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No contest for Singapore Presidential Election 2017

Update 15 Jun 2019: Former NS man raises question toward SAF pledge
Photo of Mdm Halimah Yacob's swearing in (ST Photo)

I take strong issue with the part that says, “We will bear true faith and allegiance to the President.”

The reality in Singapore today, very, very unfortunately, is that our President is a controversial President, whether we as a people are honest and courageous enough to admit it or not. I stress, firstly, the President is not a Malay President even though the Elected Presidency (EP) criteria for that election clearly stated that the EP was Reserved for the Malays only.

Next, it was a walked-over and nobody, absolutely nobody cast a vote for her even though that was supposed to be an Elected President. In other words, she was engineered and manoeuvred into the Office of the President of the Republic of Singapore by this People’s Action Party (PAP) government.

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DPM Tharman ‘would have preferred a contest’ for Presidential Election
Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam said on Wednesday that he would have preferred a contest in the recent Presidential Election

Speaking at the first Majulah Lecture organised by the Nanyang Technological University on Wednesday (20 Sept), Tharman was quizzed on the 2017 Presidential Election after the lecture, according to media reports.

One student asked if the reserved presidential election is an indication that Singapore is “regressing as a society”, despite Singaporeans growing up reciting a pledge with the words “regardless of race, language or religion”.

In response, Tharman said while he was “proud” that Halimah Yacob was the first Malay president in 47 years, he told the audience of more than 1,500 it was “understandable” that Singaporeans had questions about the recent election, which was reserved for Malay candidates.

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A mockery of democracy in Singapore

The Speaker of Parliament Halimah Yacob joins residents of her Marsiling ward at the launch of their Orchid and Edible Gardens cum Hari Raya celebration. Photo: AFP
Meltwater, a global media monitoring house, found that 83% of social media users had a negative reaction to the election result, with only 17% positive. Singapore is one of the world’s most cyber-connected cities, with over 77% of the population active on social media

“It seems to me that the top government leaders have been going into overdrive, trying hard to convince Singaporeans that the elected presidency is an integral pillar of Singapore’s commitment to multiracialism,” said Sylvia Lim, chairman of the opposition Workers’ Party, in parliament. “The government now appears to be well-aware of the unhappiness on the ground caused by its maneuvers to install president Halimah.”

Others resented how the uncontested race perpetuated an unflattering stereotype that ethnic Malays are unable to succeed without state hand-outs and affirmative action policies. Singapore’s resident 3.9 million population, not including the expatriate population, consists of 74.3% ethnic Chinese, 13.3% ethnic Malays and 9.1% Indian, and 3.2% Eurasians and other groups, according to official census data.

Social media users questioned the three initial potential candidates self-professed ethnic origins from the Indian subcontinent, sparking the type of race-based mockery authorities have long suppressed and discouraged. Others claimed the episode revealed the PAP – which views itself as a guardian of the city-state’s delicate multiethnic balance – as playing racial politics.

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Criticisms of Elected Presidency persist despite explanations and justifications

In a Today report dated 15 September 2017, it is reported that despite the fact that it was the week of firsts for Singaporean to have the first reserved election which resulted in the city state's first woman President and the first Malay Head of State in 47 years, criticism of the election process for the Elected Presidency (EP) has persisted online.

Madam Halimah Yacob, 63, was sworn in on 14 September as President. However, instead of revelling in her role on a historic occasion, she had to answer questions about how she was going to unite a country divided by her election.

The report noted that the biggest reason why the criticism arose was because Singaporeans were denied to vote as the government had disqualified two other potential candidates.

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Halimah Yacob to be next President after other potential candidates fail to qualify
Mdm Halimah Yacob arrives at the Elections Department on Mon (Sep 11). (Foto: Gayathiri Chandramohan)

Madam Halimah Yacob will be Singapore's next President after the 2 other potential candidates fell short of the qualification criteria.

The Elections Department on Monday (Sep 11) issued a press release saying only one Certificate of Eligibility had been issued for the contest. Although it did not name the successful candidate, shortly after its announcement presidential hopefuls Mohamed Salleh Marican & Farid Khan confirmed that their application to stand had been turned down.

In order to be eligible, private sector applicants like Mr Marican and Mr Farid had to show that they helmed a company with at least S$500 million in shareholders’ equity, or have comparable experience & ability.

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How Singapore elected a president without a vote

Candidates in Singapore's presidential election can only be from one racial group

Singaporeans were meant to go to the polls at the end of next week to vote for a new president, but they'll no longer have the chance, with only one candidate qualifying for the race. The announcement late Monday by the Elections Department that only one candidate had qualified marks an underwhelming conclusion to a controversial election carried out under changes to the elected presidency system in Singapore voted through Parliament earlier this year.

Specifically, the amendment states that an election will be reserved for candidates from a particular racial group if the previous five elections have not produced a president from that racial group. In Singapore, it's dubbed a "hiatus-triggered model."

"Every citizen, Chinese, Malay, Indian or some other race, should know that someone of his community can become President, and in fact from time to time, does become President," said Lee Hsien Loong, Singapore's prime minister, last November before the new rule was introduced. Singapore hasn't had a Malay president since the country's first President Yusof Ishak, who served as head of state from 1965 to 1970. Subsequent presidents have been from the Eurasian, Chinese and Indian communities.

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Singapore crowns president without vote 

Singapore is set to have its first female president this week, with only one candidate qualifying for an election limited to the Malay ethnic minority.

The city-state’s Elections Department said only one of five nominees had qualified while the others failed to meet strict criteria like holding public positions or managing a firm with at least 500 million Singapore dollars (US$370 million) in equity.

Former parliamentary Speaker Halimah Yacob (pictured) is the beneficiary of what has been dismissed as an establishment stitch-up.

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Singapore Has a New President, No Election Needed

Singapore will get a new president on Wednesday, but she will not be elected

Halimah Yacob, 63, the former speaker of Parliament, will become the country’s first female president and the first in five decades to come from the Malay ethnicity when she is sworn in on Wednesday. But what could have been a notable milestone for Singapore’s democracy is instead being publicly questioned as a rigged process, and her legitimacy is already coming under fire.

