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GE2015: Snapshots

People Action Party (PAP)

Workers Party (WP)

Singapore Democratic Party (SDP)

National Solidarity Party (NSP)

Reform Party (RP)

Singapore Progressive Party (SPP)

Singaporeans First Party (SFP)

People's Power Party (PPP)

Singapore Democratic Alliance (SDA)

GE2015: 30 PR Tips for Candidates

So the campaign has begun with the close of nominations, and we go into 9 days of hectic campaigning with the odds well skewed in favour of the ruling party. We caught a glimpse of what the parties have to offer, with short speeches and interviews by media. However I think there's still some things and pointers, candidates need to take note of, as they present their case to the electorate. As I mentioned after the PE by-election, perception is a vital component of any candidate's arsenal. You gotta not only be able to deliver the goods, but it's just as important to show that you can. So here's a list I've compiled for candidates. 

a) Party Political Broadcasts.  
b) Rallies.  
c) Press interviews / TV debates and forums / dealings with the Media/ Public.  

Conclusion - These are some of things that I hope candidates will bear in mind for the hustings. I'm not saying that I know everything but I think we've seen a few mistakes over the years, sometimes they are repeated, even basic stuff. Of course there's a lot more, I could also talk about online engagement and how to deal with those things. The main thing is not to do anything to jeopardise your campaign or your party's.

It's no use if you have good plans and ideas, if you're really going to be a good MP when elected, but you have a communication problem that prevents the public from knowing the 'real you.' Or if you can't convince people about your abilities, or convince them of the opposite - that you're just not cut out to be a politician.

Remember elections are not about choosing the best candidates - but the most suitable. Lee Jr might on paper be the most qualified - double first from Cambridge, leadership training and command in the Army, tutored and trained by Lee Sr and have all the tools at his disposal. He might even be the 'best candidate on paper for Prime Minister' ever in history in any country in the world. But as the last 11 years have proved - he's clearly shown he's not suitable for the position. Maybe he - not his wife, should have been CEO of Temasek, he can run and grow a business, but I think being a politician and leader of a country is not his forte. Well that's another topic altogether. Right now, let's hope the opposition candidates get this public relations test right and convince the voters of their suitability for election.

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A Vote for Change

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WP vs PAP Rally Crowds Is Undeniable Proof That In 2015, Everything Will Change

Will 2015 be the year of change?

If crowd attendance is any indication of votes, then 2015 could very well be the year history is made.

We’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

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