Sunday, 12 February 2017

Are You Suffering From Burnout at Work?

Here’s What You Can Do

There are lots of things about Singapore that are open to debate—whether our hawker food is really that good, whether there’s a thriving arts scene, whether you should be sent to jail for a blog post.

But there are two things that are pretty much unquestionable: #1, Mediacorp dramas are awful and, #2 Singapore is a stressful place to live.

A 2014 report shed some light on the phenomenon of young professionals burning out in spectacular fashion after working punishing hours. A survey in 2015 found 70% of workers declaring they were extremely stressed out by overtime work, with 55% saying their stress levels had risen from five years ago.
  • Are you suffering from burnout?
  • Get help from a mental health professional
  • Make changes to your career if necessary
  • Work out a financial plan to tide you through any career changes
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