While Singapore’s Constitution does, in fact, provide for voters to elect their president, the government established such narrow criteria for the candidates that only Ms. Yacob made the cut. On Monday, she was certified by the Presidential Elections Commission as the only eligible candidate, and since she has no opponent, there will be no election.

“What would have otherwise been a democratic milestone is now besmirched with the ugly stain of an uncontested election — such is the cost of a government that thinks in terms of politics of power, as opposed to dignity,” wrote Rio Hoe, a law student, in a column on the website Consensus SG.

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Only one Singaporean is fit to be president

IT IS very important, Lee Hsien Loong, Singapore’s prime minister, explained last year, that all Singaporeans feel they have a genuine chance of becoming president. To that end, his government tinkered with the eligibility criteria for candidates.

Yet Singaporeans primed for a festival of inclusiveness at this year’s election must be confused. On September 11th a committee of senior officials declared that only one candidate was eligible to stand, and that the woman in question, Halimah Yacob, a former speaker of parliament, was thus deemed to have been elected unopposed. She will be sworn in on September 14th.

Popular and competent, Ms Halimah seemed very likely to win even with some competition. Disqualifying her challengers robs her of the modicum of legitimacy the election could have given her. Voters excited to mark ballots for Singapore’s first female president are particularly disappointed. Then again, Singapore’s repeated tightening of the rules suggests a lack of faith that voters, given a wider choice, would make the right decision.

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Why Singaporeans aren't all glad to get the president they wanted

Halimah Yacob supporters with a doll of her in Singapore (13 Sept)
There are also many Singaporeans thrilled to see Mrs Halimah become president

Singapore has named its first female president, Halimah Yacob. A popular public figure, Mrs Halimah was widely expected to win the presidential election, but instead will begin her term amid controversy.

So why are Singaporeans not happy to get the president many wanted?
'Selected, not elected'
For starters, there hasn't been and won't be an election - she just got the job in a "walkover" because there were no other eligible candidates.

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Indian-Malay Halimah Yacob set to be Singapore's first female President

Halimah Yacob

Halimah Yacob, born to an Indian Muslim father and a Malay mother, is all set to assume charge as the first female president of the country. The leader -- a former speaker of Parliament -- belongs to the nation's poorest ethnic minority.

Yacob's one of the primary agendas is to represent the minority in the country. There are no Muslim Malays in the top ranks of the Singapore army and a very few can be seen in the country's judiciary rank.

The last Malay who became Singapore's president was Yusof Ishak, his image can be seen in the nation's banknotes. Ishak held the position between 1965 and 1970, these were the first years of Singapore's independence following a union with neighbouring Malaysia, which did not last long.

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Singapore's Malay presidency puts minority representation on agenda

There are no Muslim Malays in the top echelons of Singapore’s army, and few among the senior ranks of its judiciary, but a member of its poorest ethnic minority will become president of the Southeast Asian city state this month.

Aiming to strengthen a sense of inclusivity in the multicultural country, Singapore has decreed the Sept. 23 election for the largely ceremonial post of president will be reserved for candidates from the Malay community this time.

Even among the presidential hopefuls, however, there is some regret that ethnic Malays still need a leg up.

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Malay set to be Singapore's first woman president

A former speaker of Singapore's parliament, Halimah Yacob, was set to become the city-state's first woman president after other candidates did not qualify for the contest, the Straits Times newspaper reported on Monday.

The largely ceremonial post had been reserved this year for candidates from the ethnic Malay minority.

Only Halimah was given the certificate of eligibility to contest the election by the Presidential Elections Committee, the Straits Times reported on its website.

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Only one candidate qualifies in Singapore presidential race

Halimah Yacob, second from left, leaves the Elections Department on Monday, Sept. 11, 2017, in Singapore. The Elections Department announced that Yacob, a former People's Action Party politician, will be declared Singapore's first female president on Wednesday, Sept. 13, as the two other potential candidates fell short of the qualification criteria. (Nuria Ling/TODAY via AP) Photo: Nuria Ling, AP / TODAY

Singapore is likely to have its first female president, with only one candidate qualifying Monday for an election limited to members of the minority Malay community.

The Elections Department said only one of five hopefuls had qualified. It said the others had not satisfied stringent criteria, such as having held key public positions or running a company with at least 500 million Singapore dollars ($370 million) in equity.

It did not identify the candidate, but former Speaker of Parliament Halimah Yacob confirmed that she had qualified.

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Halimah Yacob is set to be declared president-elect soon after nominations close at noon on Wednesday. Photo: Handout
Election officials on Monday confirmed intense speculation that Singapore’s presidential poll will be a one-horse race, as it disqualified two contenders and approved a government-backed candidate who looks set to be the city state’s first ever female head of state.

Halimah Yacob, who was speaker of parliament until she resigned in August, was the only one of three candidates to get a “certificate of eligibility” to run in the September 23 election, that had been reserved only for ethnic Malays.

That means there will be no election, and Halimah is set to be declared president-elect soon after nominations close at noon on Wednesday.

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Online sentiments surrounding Halimah Yacob’s presidential walkover

Halimah Yacob Speaking

Following the conclusion of the presidential elections, netizens have been found to have mixed reactions surrounding Halimah Yacob’s presidential victory, following a walkover. This came after Yacob was found to be the only presidential hopeful to meet the requirements out of five applicants, according to The Straits Times.

We checked in with global media monitoring house Meltwater on what the local sentiments have been so far. Meltwater said there has been an “extensive increase in social media chatter”, observed around the Singapore Presidential Elections results.

The Meltwater data said there is a increase in negative sentiment surrounding the Presidential Elections 2017 over the dates of 11 to 12 September 2017 following the results. The data shows 83% of negative sentiment and 17% of positive sentiment.

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Singapore's 'walkover' presidential election draws public criticism

Halimah Yacob talking to reporters outside the Elections Department in Singapore

The election process that resulted in Singapore likely naming its first female president, Halimah Yacob, drew an outpouring of criticism on Tuesday.

Yacob, 63, was the only candidate among three hopefuls to be declared eligible by the Elections Department on Monday, paving the way for a so-called ‘walkover’ election in which a candidate faces no opposition.

