Friday, 12 February 2016

What to do when you think your identity has been stolen?

If the worst does happen there are some really simple, easy steps to help you stay confident and safe:
  1. Call your bank, pronto! If you suspect suspicious activity on your account history or have misplaced your card details, the most important thing to do is contact your bank to report the incident immediately. Relay as much information as you can and they will work with you to track the fraudulent activity and halt it. You’ll be better off doing it sooner than later, as it will put you in a better position to have those charges refunded! In rare instances, your bank may ask you to lodge a report with the authorities. Remember to keep a copy of the report for your records.
  2. Contact the credit bureaus. If it’s confirmed that your identity has been stolen, it’s best call one of the credit reporting companies. Reporting the situation will enable them to put an alert on your account. Not only that, it makes tracking your identity much easier for investigators!
  3. Take your information off shopping websites. If your credit card is linked directly to any online shopping sites, go through each account and remove your information so that you have more control over where your credit card number is stored.
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