Snap General Elections in 2014/2015?


So is general election going to be round the corner this year? The last election was conducted only in 2011 and the prime minister has to call one by 2016 latest.

Netizens set the alarm bells ringing as they saw many tell-tale signs of an early election initiated by the ruling party - the big Pioneer Generation Package benefitting 450,000 seniors to buy their heart and then the damaging attack on their biggest political rival Workers' Party through the account fiasco via Aljunied town council.

There is also the Indonesian tussle with regard to the naming of the new warship after two heroes who bombed MacDonald house in 1965 which killed three people. Critics accused the government of using the incident to fan up nationalistic feelings so that the people is seen as uniting behind the country. So far it is not working as planned.

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Looming perils of ASEAN common market may force GE in 2014 (I)

With each passing day, my life is filled with greater joy. The reason is clear – I am increasingly confident that a snap election will come within this year and PAP will be consigned into the dustbin of history. PAP’s, of course, have long started, even before PM LHL NDR 2013 speech in August 2013. Who can forget their invention of “DRUMS” politics of “Distortions, Rumors, Untruths, Misinformation & Smears” modus operandi?

Voters will not forget this strange mathematical formulation of untruthful = falsity = lacking in integrity leveled at the Workers’ Party (WP) only to be exposed in the cyberspace discovery of facts involving a tainted dossier and unraveling of some white cockroaches lurking the crevices of political deception claiming virginity of innocence?

Petty bitching of a hawker centre ceiling cleaning issue filled the pages of dramatization in the print media, as incumbency drove as much political mileage as they could in that ignominious journey. Sadly for the aggressors, voters saw the anti-climax outcome for those trying ever so desperately to upturn the downturn of “AIMS” ignominy backfired.

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Election: PAP’s vote-buying (Part 1)

I had speculated that PAP will hold a snap general election in 2014.

I remain convinced this is still on track, looking at the consistent pattern and vigor of political posturing by the incumbency – subject to one caveat – the economic backdrop turning acerbic from its current benign state.

PM LHL, in his CNY message to the nation said the “global economy is heading up”. His claims did not elaborate on nor explain the exuberant claim. Current economic climate points to the contrary. Emerging market news and economic statistics coming out of key major economic centres from EU, Japan, and China were gloomy of upturn prospects although there is some hint of shine in the US economic data.

Sweetener for 'Pioneer Generation' to buy votes for the PAP as election nears
The Star Online, 1 Mar 2014
Recently announced healthcare measures could be targeting senior votes, which are badly needed to offset declining support from young Singaporeans.THE generation most loyal to the ruling party – and now wavering a little – is being wooed like never before.

The government, faced with the eroding support of young Singaporeans, has launched its biggest healthcare initiative for the elderly to date.

The S$8bil (RM20.7bil) plan under Budget 2014, to be spread over a period of years, aims at subsidising part of the rising healthcare costs of people who are aged 65 and above.

The timing of the Pioneer Package comes two years before the general election is due.

It is termed the “mother of all elections” by some analysts because it is likely to be the most hotly contested and crucial election in modern times.

It is imperative for PAP’s future that the health measures bring in the senior votes, which are badly needed to offset the dropping support of young Singaporeans.

“It is obvious that the ruling party wants to consolidate or win back the estimated half a million senior votes,” said a political analyst.A forumer said: “This is sheer naked vote buying. Full story

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Various signs indicate that the PAP Government is likely to call for a snap general election as they are more concerned with holding on to power than to work for the benefits and welfare of the people.

For the past two years, we have seen them engaging in dirty politics of smearing the Workers’ Party and trying to entrap them in town council politics with the assistance of government ministries, government agencies, statutory boards, and the notorious state-controlled media which is ranked 153rd and 150th in the global press freedom rankings by Freedom House and Reporters Without Borders respectively.