Yacob automatically qualified on account of having held a key public position as speaker of parliament for three years.

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Walkover for Singapore’s Presidential Elections 2017

This means that Singaporeans will not have to vote for their new President.

The Elections Department has notified all five individuals on the outcome of their applications. Reasons were also given to the unsuccessful applicants for a Certificate of Eligibility. The PEC and the Elections Department will not, in the first instance, publish the names of the unsuccessful applicants or the reasons given to them. This is to give effect to the recommendation of the Constitutional Commission that unsuccessful applicants should not be disclosed to the public, to reduce the prospect of potential applicants being dissuaded from stepping forward to contest the elections.

An unsuccessful applicant is free to publish the reasons given to him or her.

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Halimah Yacob only one to get eligibility certificate, set to be Singapore's next President

Madam Halimah Yacob is set to be Singapore's next President, with the 1st presidential election reserved for candidates from the Malay community headed for a walkover.

The 63-yr-old former Speaker of Parliament was the only presidential hopeful to be issued a certificate of eligiblity by the Presidential Elections Committee.

Marine services firm chairman Farid Khan, 61, & property company chief executive Salleh Marican, 67, have been informed they did not qualify to contest the election.

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No contest for Singapore Presidential Election, only 1 Certificate of Eligibility issued

Singaporeans will not have to vote for their new President as only one Certificate of Eligibility has been issued.

This was announced by the Elections Department on Monday (Sep 11) in a press release.

5 individuals applied for a Certificate of Eligibility. Of these five individuals, three declared that they belonged to the Malay community and applied for Malay Community Certificates.

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Power and dignity: the true cost of the PAP’s EP bargain


Politics is about power, but it is also about dignity. While the PAP may have consolidated its power by crafting the ‘rules of the game’ in a manner that has allowed its preferred candidate to win the Presidential Election with a walkover, little could be said about the level of political dignity that it has earned for itself as a result of the way events unfolded.

According to the PAP government, the whole point of a reserved election was to ensure that minorities will be represented. How ironic it is then that an election was denied to the Singaporean public, such that as a result, not a single Singaporean will be represented at the ballot box at all this week. This is without doubt a puzzling outcome. It seems after all, that the point was not to ensure that the President is a Malay person, but that she also happens to be the right Malay person.

Some might argue that the other two candidates were disqualified fair and square, because they failed to meet the eligibility criteria. However, there is hardly anything fair about setting the rules of the game (i.e. the Presidential eligibility criteria) in one’s favour, and then winning at it. This is not a feature of a responsible government, but the mark of a playground bully who cares little about fairness or dignity in the conduct of his affairs, but believes in a world where power, strength and authority underlie all human affairs. While it is never the duty of a political party to assist its political opponents, it owes a duty to the people of the country to set the rules of the game fairly and responsibly, assuming that it ought to wield the power to set the rules in the first place.

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Tan Chuan-Jin Is Elected As New Parliament Speaker In Yet Another Walkover

While most Singaporeans were focused on the Mdm Halimah’s walkover in the reserved presidential election, there was a walkover for another public office which slid under the radar.

In a parliamentary sitting on 11 Sept, ex-Minister for Social and Family Development Tan Chuan-Jin was elected as the new Speaker of Parliament via a walkover as no other candidates were proposed.

Although there were no objections from the floor, it seems that there was at least one person did not approve of the appointment.

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Channel NewsAsia 11 hrs

PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION WALKOVER: Only Madam Halimah Yacob will be issued with both the Certificate of Eligibility and the Malay Community Certificate. #PE2017

Halimah Yacob to be next President after other potential candidates fail to qualify
SINGAPORE: Madam Halimah Yacob will be Singapore's next President after the two other potential candidates fell short of the qualification criteria. The Elections…

Comments in Channel NewsAsia 11 hrs

Ng Hooi Ming U can declare all you want... She is not my president. Period.
715 · 10 hrs · Edited
65 Replies · 3 hrs

Shee Sn But this means it's not a people's elect president anymore. It's more of goverment elect. Expected
553 · 10 hrs
10 Replies · 4 hrs

Calvin Pua Its a sad day for sg.. i feel i was rape by the gahment and they have just force a goreng pisang down my throat.
344 · 10 hrs
42 Replies · 4 hrs

Nurul Zaidy (Zaidy) as usual....GOVT FULL OF TRICKS......Halimah with a Indian father(Indian sperm) consider as Malay .... .Another minister said Indian Muslims consider as Malay community....but when they go to mendaki to seek assistance , they are rejected cause they belong to Indians Community
221 · 10 hrs
21 Replies · 5 hrs

Joseph Tan Heartiest congrats to Mdm Halimah. A true unifying leader! You truly deserved the role as President for Singapore
215 · 10 hrs
8 Replies · 14 mins

Norimah Abdullah Alamak we already know la...all your wayang cannot fool us lor...😏 So now President wearing hijab those working in civil service can wear hijab or not? I doubt so la...all our President like puppet only...😏
144 · 10 hrs · Edited
24 Replies · 1 hr

Jeffrey Lee Hahaha! Worry she will lose so disqualified all the other candidates. All the rules and regulations is set by them. Said everything also can la!
149 · 10 hrs
4 Replies · 4 hrs

Diu Lei Not my president. Not a Malay President too. Let us welcome our next Indian President.
145 · 10 hrs
15 Replies · 8 hrs

Zureena H So why all the wayang and race drama then? Why not just back your candidate to do the job? She would have stood on her own. I do not understand the need to segregate then create a scenario where it is a walkover. #frustration #loserespect #dirtywin
121 · 10 hrs · Edited
3 Replies · 6 hrs

Kris Tan Citizens: "At least show more effort in pretending to play "fair"?"
Gahmen: "LOL. NOPE!"
70 · 10 hrs

Lawrence Er This action is a TOTAL DISGRACE to ALL SINGAPOREANS and our forefathers who built this country.....This country belongs to all Singaporeans NOT a certain family or a government....[NO SINGAPOREANS WHERE GOT SINGAPORE!!!]
59 · 10 hrs · Edited

