Saturday, 9 May 2015

How to be a responsible traveller

What does being a responsible traveller mean?

Let’s be clear: we’re not talking about being aware of cultural faux pas – forget getting starkers in Machu Picchu or baring your soles to a Buddhist for a moment. Whether you’re embarking on a luxury cruise or backpacking across Europe, this is about your responsibility to the planet: think CO2 emissions; reusing towels; conserving water and energy; supporting local communities; recycling your waste, to name a few. 

Being responsible is about making a positive impact on a destination; bringing benefits to local people and not running down natural resources. “It’s essentially giving more than you take,” explains Ben Lynam of the Travel Foundation, a charitable organisation that works with the industry to encourage sustainable practises.

But where do you begin? Start by putting some thought into your trip – before you go, during, and even when you get back home.

  • Before you travel
  • On your trip
  • Back home
  • But why bother changing my travel habits?

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