Thursday, 24 April 2014

28 things you can do to cut costs now

Cutting down on expenses can be extremely difficult, especially since some thought and planning is usually required before you can kickstart major changes in your lifestyle.
However, saving money does not necessarily involve extreme life-changing decisions. In fact, cost-cutting can begin by taking small steps that can save you money almost immediately.
Instead of spending time thinking of complicated measures you can adopt to keep your bank from bleeding, follow the guide below and start saving money in these 28 areas of your life right now.
1) Cook at home - Stop paying GST and service charge for food you can prepare at home.
2) Ransack your fridge - There is probably food you forgot existed in there.

3) Bulk buy - Bulk buy items you use often from wholesale centres or places which sell more for less.
4) Buy fresh or dried goods - Instead of canned food, spend your money on fresh produce and dried foods as these tend to cost less.

5) Buy house brands - Especially if you can't taste the difference.

6) Avoid frozen meals -These are usually expensive and are less healthy than fresh food bought from the foodcourt.

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