Jerichó Augustus Tan There is no democracy in this country. This is utterly shocking. Not my president. Sad day for Singapore....See more
47 · 9 hrs · Edited
4 Replies · 8 hrs

Louis Seah That's good news! Only she will be solemnly allowed to be the president of Singapore! She had shown her commitment and loyalty to this country !
36 · 10 hrs · Edited
14 Replies · 2 hrs

Priscilla Kuan Expected. She is not even a Malay. How can she say she Malay when Father Indian biggest joke around the world. Pap planned all these. Wayang to pple. We are not stupid. Don't treat us like fools. Enough of this stupid thing
43 · 10 hrs
5 Replies · 13 mins

Debbie Chan Let the person who has put in all the dedication, efforts n hearts be the winner of the PE. 40years, some of us may not even sure imagine, those years in public service to be able to give the best policies for the public. She has a heart of compassion, love n grace across all races n yet staunchly fair.
44 · 10 hrs

Simon Teo Unfortunately, her legacy as President will be stained with the fact that she was not elected by Singaporeans and also needed government intervention to ensure her presidency. If she is so deserving of this position as President as you said, she should not be put in such a situation.
82 · 10 hrs · Edited
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Danrenn Goh Next election you will see requirements like
"165.327cm in height"
"51.27492kg in weigh"...See more
25 · 9 hrs
1 Reply

RayWing Ng Laughing at all the hate comments here lol. As if they are really concerned about who would be president.
34 · 10 hrs
3 Replies · 5 hrs

Stanley Foo LKY was a lawyer.. he knew the law, understood the law and most importantly he respected the law... but this one... sighs....
32 · 10 hrs
2 Replies · 10 hrs

Maxie Tay PAP, instead of doing things to get more votes you will surely lose more votes, and seats in parliament. Don't piss on our back and tell us that it's raining. Everybody knows this EP is a farce, and even staunch PAP supporters will agree, and it seems only the people in Parliament seem to think so otherwise. At this point in time, at the next GE I will have a big problem putting an X next to the PAP box. 😡😡😡
31 · 10 hrs

Peter Tan Yessssssss!!! Told you she's the most qualified malay candidate. Now, let's look forward to our First Malay Woman President!!!👏👏👏👏👏
37 · 10 hrs
2 Replies · 5 hrs

Nicole Evangeline Poh Channel NewsAsia, even though it may be inferred, where in your news article or the Elections department press release does it state that "only Madam Halimah Yacob will be issued with both the Certificate of Eligibility and the Malay Community Certificate"?
27 · 10 hrs
3 Replies · 9 hrs

Benny Tay Expected but still angry 😡!!! This had exceeded my limit of tolerance and I hv lose confidence with PAP and our government totally!!!
33 · 10 hrs
2 Replies · 8 hrs

Cheong Simidaidai There goes my public holiday...
35 · 10 hrs
2 Replies · 5 hrs

Khairul Anam Majistret Has people like Abdullah Tarmugi,Bahren Shaari,Maarof Salleh,Zainul Abideen Rasheed and also Zulkifli Mohamed are taking it up,things could be much different indeed...They are indeed pure Malays than ever...
22 · 10 hrs
7 Replies · 6 hrs

Zidane Wong This is truly a sad day for Singapore. Aside from the "there goes our holiday" joke, what the ladies and men on the street cannot tahan and take it down their throats is how the garmen instill a puppet figure as the head of the state...See more
22 · 10 hrs

Edmond Tan I thou USA had it bad but we had it even worst. Least there was a Hilary to contest for the seat.We? Just sit back,chill and let the gahmen do what the whatever f they want. We are even worst than USA when it comes to election for a president. Power la!
14 · 10 hrs
1 Reply

Justin Joyfish As long not elected president, i shall not stand up for president who have no words or sentence to describe...
17 · 10 hrs · Edited
5 Replies · 9 hrs

Zx Wei Wa...this is better than najib.
At least najib spent money on bangalas to get votes.
This one dont even need to vote. ...See more
13 · 10 hrs
2 Replies · 2 hrs

Lawrence Gan LHL wants LHL gets. Whatever the cost ... of democracy meritocracy race religion honor leadership justice righteousness upstanding..
All Trampled for one President. 😡
13 · 10 hrs

Dave D Daran I urge the election dept head to resign with immediate effect . He/She is illitrade Cant read the race collum
13 · 10 hrs
3 Replies · 7 hrs

Patrick Tan What for we have general elections and presidential elections. Pap u guys call the shots. Jus nominate whoever u want can le. Don't be such hypocrite to show the world about fake democracy here. We are no difference from North Korea.
12 · 10 hrs
1 Reply

Leon Auph Low Somehow I find this a bigger joke than Trump being the President. At least he put up a fight, fair and square.
16 · 10 hrs

Peter Lim Fang Bok There will be another election that matters more then this presidential election. This action will be remembered. This is a day where the SG citizens was slapped on the face. What hubris to manipulate our democracy!😡
8 · 10 hrs

Au Kah Kay The CC referred all three applications for a Malay Community Certificate to the Malay Community Sub-Committee (MCSC), and the MCSC has concluded that all three applicants belong to the Malay community. The CC will therefore issue three Malay Community ...See more
7 · 10 hrs
2 Replies · 10 hrs

Esther Lee I am sure this is no breaking news and most Singaporeans have already known this coming. If it's so predictable, it's so disappointing and it simply show Singapore has failed BIG time. Mdm Halimah must be very sad that she is not and will never be Singaporeans' elected president.
9 · 10 hrs

ShuQing Chen OMG, how unfair is this!!! How can there be a walk over, this is the Presidential Election!!! If u know this will happen, might as well not announce any election at all and just choose your own candidate!!!
7 · 10 hrs

Edwin David Goh Can recommend Kee Chiew Chan Chun Sing a new job - Fortune Teller- General Of Singapore 🇸🇬!

