Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Do Singaporean women think they look good?

8871281 m Do Singaporean women think they look good?
What do Singaporean women think of their physical attractiveness?

While the common disposition a woman has towards her own attractiveness may be sub-par, it seems that local ladies don’t feel too bad about themselves. Based on Dove’s Internet survey of 300 women in Singapore, 21 percent used words like “attractive”, “pretty” or “good-looking” to describe themselves. However, only 2 percent saw themselves as “beautiful”.

The survey, which included a list of positive words for women to pick to describe themselves, did not include any negative words. Additionally, 52 percent of the Singaporean women surveyed also responded to being “very satisfied” or “somewhat satisfied” with the way they look.

That said, however, most Singaporean women are in fact secure about their physical appearances, with a respectable 49 percent surveyed stating they were “confident” or “somewhat confident” or their looks.

While it is comforting that most women in Singapore are confident of their appearances, it is important for us to remember that beauty is only skin deep and that true beauty does not lie solely on looks alone. For the grace, strength, compassion and wisdom that every woman possesses — here’s the true beauty within you.

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