Is the Pioneer Generation Package an electioneering strategy to induce the estimated 450,000 seniors who made up about 20%, or a fifth, of the 2.21 million registered voters in the 2011 general election, to vote for the PAP? A post GE2011 IPS survey showed a big drop in the conservative segment, i.e. those who are happy with status quo, from 46.5% to 28% reflecting deep resentment among seniors aged 65 and above.

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Can Tharman’s Social Budget Save the PAP?

A change or sudden change of behavior is just like the new reality. We are not able to predict and forecast the new reality or behavior accurately in advance.  For the PAP, the best hope is still big coefficient and technical analysis. This model has past evidence to support and can be calculated within the box.

For the oppositions, it is new reality and behavior that will give them a breakthrough.  The lower the basic supporting interception, the more new realities and behavior changes are needed.

So, what do you think? Can the election budget save the PAP? Is 60% still a reality? If not, what will be the new reality?

So What If They Are Gunning For Votes?

Here in Singapore, the Singapore government has just released its Budget for the year and the eye-catching thing about it was a S$8 billion fund to "honor" the older generation. Called the Pioneer Generation Package (PGP), it is to help our elderly cope with daily expenses and especially their medical needs.

Others called the PGP an attempt to score political points and channels more money into the GIC through our CPF accounts. I agree. The PGP is designed to score political points with the elderly and probably to get more money into the CPF.

Does anyone truly believes the ruling PAP (People's Action Party) is going to do anything that doesn't benefits them? Aren't they are a political party? You think they are not looking to get votes for the coming elections? You think they are doing this out of the kindness of their heart

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Voters acted, govt listened

An overdue healthcare package Put bluntly: The voters won – yet again.

The $8 billion Pioneer Generation Package is the second most significant and substantial “victory” for true-blue Singaporeans since the General Elections of 2011. Setting up a committee to review and finally trim ministerial salaries was the first. The committee’s recommendations went some way to appease critics who saw politics as public service and not corporate appointments.

There are many heart-and-soul issues still to be resolved. Among them: the large number of foreigners jostling face to face with locals for living space on this small island, the widening income gap, getting the MRT one hundred per cent back on track, “de-elitising” our schools, universities and social system to ensure every child or person gets the same opportunities, whatever his or her background and the debatable “imperative” that all-out economic growth must be pursued at all costs.

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Beer, real wages & next GE

The news that beer costs $1.30 more at Kopitiam after the increase in excise duty reminds me of something I heard at CNY.

A senior marketing officer at APB told me that while Tiger still dominates the beer market here, sales of Anchor (APB’s value brand) have been up 60% (I think) since the noughties. He said S’poreans were economising. With the rise in duties, APB might be advertising,”Make mine an Anchor” or “It’s Anchor time”?

We’ll know when S’poreans really feel that they have more in their pocket when they switch back to Tiger from Anchor. That’ll be a gd time for PAP to call a GE. They can remind S’poreans that “Only the PAP fills yr belly with Tiger”.

What if PAP Govt plans a general election in 2014?

What If PAP Govt Plans A General Election Next Year 2014? Are You Ready?

I have often heard and read these  common lines by many Singaporeans and netizens : ” Wait till 2016”, “ Come GE2016” or “ We will show them in 2016”. Or similar to that with YR2016 as the deciding year assumed to be GE and Singaporeans having a much opportunity to vote in or out their MPs and govt.

Qn: What if PAP Govt decides to have a quick fresh snap elections later next year instead of the targeted 2016 in everyone’s mind or assumed right timeline as GE is due?

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Recently, the PAP seems to be sweet taking the electorate and embarking on a major PR campaign.  Accordingly, I have little doubt that the next general elections may be coming soon, very possibly before the end of this year. As this happens, average Singaporeans should not be fooled to thinking that the PAP has changed but to see this as a ploy to stay in power before life for Singaporeans will continually go downhill.

