Friday, 10 July 2015

Singapore Botanic Gardens declared UNESCO World Heritage Site

Botanic Gardens is S’pore’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site
The Botanic Gardens met two of these criteria – it reflected an interchange of human values and illustrated a significant stage in human history

The 156-year-old gardens’ nomination was put up for discussion and decision-making by the 21-member committee today. Including the Botanic Gardens, the committee will be examining 36 proposals nominated to be inscribed on the World Heritage list.

The committee had unanimously adopted the expert panel International Council on Monuments and Sites’ (Icomos) recommendation to inscribe the Botanic Gardens for inscription without reservation — the best recommendation possible — in May.

To qualify, the site must possess an “outstanding universal value” that reflects their unique position in global history. Likewise, they need to meet at least one out of the ten selection criteria to be successfully inscribed.

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10 Hidden Facts About Singapore Botanic Gardens You Never Knew About

Singapore Botanic Gardens was confirmed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site on 4 July at the 39th meeting of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee.

Singapore’s Botanical Gardens is the third Botanic Gardens to be listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, after Kew Gardens in England and the Padua Gardens in Italy. It is also the first Asian tropical botanic gardens to be on the list.

 1. Our 5-dollar note Tembusu tree is located here

2.  Singapore’s oldest ornamental water feature

3. The hidden pathway

4. A popular hotspot for music in the 1930s

  5. Our mini rainforest

6.  Orchid Garden for VIP and Celebrities

 7. Free evening concert

 8. History of Singapore Botanic Gardens

 9. Singapore Botanic Gardens Heritage Museum

10. Expansion of this jewel gem

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