Tuesday, 29 December 2015

14 Singaporean Customs That Ang Mohs Will Never Understand


Singaporeans can be tough nuts to crack.

For the flummoxed, we’ve drawn up a list to shed light on some of our eccentricities.

Here are 10 things that secretly perplex foreigners but we just love doing:
  • Our Tuition Mania
  • Our Love for Mispronunciation
  • Our Kiam Siap-ness
  • Our National Fruit
  • Our Kiasu-ness
  • Our Fixation with Instagramming Food
  • Avoiding Priority Seats Like the Plague
  • Our Kay Poh-ness
  • STOMPing
  • Our Hiring of Domestic Helpers
  • Our Unintelligible ‘Rojak’ English
  • Eating Everything with Chilli
  • Our Penchant for Bargain Hunting
  • Our Endless Complaints
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