Sunday, 2 December 2012

The Most Annoying Passenger Habits

You Perfect Passenger or Annoying Seatmate?

Don't snap your fingers at me! ... a survey of 700 cabin crew from around the world has revealed flight attendants' biggest gripes about passengers.
Don't snap your fingers at me! ...

According to the survey, the biggest gripes of cabin crewmembers are:
  • Clicking fingers to get their attention (26 percent)
  • Passengers leaving their seat at the end of the flight before the seat belt sign is turned off (13 percent)
  • Stuffing too many bags in the overhead bins (11 percent)
  • Complaining there's no space for carry-on bags (10 percent)
  • Talking through the safety demo (9 percent)
  • Asking for more blankets/pillows (8 percent)
  • Stuffing rubbish in the seat pocket (7 percent)
  • Asking for a different meal (6 percent)
  • Ringing the flight attendant call button to complain about cabin temperature (6 percent)
  • Asking for a specific brand of drink (4 percent)

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10 Annoying Habits of Our Fellow Travelers 

1. Traveling While Sick

2. Any-aholic Behavior

3. Workaholic Habits

4. Jumping Up As Soon As the Plane Reaches the Gate

5. Asking Favors 

6. Traveling with Pets 

7. First Class Staring at the Rabble

8. Seat Etiquette

9. Chattiness

10. Carry-on Baggage Offenses

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‘Perfect passenger’ identified by survey

According to the survey, cabin crew would rather not work in first or business class

The survey, completed by more than 700 international cabin crew, identified the best passengers as men aged between 31 and 40, who travel for pleasure rather than business and sit in economy class.

According to cabin crew operating in British airspace, English men are most likely to be the perfect passenger, with men from Wales deemed the least favourite. 

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Single male 30-something? You’re the perfect passenger!

The international press hyped most of all the results that air passengers prefer a particular type of a passenger: A man in his 30s who travels alone for pleasure, rather than business, and isn’t a celebrity but flies economy class.

Apparently this type of passenger, a.k.a. “a dude,” cause the least headaches for air crews.

Of course, 30s single males also tend to be the preferred dating pool of many cabin crew members, to generalise wildly.

Internet Calls Spur New Clash Over Talking in Air

A new battle is underway over whether airline passengers should be making calls and chattering away during flights

Cellphone calls are prohibited in the air. But fliers increasingly are carrying smartphones and tablet computers on flights. And airlines increasingly are equipping their planes with broadband access.

The combination allows passengers to log on and talk to people over Internet calling services such as Skype.

And it's set the stage for an argument over whether any calls should be allowed, as the Federal Aviation Administration studies whether to expand passengers' use of electronic gadgets in the air. (Read more: Mobile-Device Use During the Whole Flight?)

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