In my opinion, there are 3 incidents which I believe point to a possible early election. Firstly, the PAP has recently come out to introduce 5 new candidates, an unusually early move considering the elections are supposed to be held in 2016. Secondly, minister-without-a-portfolio Lim Swee Say has also decided to announce his intention to run in East Coast even though he has previously decided not to run. Why did he make such a statement at this juncture?

Last and perhaps most importantly – the PAP and Ah Loong seem to be embarking on a major PR campaign. For example, the Guest-of-Honour at the annual Ministerial forum would usually be a junior minister (or a full minister in charge of a smaller portfolio) but Ah Loong decided to grace the event himself this time. In addition, his decision to invite 1500 guests from the pioneer generation to the Istanta is unprecedented.

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Labour chief and minister without portfolio, Lim Swee Say, has announced that he is interested to continue running as a candidate in the East Coast GRC.

He said that he has enjoyed serving the residents there in the Bedok ward and said that he has plans for the ageing constituency there. Funnily enough, this goes against his previous comments saying that 2011 would be his last election.

Back in 2007, he had suggested that if he still had to contest in 2016 to fill the positions of NTUC secretary General and PMO Minister, it would mean that the PAP's efforts to attract the 'best team' must be struggling.

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Votes Don't Count

Trust Lim Swee Say to announce that he will be contesting in the East Coast GRC at the next general election, supposedly to implement plans he has for the ageing constituency. Only in Singapore, can an ageing politician simply declare he plans to be minister again, regardless of the wishes of the electorate.

Lim must be addicted to the high he gets each time he looks at his Central Provident Fund (CPF) account balance. "Some more, it's guaranteed," he gleefully told his audience. He may have to step down as union chief when he turns 62 in July 2016 - pursuant to a National Trade Union Congress (NTUC) constitutional change made in 2011 - but he still wants to keep collecting those million dollar cheques.

You would expect an outgoing chief to endorse at least one of the 4 successors in waiting, but the selfish sycophant (synonyms: toady, creep, crawler, fawner, flatterer, flunkey, lickspittle, kowtower, obsequious person, minion, hanger-on, leech, puppet) would not volunteer a single word of support for Zainal Sapari (48), Patrick Tay (42), Ang Hin Kee (48) or Yeo Guat Kwang (52).

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Lim Swee Say: I’ll run in next general election

The Chinese media reported yesterday (27 Jan) that Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office Lim Swee Say wants to contest the next general election [Link]. Mr Lim is the secretary-general of NTUC.

He declared his interest to contest in East Coast GRC in the next general election during an interview with the Chinese media. He told Zaobao, “I have made up my mind. I want to contest in East Coast, in Bedok, and fight for another chance to serve the residents of East Coast.”

He is the MP in East Coast GRC’s Bedok ward. Previously, on 2 separate occasions, he indicated that the 2011 general election would be his last. The first hint he gave was in Parliament, 2007:

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Chan starts ‘election campaign’ with 60 community events

Chan Chun Sing is starting his election campaign in Tanjong Pagar GRC early. He is leaving nothing to chance since he will likely be the minister leading the PAP team in their traditional fortress at the next general elections.

Tanjong Pagar GRC has been a walkover constituency for many years, being the “homeground” of former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew. It is a given that Mr Lee will retire from politics at the next elections, as he is 90 years old, immobile and confined to a wheelchair (LKY enters Parliament on wheelchair‘).

Needless to say, Mr Chan and his team remain untested in Tanjong Pagar GRC. Therefore the minister may be feeling a bit jittery as far as the elections go, to be held by 2016 at the latest. To usher in 2014, residents in Tanjong Pagar GRC are being treated to a series of celebratory events right up to New Year Day. All in all, some 60 community events make up the year-end festivities in Mr Chan’s ward.

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Pioneer Package wins the PAP votes

Thus far, the Pioneer Generation Package easily ranks as the most universally welcomed policy announcement since the 2011 General Election. Who, after all, would begrudge older Singaporeans this expression of gratitude after the sacrifices they endured in those early years of independence.