He is so good at fortune telling that even before the new PE constitution passed, he can forsee who the President is! Good job 👏🏻!
8 · 10 hrs · Edited

Tan ZiWei Kelong at its best. Never managed any assets of 500 million or more can be fit to be president. Rules are made and broken by the same people. Disappointing.
7 · 10 hrs

Azhar Ali Dun blame her she done no wrong. She just follow instructions n u know who to blame n behind this. N I dun understand why many are blaming n making fun of her....See more
7 · 6 hrs
4 Replies · 5 hrs

Senen Mohd Bajuri From tomorrow all indian muslim can ask help from mendaki!!! Tq to the person who do not acknowledge the father race. Kelakar ke apa!!!
7 · 10 hrs

Elex Ng Next years' NDP when she appears and the emcee announces "please rise for the arrival of the president" all just sit down, keep quiet and don't clap.
5 · 9 hrs

Burt Young Turn out to be true. Some already have forcast the outcome. It's all in the game. Find ways to disqualify all opponents and there emerged the predicted winner. She not elected by us so not people's president. It's pap's president installed by a fixed match. I don't buy into this. .pui!
7 · 10 hrs

Bryan Goh Ashamed to be Singaporean. At least Trump was democratically elected. Halimah Yakob was elected by no one.
Vote with feet and capital and rip them a new one at the General Election.
6 · 10 hrs

Mun Mun TCSS, say can't announce who are not eligible... isn't obvious. Only Halimah is eligible all others are not. Whoever write this news article is quite dumb. Anyway, they already want a Malay... to pinpoint who they want the president to be not that difficult. Democracy is at the "best" demonstrated in public eyes
4 · 10 hrs

Gillian Yvonne Grieder Madam Halimah Yacob is a very qualified individual and a great MP when I was living in Singapore at Bt. Batok.....I'm all for her....
3 · 10 hrs
5 Replies · 3 hrs

Yu Cheng I'm so surprised by it. Do you guys also know that water is wet? Just hope she's able to have more presence in political issue & reach out more to the public. Wishing her all the best for it!
5 · 10 hrs

Karen L NG  🤣🤣Best Drama of the Year... No Surprise la.. all planned out Long Time ago la.. Again her race is Indian not Malay leh, still Qualify? Seriously? Disappointment is.... there goes our public holiday... 🤣🤣
9 hrs · Edited

Samantha Tan No surprise. Unbelievable that people still think power is in their hands just because they can vote. Power lies in the Cabinet, period. If you do not want a government that changes rules all the time to protect their own and their cronies' interests, ...See more
3 · 10 hrs · Edited
2 Replies · 8 hrs

Mirabel Ng A real President material candidate will withdraw from this if the people of Singapore are so against her. Then she will earn the people's respect. By going ahead and forcing her way to become the next President, she and the govt have lost the resp...See more
4 · 10 hrs

Serene Soh Why did she qualify when she fundamentally failed in the. very first requirement of being a Malay? And does being a Speaker means she automatically knows how to manage the reserves?
5 · 8 hrs

Lum Ping Guan Voted for PAP. With you, for you, for Singapore!! Dont complain!!
19 · 10 hrs
2 Replies · 10 hrs

Jeffri Pawel Singaporean still buying the People Voting Rights story telling ... Time and time again. It's already a fix and they don't need your Vote. Can you VOTE for no Casino?...See more
4 · 10 hrs

Guan Hong Ong Perhaps the criteria to qualify is too high. There is a huge discrepancy between private and public sector . It certainly seems like a bloated attempt to disguise an authoritarian attempt to place a favored candidate in power. We prob have to wait for many more years for our first elected president
1 · 10 hrs

Leonard Leong Hahaha just as i expected.. all the wayang for what?! Might as well at the beginning just declare Halimah Yacob as the government elected president lor. She will never be my president. Regardless of race, language or religion? My foot!
3 · 10 hrs

Aryl Aizat Ismail Why are you guys yapping about being sad and all? We all know the president does nothing irregardless of race or religion. Just a redundant post to be filled up. Cheer up guys, nothing will happen no matter who the president is. 😂
4 · 9 hrs

Jacky Chuang Yew Kin Come on people gotta put things in perspective. The only function of this president (whoever that may be) is to safe guard our National reserves acting as the second key. Otherwise totally no impact to us people. Ok maybe if she run a series of president star charity in the Malay channel or something.
10 hrs

Xing Zhe Sun 70% citizens voted current gahmen. Gahmen nominated her. So still people elected lah. Hahahaha. Remember this day - 11/09/2017.
2 · 10 hrs

Jeremy Kang It's ok save taxpayer money for polling.. Pretty sure all the civil servant heave a sigh of relief no need burn their whole day on polling booths
1 · 10 hrs

Louis Teh Puiii.... What a joke and I'm not surprise with the outcome at all... She will not be the people's president. She will be the president elected by MIW.. What a sad day for Singapore.
2 · 10 hrs · Edited

Michael Lee Doesn't it makes you so proud to see that your government is so good at fixing things?? ....... arrrh .. I know what you are going to say: about the MRT?...... its the software problem, the signalling system problem, connecting rod , brackets.......whatever it is , it is not the government fault ok. If you still need to be convinced, you must be a foreigner.
1 · 10 hrs

Vincent Wong PAP took every thing from us .. lastly left with the only pride that Singaporean can hope and own for..But now PAP even took this only pride of Singaporean away.. feeling hurt and National Day will never be the same with a President that we never vote for...Tks PAP
1 · 9 hrs · Edited

Chris Wong Once the Lightning enter the race. The result is obvious. All these are just for show that yes they can take part but subject to approval and if they qualify or not..... last but not least we have to understand tat THERE'S ONLY PARTY RULING.
2 · 10 hrs

Alvin Lim 70% thinks this is absolutely fine. And this is exactly the kind of democratic system they love. Wonder how many of them are commenting here. Ownself nominate ownself, ownself elect ownself. The country Singapore has become. My heart bleeds for the next generation.
1 · 10 hrs

Humphrey Poon What a mockery of democratic process... We have a panel that dictates who is fit to be the people's president, and it is the only ONE who qualifies has absolutely no real corporate experience. Another new trick to add in any dictator's playbook
1 · 9 hrs

Patrick Lim Not need talk so much here. Those who are not please with the outcome of the Presidential Election screening, just form a group and march to the Parliament House to protest. They will make a u-turn and allow them to participate.
8 hrs
1 Reply

