Sunday, 9 December 2012

Those Years When We Waited For Our Buses

Early Bus Services

The bus interchange, as well as the bus terminal, is a busy transiting point for many of us to make our way to work, schools or home everyday.

Those were the days when many waited anxiously for their buses that did not come on time. Some ran after the departing buses. The rest were walking briskly as though time was never enough. Students lined up at the ticket offices to buy bus stamps for their concession passes.

And sometimes, one or two would board the wrong bus and end up at some ulu terminals.

Hock Lee amalgamated bus company dennis teal bus 1955

Singapore Traction Company bus to shenton way 1960s

STC Nissan omnibus 1967

Airconditioned bus service 168 1985

City Shuttle service bus 1975

TIBS nissan u31Scn 2003

Air-conditioned coach service at orchard 1975

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