Wednesday, 16 April 2014

A Hint of Lawlessness In Singapore?

Fights, affrays, riots and brawls
Here are some recent cases of public altercations just this year alone, involving not just locals but also foreigners. There are many more such incidents over the last few years

Fights, riots, affrays, brawls seem to be a more frequent occurrence in Singapore.

It is disconcerting how often these incidents have been happening. And together with the recent revelation that the Singapore Police Force (SPF) may be understaffed and overworked, one does wonder if it is just Geylang which has a “hint of lawlessness”, as warned by Police Commissioner Ng Joo Hee at the Committee of Inquiry hearing.

Is Singapore itself, in fact, seeing more people taking the law into their own hands? And if so, we should all be concerned. What can be done?

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Two men arrested for fighting in MRT
“Police have arrested 2 men, aged 40 and 50 years old, for fighting with each other in an MRT train between Khatib and Yio Chu Kang MRT stations. The fight was caught in a video that went viral.”

Two men fighting in Chinatown

Five men charged over rioting on first day of Chinese New Year

Five friends did not spend the past weekend celebrating Chinese New Year with their families.

This came after they were arrested for rioting last Friday, the first day of Chinese New Year. They were ordered to be remanded at Clementi Police Division until Thursday this week to assist in investigations, The Straits Times Online reported.

Eugene Leong Yao Jun and Joshua Low Xiao Zhong, both 20; Nigel Koh Jia Sheng, 21; and Ong Choon Hong and Justine Soh, both 23; were charged in a district court on Saturday with being members of an unlawful assembly, which had allegedly attacked Mr Abdul Hamid Ahmad, 47, at Sentosa Gateway near HarbourFront Centre.

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Malay Delivery Man Fight Malay Delivery Woman

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Heavyweight man beats up much smaller guy at Jurong East

A skinny guy was spotted fighting with a tall burly man with tattoos and a woman at Jurong East.
Despite being outclassed and outnumbered, the smaller man did not back down.

The video was uploaded by YouTube user Kave Goh, who witnessed the fight while he was in his car.
According to his comments on YouTube, the incident occurred at Jurong East Block 131, near the entrance to a multi-storey carpark.

He had slowed his video practically to a halt, and said the video was shaky because he was looking out for traffic.

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Five arrested for rioting at Bras Basah Road

Police have arrested five men for rioting at Bras Basah Road in the early hours of January 31, 2014.

In a statement on Thursday, police said they received a call at about 4.45am, alerting them to a fight at a walkway along Bras Basah Road. Police and Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) paramedics responded to the incident.

Preliminary investigations indicated that the patrons of a club at Bras Basah Road were assaulted

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Two men fight outside Subordinate Courts as woman joins in

Shirts were torn, faces scratched and a shopping bag swung when two men and a woman fought outside the Subordinate Courts on Thursday.

As the men exchanged blows, the woman also joined in for good measure. Her weapon of choice — a shopping bag that she swung at one of the men who had earlier confronted her.

It took about 10 security personnel and police officers another 10 minutes to calm them down and send them on their way.

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Suspended by employer: Man who bloodied singer Dawn Ho's nose after she stood up for bullied cabby

Stomper Lim BoBo has alerted Stomp to an incident that took place over the weekend at Sentosa involving local singer Dawn Ho, who was apparently verbally abused and punched in the face by a man. Dawn Ho is a local bossa nova and jazz singer.

Dawn wrote about the incident on her facebook page, and explains how she was waiting for her band mates at a taxi stand on Sentosa, when she witnessed a Caucasian man and his two friends hijack a limousine cab. They also shouted at the cab driver and limousine service staff.

The man complained about the $43 limousine fare and verbally abused the limousine staff.

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4 men arrested for fighting

Police have arrested four men who are believed to be involved in a fight along Paya Lebar Road.

On March 9 at 8.44 pm, the police were alerted to a case of fighting involving 10 male foreigners. Four men were arrested, and a broken wooden plank and fragments of a broken beer bottle found at the scene were seized as case exhibits.

Preliminary investigations revealed that there was a dispute between two groups of people before the fight ensued, said the police in a statement.

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Four men arrested for fight on board bus in the early hours of Sunday morning

Four men aged between 25 and 31 have been arrested for fighting on board a public bus as it was travelling along Eu Tong Sen Street in the early hours of Sunday morning.

The police were first called to the scene at 6.20am by a man who was also on board. The suspects got off the bus after the man shouted at them, said a police statement on Tuesday evening.

Armed with information from the complainant and witnesses, police identified the four suspects and arrested them on Tuesday in a follow-up operation.

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14 foreign workers charged with rioting after fight at Kaki Bukit dormitory

The 14 Bangladeshi workers who allegedly brawled over a cricket match have been charged with rioting.

The men - aged between 25 and 38 - were among 35 arrested after the alleged fight which took place on Tuesday in a dormitory along Kaki Bukit Avenue 3.

According to a police statement, preliminary investigations had revealed that the alleged fight took place between two South Asian groups during the 'live' screening of a cricket match between Bangladesh and the West Indies.

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7 men arrested after mass brawl outside Zouk

Police arrested seven men aged between 17-19 on Tuesday after they were involved in two fights that took place near night club Zouk during the wee hours of Sunday morning. One of the fights had occurred along Jiak Kim Street at 3:56am whereby a group of assailants had kicked and punched a victim before fleeing

While officers were investigating this incident, another police report was filed regarding another attack that occurred along the connecting Kim Seng Road. Another victim was involved in the latter fight. Police believed  the assailants were the same for both cases.

Five of the suspects will be charged in court this week while investigations against the remaining two suspects are ongoing.

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Two men arrested for fighting on road

Two men who fought in the middle of a road on Tuesday were arrested by police at the scene and are being investigated for affray.

Their altercation next to the junction of Chai Chee Street and Chai Chee Drive was caught on video, which has been shared more than 4,000 times. The 40-second clip shows a 26-year-old helmeted motorcyclist tussling with a 39-year-old Caucasian driver, who then pins him to the ground.

The eyewitness who filmed the video approaches the duo, asking them to stop. It is not known what sparked the fight, although the motorcyclist's vehicle was lying on the ground beside the other man's car.

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4 men arrested over fight at Chander Road

Police have arrested four men aged between 24 and 30, who are suspected of being involved in a street fight at Chander Road.

On Tuesday at about 10.31pm, police were alerted that a man was carried into a grey van after being assaulted by three people at the open carpark on Chander Road. Officers from the Central Police Division and Criminal Investigation Department investigated and reviewed CCTV footage.

They soon established the identity of the suspects and the registration number of the van.

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Fight at Compass Point shopping mall

Videos of two couples arguing and fighting in front of a Pizza Hut restaurant at Compass Point shopping mall have been uploaded onto YouTube.

The videos shows two men arguing, one of the men (wearing slippers) can be heard saying, "She's pregnant, come on, man!"

A fight breaks out when one of them pushes the other.

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11 foreign workers charged with rioting at Choa Chu Kang construction site 

In the second case to occur here in two weeks, 11 workers were charged on Tuesday with rioting, this time at a construction site in Choa Chu Kang.

According to local media, the workers – four Chinese and seven Bangladeshi nationals – are alleged to have been involved in a fight on Sunday afternoon at the construction site for Rainforest Condominium off Choa Chu Kang Avenue 3.

The Chinese men are between 25 and 46 years of age, while the Bangladeshis are aged between 20 and 28. Each of them were charged with being in an unlawful group in which one or more used violence by punching and kicking members of the other nationality. 

11 arrested over fight at Choa Chu Kang

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