Saturday, 15 December 2012

Tips to make your phone's battery last longer

Even hi-tech smartphones can last for days - as long as you follow a few basic procedures to keep the battery at full

Recombu - Making your phone last all day is simple - you just have to know how to use it (Image: Fotolia)

As smartphones have become more capable -  for playing gaming, watching movies and shooting video -  battery performance has worsened and now most modern smartphones won’t last a full a day before you need to reach for a charger.

Phone manufacturers are working hard to improve battery performance - Motorola in particular with their RAZR i and RAZR MAXX - but if you buy most other smartphones, be ready to charge every evening.

Here are some tips to help conserve your mobile phones battery life:

Screen brightness

Don’t vibrate

Stop email sync

Reduce social networking updates

Turn connections off

Shut down apps

Don’t download pictures

Flash off

Night time = downtime

Aeroplane mode


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