Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Hairstyle According To Your Face Shape

Oval face - The oval face shape should never have straight and long hair. This hairstyle is boring for this type of face. The oval shaped face works best with a curly or layered haircut.

Round face - The best haircut for a round face is shoulder-length hair as it will highlight your cheekbones. Wavy or curly hair will suit a round face well, although they need to be layered so you can get a round shape that will contrast the roundness of the face.

Heart-shaped face - People with heart-shaped face can experiment with hairstyles. You can try the popular pixie haircut, or the multi-layered bob.

Square-shaped face - This type of face goes best with the shoulder-length haircut. This face shape usually comes with a big forehead, so in order to reduce its appearance you need to put the bangs from one side to the other. Wavy and curly hair should suit a square-shaped face nicely, although they need to be layered to work well.

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