Wednesday, 22 February 2017

4 Donald Trump Policies That Will Affect The World Stock Market

Ever since Donald Trump election, the world stock market has rallied crazily! Dow has increased 2000 points, 11%. Nikkei has increased 3600 points, 20%. Even Singapore STI has amazingly rallied 270 points to 3020, up 9.7%!

What is happening???

Shouldn’t the market plummet down like what most investors expect after Trump election?

Will Donald Trump’s inauguration continue to propel the performance of STI stocks in 2017?
  • Bringing Industrial Boom Back to US!
  • Removing Banking Regulations will give Banks a Free Ride!
  • Bringing Back The Good Old Energy – CRUDE OIL!
  • Trump number 1 Enemy is China, clearly not Russia!!!

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The Trump Presidency

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