Gareth Tan Well, whatever happened to "Build a democratic society, based on justice and equality?" The appointment of a president by the STATE, not the PEOPLE, is obviously a dictatorial act. What's more, this president isn't even Malay. Obviously the election wa...See more
9 hrs

Ronnie Ang This is not against our Indian community but since the government says the next President will be a Malay, why an Indian Muslim instead? This has to be the silliest move by the incumbent government. It's really unnecessary. Oppies will be firing on all fronts and this time, I have nothing to say. Not doubting Mdm HY's ability but *shakes head and sigh..*
9 hrs · Edited

Rick Tan Is she really serious about her comments that she will continue to live in her HDB in Yishun after being elected as president?
1 · 9 hrs
5 Replies · 8 hrs

Sofia Partzsch I kept typing and kept deleting everything I typed... I simply can't put to words how disappointment I am!
4 · 10 hrs

Fadly Azad Useless system. Walkover president. When they want their endorsed candidate to win, what shoukd they do? Disqualify their opponents. Ownself elect ownself president. Puikkk. #notmypresident
1 · 10 hrs · Edited

Joseph Fu Msia sells car, Sg sells Coe.
Msia pays Bangla n performs blackout magic when voting.
Singapore simply set the rules and perform a grand walkover. ...See more
6 hrs · Edited

Michael Wong Great! Safe my time and no need waste effort going to a meaningless & useless voting nx Saturday. I have better things do to spent more time with God. TQ
6 hrs

Mohd Farhan What does sg president do but wave his/her hands up high during ndp. What we always do on our daily life? Work till we drop right? So just do what we do like always la, dont have to stress urself( she's not my president, she's my president) u guys must know that the fact now dis is our country but not our country if u know what i mean. 😂😂
5 hrs

Jerolin Goh I don't understand why people are getting so worked up over her being our only potential presidential candidate. Like erm she's running for it, it's just that she was given the opportunity so why not take it. I see how you adults behave in the comment...See more
5 hrs
1 Reply

Awcw Wilz If a club can splash millions to buy TOP players and that brings them success, wouldn't a country want to elect someone with experience and strong background to represent their country. Food for thought. Let's all agree to disagree.
10 hrs
1 Reply

Firefly John Wondering how teachers particularly English teachers in Singapore explain to their students what is the "definition" of paternal parent. The students must be so confused by now. So much for President Election Reserved For our fellow True Blue Malay comrades. When it comes to true identity, the world now has one more joke to make their day for years to come at our expense..
1 hr

Eddie Chong I will not be surprise in the next GE only opposition wards will be contested. All other wards, walk over. They can suka suka change the rules of engagement if their position to rule is threaten. They already conceded that many people are unhappy with this EP election wayang kulit.🙈🙈🙈
8 hrs

Eddie Chong So much sandiwara. Might as well scrap the EP elections and you suka suka appoint one. SG100? Don't know Singapore can last SG60 with these clowns in power. The opposition should take this opportunity to do something and make yourselves more relavant.
9 hrs
1 Reply

Selina Khoo An Indian qualifies as the only candidate fit for a place reserved for Malay candidates only. Duh?!What a farce, PAP!!! 🤡🤡👻👻
1 · 10 hrs

Munis Es Whatever it is we accept some great leadship in politic ar proven by women its not racicst but who can do more better for our future men or women we ar same as long ur can do the best for pple life always is a hope to be better and good so accept and go on to future..
9 hrs

Ho Hin Seng The entire episode has been a farce and cast aspersions on the legitimacy of Mdm Halimah as the next elected ?? President. If she has any dignity she should listen to the ground swell and stand down on her bid and force the legislation back to the drawing board.
5 hrs

Jonus Jun We shld not forget to congratulate PM LHL, he was the brainchild behind all these..change the constitution laws and set a $500mil dollars yardstick..without him Singapore will not have the first Lady president..
1 · 9 hrs

Ronnie Ang Now, Tan Cheng Bock will be pissed and you won't like him when he's really pissed. What will he do next? More drama, more twists and turns ... coming to a little screen in front of you.
8 hrs

Jia How Tang It's not about race, I'm totally fine with Halimah identifying herself as a Malay, as she is accepted by the Malay community as one. What I cannot accept is that there have been so many election walkovers, it's just undemocratic.
8 hrs

Dennis Foo Expected! By looking at the profiles of the 2 male presidential hopefuls, almost everyone knows it'll definitely be a walkover by HY. Will there be a victory celebration by the PAP?
10 hrs · Edited

Muliady Abdul Latiff Hope with this eligibility. With hope that Mendaki will open to more 'Malay Communities' in the near future as more can be done to help these communities... not entitled only to Malay.. but The Malay communities which includes Arabs etc.. cheers... #notmypresident
2 hrs · Edited

Shaf Fidah No surprise .. its been rigged from the start ..
Disgrace .. not meant for her .. She 's a Indian da deyy .. not pure Malay lah ..
Deyyyyy .....See more
9 hrs · Edited

Soong Lin Hao sorry. it wasn't my choice. it's pap choice. fellow sporeans, please wake up. if you love singapore, do the right thing.
4 · 10 hrs

Joshua Park I think that Singapore has an unique election system for its people. In this case, people don't have right to choose the candidate whom they wanted, right? ...See more
6 hrs

William Koh Bank of Singapore CEO, come out n take yr place, we will all vote you.
We don't need another Indian sitting as Malay.
One day, the homosexual will do likewise.
10 hrs

Dave Oh This Presidency reserved for Malays is a joke 😂 she should be disqualified for having Indian descent 😂 😂
9 hrs

Ruby Ong If she is our president let us hope all things will remain the same and don't increase. Please think for Singaporeans who earn lower income.
9 hrs

Fiona Yumi Tiingz Really more pro then Najib..don't even need to spend a single the seat just like that! WOW!!
1 · 9 hrs

Phua Koon Kee CCS said the government is willing to pay political price for the PE. Let's oblige them, let them pay. Remember, payment is due in 2020.
10 hrs

Sharafa Karim  😆 The most biggest hollywood blockbuster ever! Should get oscar awards!🥇🎖🎁 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 such an expected ending for this movie! Next better movie pls.... 🙄
10 hrs

Edwin David Goh Ohh, i am so surprised 😳! President Notification 2017 , over! ...See more
13 · 11 hrs · Edited

Melvin Chew Aiya, chinchai la, whatsoever, who ever, we no need waste election expenditure. Still trying coming to term with ELECTED president. Elected means votes, and one wins, than its elected, this one no need vote also call elected ah, my English no good ,catch no ball.
5 hrs

Kenneth Koong #NotMyPresident Voted PAP last time, but extremely disappointed in them now. This process is a national embarrassment.
2 · 10 hrs · Edited

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I have always been a supporter of liberal democracy and faith in our ruling government. However, having faith in our government does not mean that we should turn a blind eye to what is happening. I hope that Singaporeans have an open forum where we can have our opinions heard as the Singapore system is now no different from an elected dictatorship.

