Wednesday, 9 April 2014

STB "Cheesy" Video Deleted After It Went Viral

Singapore Tourism Board's cringeworthy video

STB takes down promo video after online criticism

The video was flamed by netizens for its scripting and poor production, with many labelling it "cheesy"

The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) has confirmed that it removed a promotional video targeting the Philippines from its YouTube channel, after they found that it went viral overnight for all the wrong reasons.

STB released a statement on Tuesday, saying that the video was not resonating well with audiences. The three-minute clip shows a couple from the Philippines taking in various Singapore sights like Gardens by the Bay.

At the end of the clip, the woman presents the man with a pregnancy test kit, and tells him that she is pregnant. The man then replies that Singapore always has a surprise waiting for him. 

This STB video is so bad it will go viral

That’s three minutes of your life you are not getting back

The people who produced this should be commended for being able to produce a three-minute video on what looks like a $0 budget.

The video is cringeworthy and full of cliched dialogue, with the Singapore skyline as the only redeeming feature.

They have also redefined what constitutes an awesome surprise (hint: Singapore government-approved) present.

S’pore Tourism Board made its awfully viral video more awfully viral by deleting it

STB viral video taken down

An online manhunt followed after the Singapore Tourism Board today took down a video that was uploaded on March 26

Troops from, Hardware Zone and other not-yet-approved-by-MDA websites began posting links to guide netizens to find the three-minute long video.

Earlier on today (6.45 pm), the video could not be found on most links posted by and keyboard warriors of Hardware Zone.

The video was scrubbed off its official digital existence by STB after many Singaporeans expressed their disdain online. They said the video has a terrible plot, poor production value and robot-like acting.

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Singapore Tourism Board video taken down after it draws ridicule
(Video taken from Facebook)

A video uploaded by the Singapore Tourism Board to its YouTube channel last month was taken down on Monday, hours after it received flak online.

The three-minute clip appears to be an advertisement to encourage people from the Philippines to visit the city-state. Titled "See where the world is heading", it features a romantic couple travelling to Singapore to celebrate their anniversary. They walk around Marina Bay Sands and Gardens By The Bay, and at the luxury hotel's rooftop skypark, the woman gives her man a very surprising present.

Responding to the brouhaha over the video, Oliver Chong, STB executive director for communications and industry marketing, said it was produced by Philippine broadcast network ABS-CBN "in an effort to customise content for this audience". 

Singapore tourism responds to criticism of ad ‘so bad it will go viral’, blames the Philippines

Singapore Tourism Board has issued a public statement in response to a volley of public derision made against a three-minute video for the tourism body that was circulating on the internet yesterday.

The Singapore Tourism Board has moved to distance itself from the video, which a local news site described as ‘so bad it will go viral’, saying that is was produced in the Philippines by the national broadcaster ABS-CBN.

STB also defended the popularity of the video, saying that it had attracted 3,400 likes in the first week after it was posted on the tourism body’s Philippine Facebook page and prompted around 900 comments, “largely positive.”


In response to the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) promotion video which went viral due to how bad it was, the STB has admitted that it could have been done better.

However, they also pointed out that the video was not really aimed at Singaporeans and that it was actually made by a Philippines network.

The video featured a couple visiting Singapore and enjoying the attractions here and celebrating the fact that the girl was pregnant. However, it was heavily criticised for bad acting, bad script and a very fake sounding voice over.

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S’pore Tourism Board issues response to awfully viral video

The Singapore Tourism Board whose YouTube video that went awfully viral yesterday evening for all the wrong reasons, partly because it was taken down, has responded to the online hullabaloo.

Oliver Chong, STB executive director for communications and industry marketing, said in a statement to the media.

Well, it still doesn’t explain why the video got deleted after it went viral.

Singapore Tourism Board removes video after it draws flak

A promotional video by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) has been removed after it went viral for the wrong reasons

Entitled “Singapore. See where the world is heading”, the three-minute video which was uploaded on March 26, was removed from STB’s YouTube channel on Monday, hours after community news and lifestyle website Mothership.SG wrote about it in a post headlined “This STB video is so bad it will go viral”.

“Cringe-worthy and full of clichéd dialogue”, the clip which features a couple on a romantic tour of the city as they celebrate their anniversary, is made worse by “shaky camera-work, poor dubbing, [and] illogical flow of events”, said Mothership.SG.

The Singapore skyline, it noted, was the video’s “only redeeming feature.” And netizens agreed.

