Friday, 8 June 2018

Crayfish Sacrifices Claw to Escape Boiling Hotpot

Gets Taken Home as a Pet

This is the breathtaking moment a crayfish in China lost one of its claws while saving itself from a boiling bowl of spicy hotpot. The crustacean’s daring escape was caught in a video that has since gone viral on Chinese social media.

User Jiuke, who first posted the clip on Weibo, ordered the serving of live crayfish in a hotpot restaurant, Taiwan News reported. However, one caught his attention when it crawled out slowly of the boiling cauldron in sheer determination to survive.

And in the captivating act that followed, the brave crayfish used its right claw to detach its left claw, freeing the rest of its body from the hell of a stew.

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Crayfish festival begins in central China

A crayfish festival has begun in a county in central China's Hubei Province. The festival is being held in Jianli County, known as China's top county in terms of crayfish production. The event will include crayfish competitions, trade fairs and related seminars, according to the organizer.

Various e-commerce platforms will sign deals with the county government to cash in on the crayfish business during the festival. The crayfish cultivation area in Jianli will exceed 70,000 hectares this year, with more than 130,000 tonnes of crayfish to be produced, according to the county government.

China is the world's largest crayfish producer, according to a 2017 report by the then Ministry of Agriculture, now known as the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. Its output skyrocketed to 852,300 tonnes in 2016 from 265,500 tonnes in 2007.

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