Even those not used to praising the government for generosity were probably pleasantly surprised to find out that the package would cover citizens as young as 65.

The move acknowledges that even if the idea of Singapore had been imagined by a few, it was built by many. And while the majority saw their standards of living rise, they would never enjoy the full suite of opportunities that came to later generations. For example, among babyboomers born in the immediate post-war years, around 60 per cent never got a secondary education. Many who were academically able had to sacrifice school to help their families.

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Opposition candidate says ruling People's Action Party may lose the 2016 elections in a backlash against influx of foreign workers

Encouraged by recent electoral gains, opposition candidate Tan Jee Say believes the ruling party's long-held grip on government could come to an end in Singapore's next general election. The former senior civil servant, who ran unsuccessfully in the election two years ago, intends to take part in the poll expected to be held in 2016, and believes the opposition is ready to run the city state.

"I will be contesting in the general election. It is a possibility for the opposition to take over the government in 2016," he said on a recent visit to Hong Kong. Very much a product of the ruling People's Action Party's (PAP), which has been Singapore's ruling party since 1959, Tan appears an unlikely opposition candidate.

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Voter rolls open for inspection

The registers of electors have been revised and will be open for public inspection from Tuesday.

Eligible voters have until March 3 to check their particulars in the registers on the Elections Department (ELD) website, at its Prinsep Link office, or at community centres and clubs.

Singaporeans living overseas can do so at any of the Singapore overseas missions that serve as polling stations.

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Singaporeans Only Have One Last Chance In 2015
The Heart Truths, 19 Feb 2014The turning point in Singapore really came in 2015. The general election that was held then was widely known as the “last chance” among Singaporeans. However, Singaporeans then did not realise how dire the situation is. For a few, it was clear that in the 1980s, the government had started introducing policies that would make it more difficult to withdraw from their retirement funds, while the government could also earn from the medical payments by Singaporeans.

By the late 1990s, the wages of Singaporeans were being depressed, while prices shot up – the cost of living shot up from being ranked 97th in the world in 2001 to 6th most expensive in 2013, in just over 10 years. The purchasing power of Singaporeans was severely undermined.

Meanwhile, Singaporeans were still submitting to the doctrine that they had to continue to “work hard” and be “self-reliant” on themselves, so that they continue to keep buying branded goods to keep up with their lifestyles. Unknown to them, the government had wanted Singaporeans to be “self-reliant” so that the government could then be “reliant” on the citizens for their retirement funds and medical payments for investments, while the people received very little back. Full story

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All eyes on the year 2016 - Seah Chiang Nee
Malaysia Star, 18 May 2013

In all discussions about national issues, Singaporeans point to a possible shift in political power during the general election. In particular, is the current government still good enough to helm the country’s progress?

The year 2016 seems to be the most frequently mentioned in Singapore these days. It is w­he­n the next general election will take place.

Whenever angry Singaporeans ta­l­k about national problems, one or t­wo will likely end up with an implied threat, “Wait for 2016!”

It reflects the rapid politicising of the Singaporean, once renowned for being among the region’s most apathetic.  Full story

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Snap General Election in Sep 2015?

Fresh from chairing the year-long Our Singapore Conversation dialogue, the next big task on Education Minister Heng Swee Keat's plate is to lead a new committee to prepare for Singapore's Golden Jubilee celebrations in two years' time.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced this yesterday as he said that such a milestone - the country's 50th anniversary since independence in 1965 - should be marked properly with not just a big birthday party, but make it an occasion where people could both reflect on the past and think about the kind of future that they want for the nation.........

As far as Mr Heng's new committee - named S50 to mark the nation's age in 2015 - is concerned, Mr Lee called on Singaporeans to look back on the journey taken so far and to work together for a better future.

related: Big plans for S'pore's Golden Jubilee

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