Monday, 15 August 2016

Free gyms around Singapore with no membership required

California Fitness Gym closed all its outlets in Singapore today. Its members are angry that they could not get refunds for their membership. There were stories of customers who recently signed on for as long as three years, only for the gym to close down soon after.

Judging by the angry chatter online, I guess there must be a large group of people who are pissed and who are suddenly without a place to work out.

Do not fret any further than you already have.  Here are some suggestions for you to still get your exercise (and maybe bring your temper down as well)

Marina Bay
Tip: Challenge yourself and do circuits, squeeze in sit-ups and push-ups every 400 meters

MacRitchie Reservoir
Tip:  Challenge yourself by doing interval runs; sprint every up slope and recover on the flat gradient

The Southern Ridges
Tip:  End your workout in VivoCity where you can relax in one of the many restaurants there

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