STB admits vilified video could have been done better

Intended to woo Filipino tourists to Singapore’s shores, a Singapore Tourism Board (STB) promotional video — which has been ridiculed by viewers here — has been removed from the government agency’s YouTube channel because it “was not resonating well with audiences”.

Responding to the wave of mockery heaped upon the video, the STB’s Executive Director for Communications and Industry Marketing Oliver Chong acknowledged “some aspects of it could have been done better”.

The video, titled See Where The World Is Heading, was produced by Philippine network ABS-CBN as part of the STB’s efforts to customise content for different markets.

'Baby surprise' tourism promo video could have been done better

The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) acknowledged on Tuesday, April 8, 2014, that some aspects of its video to promote Singapore as a tourist destination to the Philippines "could have been done better." - PHOTO: SINGAPORE TOURISM BOARD

In response to media queries, STB's executive director of communications and industry marketing Mr Oliver Chong said that the video was produced by Philippine network ABS-CNB in an effort to customise content for the country's audiences. When it was first shared on STB's Facebook page for the Philippines, the video attracted more than 3,400 'likes' in the first week and garnered some 900 comments, "largely positive', added Mr Chong.

The three-minute-long video, which was first uploaded last month has since been taken down after it caused a stir online. It featured a couple from the Philippines travelling around the island visiting attractions such as Gardens By The Bay and Marina Bay Sands. In the clip, the woman also presented her man with a gift - a pregnancy test kit with a result indicating she was pregnant. The man, taken aback, remarked that "Singapore always had a surprise waiting for me".

The video, however, drew flak from netizens, who slammed it for a variety of reasons ranging from its "bad script" to the poor use of voiceovers.

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Singapore always has a surprise waiting for you

Cheesy, awkward acting has always been the bane of tourism videos, and so are takeaway catchphrases whether it’s ‘Get LOST!‘, or ‘SHIOK’. The problem with STB’s latest Pinoy pitch is that its catchphrase (Honey, Look!) has nothing to do with Singapore, and what we’ll remember it by is not the Supertree Grove or expensive dining in a cable car, but the image of a pregnancy test kit in a box at the twisty shock ending.

Having a baby is a reason to celebrate no doubt, except that this could your last anniversary trip not just to Singapore, but ANYWHERE in the world once Baby is out. I can only imagine mixed emotions in the hubby, though what I saw from his expression was surely nothing but pure ecstasy.

So what we have here is not so much sloppy production or bad dialogue, but a case of excessive ‘storytelling’ and not enough scenes to showcase Singapore, or rather, the REAL Singapore. The Merlion was brutally snubbed in this video and not a single face of a smiling Singaporean was featured. The only food you see here is some atas salmon dish, not satay, durian or chicken rice. And the couple didn’t even look like they were enjoying it, more engrossed with surprising each other than relishing the sights of Singapore from above.

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Just Imaging That Singapore’s Tourism Industry Goes Without Singapore Tourism Board

Watch the above promotional video clip by the Singapore Tourism Board and you will think that it’s produced by a group of tourism school students on their final project.

One may think that the Tourism Board has run out of budget for their marketing drives.

On the other hand, in the marketing arena it is not necessary that big budget promotional campaigns will surely rip the intended benefits. Sometimes, the more you spend the more you waste. It is all about what makes your target group (s) thick? If this tourism video clip makes sense to the Philippines market, it makes sense! Though it may lack elegance.

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7 things the S’pore Tourism Board ad could have been promoting besides tourism

7. Condoms

Judging from the husband’s forced “Wow” (for the umpteenth time), it is plain obvious that it’s an unplanned pregnancy.

Nobody will be surprised if the video ends with the Durex logo.

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The authentic versus the fake

It seems that the Tourist Board is having second thoughts about the fakes and imitation tourist attractions that are sprouting up in the islands. With so much money pumped into the fakes, and with minimal returns, not mentioning that the bigger they are the bigger will the white elephant stand out, trying to justify their existence, to cover cost, is going to be a mammoth task. And for the poor guys that are tasked to promote such fakes and with targets that could not be met, it is a daunting and stressful proposition.

How much more would have to be coughed out upfront to build the fake gardens in the Marina Bay and how much would be needed to keep the glass, concrete and steel structures in good conditions and the plants in them comfortable? How many visitors are needed to be herded to these fake contraptions to just break even?

And why would visitors from the temperate countries flew all the way here to see temperate plants? With travelling cost spiraling down, the hot land people would have no problem flying to the temperate countries to see the real things.

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