Monday, 30 June 2014

'Wear White' 2014


A special service celebrating Family was held today at Faith Community Baptist Church (FCBC) at Suntec City Convention Centre as an opposition against the pro-LGBT Pink Dot Event which happened at Hong Lim Park yesterday.

The FCBC church service attracted about 6000 worshipers all wearing white as Pastor Lawrence Khong has earlier thrown his support behind the WearWhite campaign started by some Muslim teachers in Singapore against the Pink Dot event.

Senior Pastor Lawrence Khong delivered a special sermon this morning at the session and spoke mainly about family and the responsibility of parents to be good role models for their children.

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Muslim group launches WearWhite campaign against homosexuality

Even as thousands of LGBT people, friends, family and supporters gathered at Hong Lim Park on Saturday for the annual Pink Dot event, the campaign by some Muslims against homosexuality was launched – in a little less ostentatious manner.

The WearWhite movement, a social media initiative inviting Muslims to return to their “natural disposition” (fitrah) and the Sunnah (way) of the Prophet Muhammad, was launched on 28 June 2014 in a less ostentatious manner than Pink Dot which saw a reported 26,000 people turn up at Speakers’ Corner.

The WearWhite campaign, organised by some Muslim teachers, was born from “observations of the growing normalization of LGBT in Singapore”, the campaign’s Facebook page says. “The movement encourages a return to the values as guided by Islam,” the group explains. “These values include prioritizing the family and marriage, responsibility and justice and fair dealings.”

Thousands of Singaporean Christians wear white to protest Pink Dot gay rally

Over 6,400 Christians dressed in white on Sunday afternoon to attend a special “family worship” service conducted by Singapore’s Faith Community Baptist Church (FCBC), according to organisers.

The service was held at a full-house Suntec Convention Centre and led by FCBC founder and pastor Lawrence Khong, who earlier called on his followers to wear white over the weekend to protest the annual Pink Dot gay rights rally on Saturday.

Khong, who supports keeping a Singapore law that criminalises sex between men, released a statement on Friday pointing to the Pink Dot movement as a “decline of moral and family values".

Church service celebrating family draws 6,000 worshippers
A Faith Community Baptist Church service celebrating family drew about 6,000 worshippers, mostly wearing white, on June 29, 2014. Photo: Alvin Chong

About 6,000 worshippers from Faith Community Baptist Church, decked out in white, packed the halls of Suntec City Convention Centre this evening (June 29) for a special service celebrating family.

The church’s Senior Pastor Lawrence Khong delivered a sermon for over an hour, addressing the issue of family and calling on parents to be role models for their children.

Referring to the ongoing debate over homosexuality, Mr Khong said that he was not pushing a religious agenda but taking a stand on a social and moral issue.


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Thousands wear white at church service to defend family values

Thousands of worshippers donned white on Sunday (June 29) to attend a Faith Community Baptist Church (FCBC) service at Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre, during which the church’s senior pastor Lawrence Khong urged them to “preserve purity in the home”.

This came a day after the annual pro-lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) Pink Dot event drew 26,000 people.

In the lead-up to Pink Dot, a chorus of voices had objected to the event, including a campaign by an Islamic religious teacher who urged Muslims to wear white on Saturday in protest against homosexuality and to defend traditional family values.

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