Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Would You Die For Singapore

I Will Not Die For Singapore
There are many of us who are tired.
Many of us who are cynical about this country.
There is something that we know is missing.
the mrbrown show: I will not die for my country

Stuck at home, on MC for food poisoning, Kim Huat taps into his gastritis and laosai, and from his pain, shares his word for the nation.

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Would I Die For Singapore? No Thanks!

The worst thing you could do during Chinese New Year was to ask Singaporeans about death.

Sibei pantang.

I remember a friend’s son who worked in the Civil Defence. When he wanted to get married, he suggested using an SCDF ambulance as the bridal car because he thought it was cool. He almost got disowned.

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‘Majulah’ video creator wants video to be rallying point for young Singaporeans

Who would’ve thought that an eight-minute video of a talking head with some words appearing for emphasis would get some 6,800 likes, more than 11,000 shares and more than 400,000 views on Facebook in two days?

The clip, featuring Singaporean former radio deejay Divian Nair, provides a rallying cry for citizens to band together, and perhaps to be inspired to “die for our country”.

Published on this year’s Total Defence Day (15 February, also the 74th anniversary of the day Singapore fell to the Japanese in World War II), the slick production, hosted on a Facebook page entitled “We Are Majulah”, ignited our curiosity to get to know the people responsible for it.

related: We Are Majulah video gets parodied by Kim Huat, a.k.a. mrbrown

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Netizen Responses Are The Best Thing About That Majulah Video

Most of us grew up here in Singapore — we understand Singlish, we have our favourite hawker stalls, and we all like to complain on Facebook when the MRT breaks down.

However, former 987 FM DJ Divian Nair wonders what exactly unifies us Singaporeans.

And what prompted him to make the video was a single question: “Would you die for Singapore?”

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Majulah Singapura, I also say!

THERE’s a group in town which is determined to make a difference. I applaud these people. I think it’s wonderful that people are concerned about more than just accumulating wealth or doing better than their neighbours. That people have decided that whining and griping isn’t the solution to any problem at all. They’ve produced a video with the objective (at least as I see it) of rallying Singaporeans as one united people.

As the video says, people are cynical. That’s damn right. There’s not a thing you can say online these days which is not misconstrued or misintepreted. It becomes so divisive that you might want to declare your race, age, gender, place of birth, religion, occupation before typing an opinion. Too many times have I added this line “lighten up”! In fact, even the video has been met with cynicism – that it was too slick, not sincere…and the background music is maudlin…

The video is spot-on with its tagline – I will not die for Singapore. Immediately, you think it’s a rant about why Singapore is not worth dying for. You click on it and you discover that it’s about living for Singapore. Actually living for Singapore is as easy or as difficult as dying for Singapore. After all, would you live in Singapore if you know you are going to die in/for it?

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‘Shut the eff up with the propaganda,’ one commenter tells ‘Majulah’ video’s Divian Nair

Divian Nair and his team from ‘We are Majulah‘ have produced a video which suggests that ‘Singapore has a problem’. He said unlike the Americans who had ‘freedom’ to bind them, and unlike the French who are held together by their belief in ‘liberté’, we do not have a ‘glue’ to hold us together as a nation.

Divian than introduces a word ‘majulah’, which is the first word in the title of our national anthem, to suggest that it is this word which should be the glue that holds us together.

He said ‘majulah’ is not a Malay word, but is a unique word because it is formed with the input of two other cultures (Chinese and Tamil), and also because the word calls us to action. ‘Majulah’ means ‘let’s go forward’.

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Why this Singaporean once said he will not die for Singapore

A video titled “I Will Not Die For Singapore” has gained traction on Facebook since it was posted on YouTube on Monday.

Published by social initiative called “We Are Majulah”, the 8-minute video features a monologue by former radio deejay Divian Nair, who spoke about what he believes should symbolise the Singaporean identity. He said that the right word to represent the Singaporeans identity should be “Majulah”, which means moving forward.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the video had garnered more than 10,000 views on YouTube and more than 300,000 views on Facebook.

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S’poreans ask: Will S’pore die for me?
Singaporeans from all walks of life, who believe in asking hard questions because letting things slip is for weaklings, are asking if Singapore will die for them.

This after they heard someone make a video on the Internet asking if Singaporeans will die for Singapore.

One Singaporean, Wen Wen Ti, said asking if Singapore will die for Singaporeans is the correct question instead: “Singaporeans did not exist so that the state exists.”

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