Sunday, 11 August 2013

Have You Become Your Cell Phone’s Bitch?

I want you to close your eyes and take a deep breath.
Now pick up your cell phone, tap the button and look at the screen.
What are you feeling?  9 out of 10 people experience anxiety.

We experience anxiety because we react like Pavlov’s dog to every ring ding and dong coming from this electrical device.

Clients and co-workers have been conditioned to expect availability 24/7, friends take offense when you don’t return their text immediately, and even worse, you’re afraid you might miss something important.

The ugly truth? You have become your cell phone’s bitch.

Electrical devices mess with your brain.  Studies have shown that the brain displays increased activity for up to 90 minutes after looking at any device, and hormonal levels elevate long after being online or having cellular connection to the degree that mimics addiction.

Here’s another truth:  Friends, bosses and loved ones can be re-conditioned to have normal expectations
All of this technology equals one thing:


So how do we gain control?

Schedule some private time

Practice driving in silence

Leave the phone at home

Stash you phone, ipad or laptop in your carry-on while doing air travel

Having control over technology

Shut the computer off

Give yourself freedom

Cell phones are an addiction like anything else.  It takes strength to abstain from addictions that hurt you.

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