Friday, 11 September 2015

GE2015: Pollling Day

What you need to know for Polling Day

On Polling Day next Friday (Sept 11), more than 2,400,000 eligible voters in Singapore are expected to go the polls at 833 polling centres across the island. This year, candidates’ photos will be included in the ballot papers to make it easier for voters, especially the elderly, to identify the candidates they wish to vote for. The new ballot papers will also be larger to accommodate the photos.

Here’s what else you need to know:
  • Polling hours: 8am to 8pm
  • Voters must bring their original valid NRIC or passport.
  • Poll cards will be mailed to voters before Polling Day. Bring the poll card to facilitate checks by election officials and shorten waiting time.
  • Check the allotted polling station ahead of time online (, via the Election hotline 1800-225-5353 or in person at community centres, the Elections Department. Overseas voters can check at overseas registration centres.
  • Mark choice of candidate with an “X” on the ballot paper.
  • There will be special drop-off points at polling stations for vehicles conveying elderly or physically-disabled voters, as well as wheelchairs for voters who need them. There will be also be a priority queue for such voters.
  • Polling booths have a lower deck for voters on wheelchairs.
  • Stencils are provided for for visually-impaired voters. A polling official can provide assistance if requested.
Take note:
  • Mobile phones and cameras are not to be used at polling stations
  • Children are generally not allowed into polling stations
  • Smoking is not allowed within polling stations
  • Parking of vehicles within or near polling stations is not allowed
On Polling Day, sample counts of the votes cast will be announced as an early indication of the possible results for the election. This means that voters could get a rough estimate of the results from 10pm.

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18 designated assembly centres for Polling Day

The police have released a list of 18 designated assembly centres where electoral candidates, their supporters and members of the public can gather to await the announcement of results after the polls close at 8pm on Polling Day (Sept 11).

A candidate or his election agent can apply for permits for the assembly centres at the Police Elections Permit Office between 8.30am and 2.30pm on Wednesday, Sept 9, and Thursday, Sept 10.

The police have grouped the electoral divisions into three zones. No fees will be levied for permits.

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