I came across the article on Facebook reporting on the walkover victory our president elect, Mdm Halimah, scored, and saw many comments suggesting that the elections are rigged. I can understand the need for some censorship online to prevent irresponsible opinions, but under the guise of preventing irresponsible opinions, Channel News Asia instead censored ALL opinions. My opinions were deleted many times as I tried to repost each time it was deleted.

Of course, my comments are not the only one being deleted and many others who commented realised it as well.

read more

We didn’t like #PE2017, but we didn’t resist, either

Finally, Singapore has a female president. A woman as our head of state. Her photo will hang in every government building, not as the benevolently smiling wife, but as the boss.

I would have expected myself to be bloody ecstatic.

Instead, I’m feeling a range of emotions that run the gamut from a simmering anger to an exasperated eye-roll. The pride I should have felt over what would otherwise be significant progress in the political landscape of my country has been usurped by an overwhelming sense of having been taken for a ride.

read more

Angry react only: A Halimah Yacob walkover induces palpable angry reactions

Angry Facebook reactions

And the evidence of the backlash against her and a walkover is evident on social media. Articles shared by the mainstream media in Singapore about Halimah since Sept. 11 evening after her eligibility was announced have been met with substantial angry reactions.

In news related to Halimah since Sept. 11, the Facebook angry reaction has been consistently the second-most used after the default Facebook Like. For example, when the news first broke that only Halimah is eligible to run for office, there were 668 Likes and 551 angry reactions.

The proportion can be as high as 40 percent in some instances for news on Halimah.

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“Singaporeans have always known that our politicians… consider themselves superior beings,” said writer Sudhir Thomas Vadaketh. “Now, with this reserved presidency, we have irrefutable proof about just how stupid they think we are.”

The farce that is the Reserved Election will, once again, prove the PAP right. Singaporeans are a stupid bunch.

They will wail and beat their chests, they may even pull their hair out and – as the Chinese would say – “cry father cry mother” when things go wrong, or when the Government does not perform to expectation. But you can also count on the same Singaporeans to timidly and unquestioningly hand over their votes to the same ruling party they complain about when the time comes, which is once every 5 years.

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Singaporeans Are Using #notmypresident To Express Displeasure At PE2017 Walkover

When it was announced that Madam Halimah Yacob would become Singapore’s next President via walkover, few were surprised, given that it was predicted that the other 2 candidates would not be issued their Certificates of Eligibility (COE), as they did not meet the $500 million shareholders equity benchmark.

Nonetheless, masses of Singaporeans voiced their displeasure and disgust at the result.

Inspired by the protesters following US President Donald Trump’s victory, Singaporeans took to social media and began using the #NotMyPresident hashtag to air their frustrations at the outcome of the 2017 Presidential Election.

read more

Wake Up, Singapore 11 September at 02:40

The entire elected presidency has become nothing but a farce.


read more

Facebook Wake Up, Singapore 4 hrs

"We did not get a chance to speak with our vote this round, but the time will come. And when it does, it will be thunderous. Of this I am sure."

read more

#NotMyPresident starts trending in Singapore after elections confirmed to be a walkover

As of today, that presumption simply entrenched itself further, and there’s nothing anyone can do. Halimah Yacob will be president, and the PAP’s strength grows even larger.

Similarly, the outpouring of public disappointment has grown even bigger, especially on social media since the news broke. And not just because the absence of election deprived everyone of a official public holiday.

Harking to the days when Americans started the #NotMyPresident movement after Donald Trump became president, angry Singaporeans started using the same hashtag to make their frustrations clear. It’s already trending on Twitter and Facebook.

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PEC decision on Halimah Yacob's eligibility sparks #notmypresident hashtag
Facebook Kyle Malinda-White 15 hours ago

Barely minutes after former Speaker of Parliament Halimah Yacob was confirmed on Monday (11 September) as the only eligible candidate for this year’s Presidential Election (PE), a number of Singaporeans began using the hashtag #notmypresident in their social media posts.

The use of the hashtag has continued to gather momentum in the past few hours, with Singaporeans expressing dissatisfaction that there would be a walkover for the PE. Polling Day for the PE, which is reserved for Malay candidates, has been set for 23 September but is unlikely to take place.

In a media release on Monday, the Elections Department (ELD) said the Presidential Elections Committee (PEC) had received applications from five individuals looking to contest the PE but had only issued one Certificate of Eligibility.

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Martin Archie‏ @generalmartin

Just another puppet president

#NotMyPresident #pap #sggov #sg #singapore #HalimahYacob #puppet #gov #joke #politicstoday #politics

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Coconuts Singapore‏ @CoconutsSG  Sep 11

#NotMyPresident starts trending in Singapore after elections confirmed to be a walkover.

Jack Chong‏ @JackChong Sep 11
Singaporeans using #NotMyPresident cause its a walkover. Please. You tell me 3 things the president of Singapore do 1st? #ActSmart
2 replies 0 retweets 2 likes
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skybear‏ @poohbearNducky  17h17 hours ago
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Juice Tine‏ @TheJuh0  21h21 hours ago

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skybear‏ @poohbearNducky  17h17 hours ago

Is singapore a democratic country? I believe Mdm halimah doesnt even have the ability to create a 200 million company,  #NotMyPresident
1 reply 2 retweets 2 likes
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Martin Archie‏ @generalmartin  Sep 11

Just another puppet president #NotMyPresident #pap #sggov #sg #singapore #HalimahYacob #puppet #gov #joke #politicstoday #politics

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Wake Up, Singapore shared Lhu Wen Kai's post 13 hrs


It saddens me to see my country becoming this political Wild West where rules can be bent and exploited as per the authorities' wishes. The situation has gotten so bad that they don't even attempt to be subtle anymore.

