Thursday, 10 December 2015

5 foods that you won’t believe contain palm oil

AS MUCH as half of all the products on your supermarket shelves use palm oil, and these products might have a new green label on them if a new certification scheme is rolled out successfully in February next year. The Singapore Environment Council (SEC) is looking to extend its Singapore Green Labelling Scheme (SGLS) to include a new category – palm oil based products, building on its already existing 3,000-strong product list, some of which include categories for cosmetics, cleaning products and paper.

Since palm oil is so widely used and in so many different forms – palm oil, palm kernel oil, palm olein, and many more – how would this new certification scheme apply to palm oil based products, and are there any challenges when it comes to applying it?

Here are five food products you won’t believe that use palm oil, and some of the challenges it might possibly face under this new Green Label scheme.
Kellogg’s cereal

Subway’s bread

Wall’s soft scoop vanilla ice cream

Nissin instant noodles

Cadbury chocolate
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