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PM Lee Qs 30 Min For Chicken Wings

The Chicken Wings PM Lee Hsien Loong Was Queuing For

When Singapore’s very own Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong was seen queuing at Redhill Food Centre to buy fried chicken wings … we all went like “Seriously?”

It is not all the time that our Prime Minister would queue for 30 minutes just to buy fried chicken wings, not in a hawker stall, not without an entourage, not in the staggering Singapore heat.

Nobody knows exactly what his real reason for doing so was. Afterall, he could have sent his body guard to tabao for him.

An Open Letter to PM Lee – Do You Think We Care If You Queued for 30 Minutes for Chicken Wings?

When private letters and nice-worded letters don't work anymore, open and more straightforward letters would have to be written, so kindly allow me to contribute mine.

I came across an article that stated "PM Lee queues 30 minutes for chicken wings at Redhill". So please allow me to comment very BLUNTLY on this. Anyway, even Catherine Lim's polite and nice open letter was received with a retaliation instead of doing a reflection, what more can you expect from Singaporeans apart from more and more straightforward letters?

Since a nice letter often ended up being ignored or maybe not understood, so please don't be offended by this straightforward article. Of course, if you find this defamatory, please kindly accept my sincere apology as I meant well, I couldn't bring myself to see you looked so silly, blindly following those ill advice that you were given.


Dear leaders, we don't mind you are drawing million dollars salary, really we don't mind. But at least the left over schillings let Your poor Singaporeans earn it, not all the dollars you take already and ask the FT FW come and grab the schillings. Still residue the money from the schillings using levy term.

We don't mind your children driving Ferarri, really we don't mind, but at least let our children also have a bicycle to ride on. Not your children is driving a Ferarri, and our children is crawling on the road behind the FT FW.

We don't mind your children go to top university in England or on the Moon, really we don't mind, but at lease you keep some kindergarten place for our children, not your children go to top university and our children need to struggle with FT FW Children just to get a place in kindergarten.


First of all, who cares if you queued 30 mins or even an hour for chicken wings? Does it increase the GDP? Does it increase my salary? Does it reduce the inflation? Does it alleviate the unhappiness of the people? Well, the answers are Nobody, No, No, No, No. Because nobody cares about what you do or what you eat or what you say, if you don't fulfil the basis of a leader! As simple as that.

If you don't understand what I meant, let's look at my favourite pilot example. Imagine this scenario: Singapore Airline recently employed a new pilot, he is so good that he even helped the crews served meals on the flight, he even helped the ground crews polished the airplane tires, and even treated all the flight crews to expensive dinners. On top of that, he even helped to clean the crews' houses on every off-day. Isn't he great? Yes, but there is only 1 thing that he does not do - to fly a plane. So what is the use of a pilot who does all the kind acts, but refused to fly a plane? Similarly, what is the use of all the supposedly kind and humble acts when a leader does not want to protect his people?

The same applies to MP. We need MPs to fulfil fiduciary duty - to vote independently according to what is best for Singapore. What were their votes on the whitepaper knowing that the government was unable to handle the influx? Well, I am not xenophobic, I am fully supportive of even 10 millions of population as long as you can manage it and produce the desired positive outcome, are you able to do that? (read this for more details)

PM Lee's facebook

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PM Lee appears in a hawker centre, the Internet responds

It’s a tale of two ends of the spectrum in responses to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s visit to Red Hill hawker centre last night. Two photographs of his visit has been making the rounds on social media.

The first one is a photograph taken by PM Lee as he queued for dessert
The second photograph which appeared in the Hardwarezone Eat Drink Man Woman Forum thread, LHL spotted queuing up for chicken wings at hawker center, was taken by someone else who described PM Lee as a random 50-60 year-old uncle queuing for chicken wings:

Well done Internet. Can’t wait to read comments when PM gets photographed going to the toilet in the future.

PM Lee Qs with residents for 30 min for chicken wings

Lastly, I know PM Lee will not get to read this because he is so well-shielded. But for me, it doesn't matter because I had fulfiled my obligation as a responsible citizen by highlighting the silly acts that were committed, whether the leader wanted to act or how they want to act are their problems, not mine.