The cynical side of me feels that while Halimah Yacob's appointment is one that primarily serves the establishment's needs, it's also disguised as a smart PR move to curry favor among Western liberal media outlets. In this age where everyone's busy singing the praises of Islam and feminism is a convenient buzzword to demonstrate self-righteousness, having a female, tudung-wearing President will a) make sites like Vox and NowThis wet, and b) outsiders think that Singapore is a progressive society, As such, it pleases me to no end that left-wing outlets have so far recognised the farcical nature of our Presidential Elections and chose not to mindlessly cover it to further their agenda.

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Halimah Yacob will continue to live in Yishun flat

Security officers outside Halimah Yacob's home in Yishun. ST FOTO: NG SOR LUAN

President-elect Halimah Yacob will not only become Singapore's 1st woman president, but she will also be the 1st to live in a Housing Board flat during her term.

Shortly after being declared the winner in a walkover, she told reporters that she had no plans to move out of her family home in Yishun.

"I'm still staying in Yishun," said Madam Halimah Yacob, 63, when asked where she would be living after becoming president.

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Security stepped up around President-elect Halimah Yacob's flat in Yishun
Residents in the area said that lots have been newly reserved for police vehicles. (Foto: Gaya Chandramohan)

Change is afoot in Yishun Ave 4, where Singapore's incoming President Halimah Yacob has lived for over 2 decades.

When Channel NewsAsia visited Madam Halimah’s HDB block on Wednesday (Sep 13) just hours after she was declared as the President-elect, there was a visible police presence.

Fresh red paint marked parking lots meant for police vehicles, & just outside her corner flat were two policemen checking on anyone who wanted to enter the area. At the block opposite, more uniformed officers were on patrol.

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Please lah, Mdm Halimah Yacob don’t stay in HDB leh!

Which resident doesn’t want to have a President to stay in the same block of HDB flats as them? Housing prices will soar, area will be safe and Yishun will be great again!

But we never had a President who lived in HDB. Just imagine the inconveniences:
  • Parking
  • Living Room
  • Town Council
  • Road block
  • It’s Yishun again

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Since We Couldn’t Vote In The 2017 Presidential Election, Somebody’s Created An Online Poll

After months of controversy and discussions about our races, the whole fiasco known as the 2017 Presidential Elections is finally coming to an end as President-elect Halimah Yacob prepares to begin her term on Thursday (14 Aug).

Even though we weren’t too pleased with the outcome nor did we get that public holiday, life still goes on as usual and this election will eventually be but a distant memory by next week.

So as we move on to talk about more important issues such as North Ko- what’s that? You’re saying that if there actually was an election, Halimah wouldn’t have won? You want us here at MustShareNews to write about it because you’re sure the Government only did this as they knew she would’ve lost to either Farid Khan or Salleh Marican?

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For curiosity sake. Suppose there is no walkover for the Presidential Election. Who would u hv voted for?

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It is one of the worst kept secrets this year, where she decided not to say yes until everything has been sorted out (she had to talk to her family, residents, consider her existing duties etc etc).

It’s not like she can suka suka drop everything and go for the presidency, and if she loses, it’s not like she can just say “Can put me back as Speaker?” right?

So what other worst-er kept secrets did Halimah Yacob have that maybe you already knew (or can just pretend you did)?
  • Halimah Yacob’s a Malay (no, you don’t say!)
  • She was a lawyer who took companies to court over workers’ rights
  • She started working at 8 years old at an illegal pushcart
  • She studied at Singapore Chinese Girls’ School
  • She lives in a 5 room HDB flat in Yishun

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A doctor’s prescription on ‘who is a Malay’ could settle Halimah’s Malay credentials

To be a Malay, said Mahathir, is no more an ethnic thing as today it is more of a legal matter

Who is a Malay? The debate is still raging in Singapore with many disputing the Malay credentials of the PAP’s Presidential election’s candidate.

But a doctor’s prescription on who is a Malay in Malaysia could save Halimah Yacob the day in the court of the social-media haranguers.

The book A Doctor In The House could eventually settle the issue of ‘who is a Malay’ and could endorse Halimah’s Malay credentials

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First World Country, Third World Democracy
Halimah only candidate receive eligibility cert, set to be Spore's next President
Singapore prepares for first female president
I want to be a unifying force, election or no election: Halimah Yacob
PEC decision on Halimah Yacob's eligibility sparks #notmypresident hashtag
Indian-Malay Halimah Yacob set to be Singapore's first female President
Singapore Set to Have First Female President In Its History
Only one candidate qualifies in Singapore presidential race
Running unopposed in an ethnically 'reserved' poll, can Singapore's next president
Singapore expected to get first female president
Former parliament speaker to become Singaporean President
PAP's contempt for Singapore Constitution & flag must be roundly condemned
Halimah Yacob set to be first woman president of Singapore
No voting required for presidential election, only Halimah was certified to run
Only one certificate of eligibility given out for Presidential election, to Halimah
Halimah Yacob set to become Singapore's first woman President

Singapore's 8th & first woman President & first Presidential election reserved for Malays

Accordimg to a Geomancy Master, The Presidential Election polling day on Sep 23 is a special day:

  • 2 +3 = 5
  • 5 in Thai is "Ha" and in Malay is "Lima"
  • So, it is "Halima"
Hence "5 5 5" in Thai is "Ha Ha Ha"

related: "An Indian Muslim can be a Malay but a Malay Christian cannot be a Malay"

Gimme Hope Halimah!
President Halimah launched Milo Gao Kosong
Singapore's 8th and first female President
Elected President: CC vs AGC
2017 Presidential Election to be reserved for Malay candidates
Public Forum on Elected Presidency cancelled due to poor response
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Spore push for minority President but not ready for non-Chinese PM
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Order of Succession And Baton Passing