashionable" guy.

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Scantily-Clad Man Spotted Again – This Time on the MRT!

Diamonds might be a girl’s best friends, but this scantily-clad guy clearly prefers his shoes.

He’s been spotted on several occasions now, after he was last seen 2 days ago at a supermarket erm, bending it unlike a certain Beckham.

This time, the man was spotted hanging loose on the MRT .

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