PM broke down in Parliament talking about his Dad

In the cut and thrust of politics, and it wasn't a question from the Opposition or the PAP MPs

Let’s hope it will be a long while before Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong breaks down again.

This time, the parliamentarians were the ones who put him through this never-ending torture of talking and remembering his late father Lee Kuan Yew.

After nearly 18 minutes of delivering a speech in response to calls to honour the late Mr Lee, five PAP MPs and one NMP continued to pepper him with more questions and clarifications on how his father could or should be honoured.

PM Lee finally broke down when he replied to the last supplementary question by an Nominated Member of Parliament (NMP).

We have seen PM Lee break down when he delivered his speech on the passing of the founding Prime Minister.
Mothership.sg “PM Lee suppressed his emotions as he struggled to deliver his speech in three languages about the passing of his father“

PM Lee also cried during a Channel 8 interview about his father.
Mothership.sg “These are the most heartbreaking images of S’poreans mourning Lee Kuan Yew’s passing“

PM Lee broke down for the third time in as many weeks, when he responded to NMP Chia Yong Yong and thought about the need for a founders’ memorial to be “full of meaning”.
PM Lee holding back his tears

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PM broke down in Parliament talking about his Dad
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