To me, it is very simple, all along I only voted for the Founding Spirit of Singapore, the party who has that, will get my vote. Too bad, this spirit is no longer with the PAP party. Don't worry, this will be my one and only open letter to PM Lee, I have much better things to do than to give free advice on how to be a good leader.

Oh... btw, do you know what I am seeing now? Yes, I am seeing your team of 'professional political advisers' coming up to you to propose that you should start a campaign on the "Founding Spirit Of Singapore"... oh please... could you get them to spare us this misery?

PM Lee queuing for fried chicken wings

Imagine the field day that ‘netizens’ would have if PM Lee had queued up for pork soup instead. It’s not a common sight to see a leader of his position actually queuing for stuff. Even less so for half an hour, enough time to make some key decisions of national importance. PM Lee looks solemn and pensive in the pose above, probably meditating on the fate of the nation, or plotting  to get Roy Ngerng to shut the hell up once and for all. I wonder what dessert he ordered after chicken wings though. I’m sure more people are interested in what he had than his musings on ‘Lucky Cat’. Ice Loong-an Jelly, perhaps?

‘Wayang’ or not, the person who snapped PM Lee has inadvertently promoted this humble breakfast bee hoon stall in Redhill, which blogger Hungry Bunny says is actually known as ‘Eng Kee’. I trust our PM has great taste in hawker fare. He’s known to be a fan of Tiong Bahru Tau Huay and Zion Road Char Kuay Teow too. Spotting him  at these stalls is like catching a rare migratory bird. You’d hit the jackpot if you catch him queuing at a Malay stall for Mee Siam (Just plain Mee Siam, thank you very much).

Here are some queuing PM Lee ‘memes’, sans bodyguards, of our leader simply blending in with ordinary Singaporeans in everyday situations other than buying hawker food, like the ‘People’s PM’ that adoring fans know him to be.

PM Lee queues 30 minutes for chicken wings at Redhill
Yahoo Newsroom - A screengrab of the photo from Facebook that was posted in a HardwareZone forum thread. (Screengrab: HardwareZone)

When you’re someone like the Prime Minister, even queuing for food can cause a stir online — and that’s exactly what happened when Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong visited Redhill Hawker Centre on Thursday night.

A photograph of him lining up at a fried chicken wing and economic bee hoon stall moved quickly online after it was posted on Facebook. The uploader, in the caption accompanying the photo, said the PM looked like any ordinary 50- or 60-something-year-old “uncle”.

He was “swarmed with guards”, though, “lots of (them)”, the uploader added, when a screengrab of his photo and caption ended up on a HardwareZone forum thread.

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PM Lee spotted queueing for chicken wings at Redhill hawker centre

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong was spotted at Redhill hawker centre, queueing for 30 minutes to buy fried chicken.

According to Lianhe Wanbao, this picture of him started circulating this morning, with many excited to see the PM dining at the hawker centre.

Netizens have praised the prime minister's willingness to queue for food himself just like any other member of the public, as well as immerse himself in the public community.

PM Lee spotted queueing 30min for chicken wings at Redhill Food Centre

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong was spotted at Redhill Food Centre, queueing for 30 minutes to buy fried chicken on Thursday night.

A passerby took a photo and uploaded it on Facebook with the tongue-in-cheek caption: "Just your regular 50-60 plus uncle queueing half an hr for famous fried chicken wings. Albeit swarmed with guards. Lots of em."

According to Lianhe Wanbao, the photo of him started circulating this morning, with many excited to see the PM dining at the hawker centre located at Blk 85 Redhill Lane.

PM Lee eats chicken wings in Redhill rather than chye tow kway from his own GRC

Prime minister Lee Hsien Loong was photographed queuing up for fried chicken wings at a hawker centre in Redhill on June 12, 2014, when he could have been eating chye tow kway in Ang Mo Kio.

Professional political observers who saw the photo of PM Lee solemnly queuing up said this is a clear sign he is snubbing the CPF blogger, Roy Ngerng, whom he is suing for alleged defamation.

The choice of being photographed in a public food centre is politically motivated as the CPF blogger’s father is a famous chye tow kway seller in Ang Mo Kio, which is in PM Lee’s GRC.

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