Sunday, 23 February 2014

Kopi Kaya Toast

Da Zhong Kopi Stall: Who Will Hold The Sock?

Kopi sock masters are a dying breed.  Enjoy them while they are still around because in 20 years time, I am not sure who will be holding the sock!

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Ya Kun Kaya Toast: The Kopi Culture Revolution

t's good to know that Ya Kun's flagship stall is still run by the family and that they are still doing a lot of things the traditional way.  So, even though you might think you are familiar with the food at Ya Kun, a visit to their family stall at Far East Square might still be well worth the effort.

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Seng Hong Coffeeshop: A Blast from the Past

Nostalgia is a precious commodity in Singapore. In our fast paced society where "Land is Scarce" most places only have a limited lifespan. So you are not likely to find the old oak tree where grandpa was supposed to meet grandma and run away together.

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Heap Seng Leong Coffeeshop: And Time Stood Still

Kopi Gu You (Coffee with Butter)

Coffeeshops like Heap Seng Leong might be a distant memory for some and stuff of legend for others.  Most Singaporeans would have probably heard of the uncle in pajama pants making kopi.  Some might not even know what a pair of pajama pants look like.  For Baby Boomers and Gen Xers, they bring back fond memories of a Singapore when there was no COE and buses had no doors.  Those were the days when blackouts were an opportunity to play with candles and kids were still catching spiders.  For Gen Yers, what I just said are just grandfather stories of a mythical past.

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Good Morning Nanyang Cafe: Ultimate Kaya Toast!

This is just a quick shout out to let you know that Good Morning Nanyang Cafe has just opened a new outlet at Turf City.  It's on the ground level facing the used car dealers.  So now you guys around the Bukit Timah area have a great place for Kopi and Kaya Toast!  Free Parking some more!

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Wah Yen Eating House: So shiok how come nobody copy?

Our local "French Loaf" which we often use to make Roti John and eat with Curry might be passe, but hey it is actually quite shiok if you simply toast it till its super crispy and slap on some butter and kaya. This really doesn't take much skill or knowledge. Even the kaya is not homemade. Yet they have a winning formula which puts a serving on almost every table in the coffeeshop. I found the crispy crust of the French Toast contrasted with the cold creamy butter to be highly satisfying. Too bad they don't have homemade kaya.

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Coffee Hut: Aiya what should I eat? Toast, Buns or Baguette?

The Hainanese invented the Kaya Toast because they wanted to serve the local population something similar to what the Colonial British were eating but at a fraction of the price.  The same idea is still very much alive today, except that Kopi and Kaya Toast is no longer just trying to emulate something else, it quite confidently holds its own place in our little gourmet paradise.

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Oriole Coffee Roasters: The Ultimate Kopi?

For those of you would want to experience what an Ultimate version of a typical Singapore breakfast is like, you can pop down to Oriole Coffee Roasters at the edge of Chinatown and order their Straits Seven Set.  It comes with a cup of Kopi made with quality Expresso in a traditional cup complete with latte art, a pair of 62 degree Sous Vide eggs using farm fresh, hormone and antiobiotic free eggs and handmade kaya on traditional lohti.

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Xin Xin You Tiao: You Tiao, Kaya and Kopi!

You Tiao with kaya dipped in a cup of treacly thick kopi.  This is just about as simple as the simple pleasures in life get. 

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