Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Toddlers died after abuse by mum

Mum jailed for punishing 4-year-old son until he died
The judge rejected the defence's contention that Noraidah (above) has Asperger's FOTO: SINGAPORE POLICE FORCE

In what the prosecution described as "one of the saddest cases of child abuse", a 34-yr-old woman was sentenced to 8 years in jail after punishing her four-yr-old so badly that he died. The boy's offence in 2014 was not reciting the numbers 11 to 18 in Malay properly.

The response from Noraidah Mohd Yussof was to push him repeatedly -- causing him to hit his head on the floor -- step on him, & grab him by the neck until he was lifted off the ground against the wall.

4 days later, despite emergency surgery to remove a part of his skull to allow swelling in his brain to expand, Mohammad Airyl Amirul Haziq Mohamed Ariff died.

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Kicked, choked, shoved, stepped on: 4-yr-old boy dies after punishment by mum

The 4-yr-old was asked by his mother to recite the numbers 11 to 18 in both English & Malay

Little Mohammad Airyl Amirul Haziq kept reciting the numbers over and over.

But he had trouble reciting them in Malay & nearly every time he got it wrong, his mother Noraidah Mohd Yussof punished him.

She pushed and choked him, stepped on his knees, and even lifted him off the ground by his neck and pressed him against a wall.

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Mum, boyfriend jailed for ruthless torture of toddler
Mohamad Daniel Mohamad Nasser. Foto: Ms Wawan, one of Mohamad Daniel's former cargivers

Condemning their “ruthless & unrelenting” torture of a 2-yr-old child, who later died from the abuse, a district judge on Tuesday (Jul 5) sentenced the child’s mother and her boyfriend to 11 and 10 years in jail, respectively.

Agreeing that a deterrent sentence was warranted, Principal District Judge Bala Reddy said that the couple’s abuse -- which ranged from routine beatings to force-feeding the victim chilli -- “reveals a senseless brutality which must be punished by a sentence of corresponding severity”.

The toddler’s mother, Zaidah, 41, was sentenced to 11 yrs’ jail -- nine years for the charge of voluntarily causing grievous hurt, and two years for one charge of child abuse. 

Couple who beat, force-fed toddler chilli found guilty of causing his death
Landlady did not report toddler’s abuse as she feared for her safety

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11 yrs' jail for Telok Blangah mother who tortured son to death

Cleaner Zaidah, 41, who abused her 2-yr-old son until he died on Nov 23 last year was jailed 11 years on Tuesday (Jul 5).

Her boyfriend, Zaini Jamari, 46,  also a cleaner, was jailed 10 years and given 12 strokes of the cane.

On June 23, they each pleaded guilty in court to one count of voluntarily causing grievous hurt to Mohamad Daniel Mohamad Nasser and three counts of ill-treating him.

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