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Maids And Murders

Update 15 Feb 2017

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Maid to be charged with Tampines murder
Police accompany the Indonesian maid (centre). PHOTO: THE STRAITS TIMES

A 37-year-old woman has been arrested in connection with the death of a 77-year-old woman at Block 276, Tampines Street 22, on Monday afternoon.

The New Paper understands the suspect is the Indonesian maid who lived with the victim.

That day, a neighbour heard the maid screaming in the fifth-storey flat. He then saw Madam Tay Quee Lang slumped in a wheelchair with a 20cm-long knife lodged in her throat.

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Maid to be charged with murder over elderly's death in Tampines

A 37-year-old maid will be charged with murder after a 77-year-old woman was found dead in her Tampines flat on Monday (13 Feburary). She will be charged in court on Wednesday (15 February). If convicted, she faces the death penalty.

The victim was found motionless with injuries on her throat in her fifth floor unit at Block 276 Tampines Street 22 at 2.10pm by police, who were responding to a call for assistance. She was pronounced dead by paramedics at the scene.

According to media reports, an Indonesian maid was at home when the victim was found dead. The maid was crying and shouting, and a neighbour helped her to call the police.

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Indonesian domestic worker to be charged for murder of 77-year-old woman at Tampines
Police officers gathered outside a flat in Tampines (Source : The Straits Times)

An Indonesian domestic worker has been arrested for a murder of a 77-year-old woman in her living room of flat at Block 276, Tampines Street 22 on Monday (13 February) afternoon.

The Police arrested the domestic worker on Tuesday (14 February) and she will be charged in court for murder on Wednesday (15 February).

The elderly, who was identified Madam Tay Quee Lang,  has been wheelchair-bound since last year after she experienced a fall. She lived in the flat with her husband Mr Tan Hee Seng, who is in his 70s. The domestic worker has only been working for the family for the last month.

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Indian origin woman, daughter charged with murder in Singapore
A police officer sits between Gaiyathiri Murugayan (left) and her mother Prema Naraynasamy, who were charged with murdering their Myanmar domestic worker at their home earlier this week

A 58-year-old woman and her 36-year-old daughter have been charged with murdering a Burmese maid at their home here and may face death penalty.

If convicted of murder, the duo will face the death penalty.

Prema Naraynasamy and Gaiyathiri Murugayan were arrested on Wednesday for allegedly murdering Piang Ngaih Don (24) earlier this week, the report said. According to police, they received a call on Tuesday morning for assistance. When they arrived, Piang was found dead. A court has extended their police remand. Both the accused were produced in the court on Thursday. If they are convicted of murder, the duo will face the death penalty.

Gaiyathiri, whose husband is believed to have worked in the police force, has a minor daughter.

Maid's death: Arrest of woman and daughter shocks neighbours

A mother & daughter were yesterday accused of murdering their Myanmar maid.

Housewife Prema Naraynasamy, 58, & 36-yr-old Gaiyathiri Murugayan showed little emotion when charged in court with killing Ms Piang Ngaih Don, a 24-yr-old mother of a young child, in a 9-floor flat at Block 145 in Bishan some time between Jul 25 and 26.

But Gaiyathiri was seen weeping after she spotted family members in the public gallery.

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Mother, daughter charged with maid's murder in Bishan

A WOMAN & her mother were charged in court yesterday with murdering their Myanmar domestic worker at their home in Bishan earlier this week.

No plea was taken from Gaiyathiri Murugayan, 36, and Prema S. Naraynasamy, 58, both housewives.

They are alleged to have committed murder by causing the death of Piang Ngaih Don, 24, at their 9-floor flat at Block 145 Bishan Street 11 between Jul 25 and 26.

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Two women charged with murder
ACCUSED: Gaiyathiri Murugayan (left) and Prema Naraynasamy (right) were yesterday charged with murder FOTO: THE STRAITS TIMES

2 women were charged with murder yesterday.

Gaiyathiri Murugayan, 36, and Prema S. Naraynasamy, 58, are accused of murdering Ms Piang Ngaih Don at their Bishan flat sometime between Monday and Tuesday.

