Thursday, 24 May 2018

China is set to be the world’s theme park capital by 2020

Theme parks in China are estimated to make US$12 billion by 2020. Source: Shutterstock

CHINA doesn’t spring to mind when thinking about the world’s best-loved and most visited theme parks. However, according to a study by consulting company Euromonitor International, China is set to surpass the US and Japan in the theme park market by 2020.

In 2016 China’s theme parks saw 200 million thrill-seekers and cartoon character enthusiasts pass through the shiny gates, and according to a new report by Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town Holding Company, a sponsor unit of the China Tourist Attractions Association, China is set to leap into first place on the theme park chart.

Thirteen of the 20 most visited Asian theme parks are in China. These include Disneyland Shanghai, Chimelong Ocean Kingdom, Changzhou Dinosaur Park and Hello Kitty Park.

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