Tuesday, 1 September 2015

GE2015: Nomination Day

Straits Times: Spouses out in full force to support candidates on Nomination Day
Straits Times: Nominations close with few surprises, 3-cornered fights in 3 SMCs
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Online Citizen: #GE2015 TOC volunteers share impressions of Nomination Day
Straits Times: PAP expected to be challenged for all 89 seats on Nomination Day
Straits Times: 3-cornered fight for MacPherson SMC between PAP, WP and NSP
Straits Times: Aljunied line-ups for PAP & WP remain unchanged onNomination Day
BUSINESS TIMES: GE2015: PAP and NSP file Tampines GRC nomination papers
Straits Times: GE2015: Workers' Party line-up for all 10 battlegrounds unveiled
BUSINESS TIMES: GE2015: WP and PAP Hougang SMC nomination papers up
AsiaOne: First two rallies for GE 2015 to take place at Tiong Bahru and Hougang
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Straits Times: NSP enters 3-way fight in MacPherson SMC with WP; contests 12 seats
Straits Times: Change for the better is only beginning and needs to continue, says WP
Straits Times: PM Lee says polls for Singaporeans to decide with PAP how to take