Neighbours said Ms Piang, 24, was a domestic worker from Myanmar who had started working for the family about a year ago.

Indonesian maid pee-ed into 4-year-old child’s milk bottle to get-back at employer

Shin Min Daily News reported that an Indonesian maid was so upset at being scolded by her employer that she retaliated by mixing her pee with the milk of a toddler she was entrusted with. The employer discovered something fishy at about 12pm on 16 October last year at 5 Pine Close, near Old Airport Road.

The employer (the boy’s mother) noticed that the water in the flask appeared to be yellowish in colour and that it tasted odd. Both her husband and her mother-in-law also drank the water and agreed that it tasted and looked funny. They kept the flask of contaminated water in their room overnight and the next morning the pungent smell was overwhelming. The maid however denied any wrongdoing.

Two days later, the employer found the maid pouring the contents of the flask into the sink and took her to the maid agency, where she eventually admitted to the crime.

Woman dead, husband injured in incident at Telok Kurau; Indonesian maid arrested

A 23-yr-old Indonesian maid was arrested on Tue night (Jun 7) after she allegedly stabbed the couple who employed her, killing a woman and leaving her husband requiring surgery for his wounds.

Neighbours said they heard little until the peace of a private estate in Telok Kurau was shattered by ambulances and police cars arriving at the 3-storey semi-detached house at 50C, Lorong H, where the alleged stabbings took place after 8pm.

The man who was stabbed - believed to be Mr Ong Kian Soon, 57 - was eventually taken to Changi General Hospital (CGH).

Maid arrested after Telok Kurau woman is killed in bathroom

3 men on motorbikes were riding past a semi-detached house in Telok Kurau last night when they heard shouts for help.

They parked their motorbikes in front of the house and saw a man struggling with a woman in the front porch.

The gate was open and the man told them to grab hold of the woman. Two of them went to help him while the third called the police.

Past cases of maid violence:
  • May 31, 2016 - Indonesian maid Dewi Sukowati, 20, was sentenced to 18 years' jail
  • Dec 10, 2015 - Indonesian maid Yati, 24, was sentenced to 10 years' jail
  • Jul 27, 2015 - Myanmar maid Than Than Win, 25, was sentenced to 13 years' jail
  • May 25, 2015 - Indonesian maid Tuti Aeliyah, 30, was sentenced to 12 years' jail

Maid gets 18 years' jail for killing employer, socialite Nancy Gan
Dewi Sukowati (above) was given 18 years' jail for culpable homicide not amounting to murder of Madam Nancy Gan.FOTO: SINGAPORE POLICE FORCE

An Indonesian domestic helper who said she was hit by her employer retaliated by swinging the 69-yr-old woman's head against a wall and then drowning her in the bungalow's swimming pool.

Indonesian Dewi Sukowati, 20, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 18 years' jail yesterday for culpable homicide not amounting to murder.

The court heard that at about 7.30am on March 19, 2014, Dewi, then 18, had taken a glass of water on a tray to socialite and porcelain artist Nancy Gan Wan Geok at her home in Victoria Park Road. It was her 6th day at work.

Maid: Sir said 'I need you' before raping me

He allegedly raped her the first time they were alone in his flat.

Testifying in court on the second day of the trial yesterday, the maid said shortly before she was sexually assaulted, alcohol distributor Chin Swee Chung had called out to her when she was in her bedroom.

The Myanmar national told Justice Chan Seng Onn that after she stepped out of her room, Chin, now 45, told her, "I need you", before dragging her to his bedroom and committing the first rape.

Tragic Mothers’ Day for family – Indonesian maid allegedly killed 1-year-old baby under her care

It was a sad Mothers’ Day for one mother living in Simei. Chinese newspaper Wanbao reported that a baby girl, who celebrated her one-year-old birthday just five days before, had died under mysterious circumstances with deep bruise marks around her neck. The family believes that the baby must have been strangled or suffocated to death.

The tragedy happened yesterday (8 May) at about 9.20 pm in a 6th floor unit in Block 225 Simei Street 4. The suspect in the death of the child is the family’s 30-year-old foreign domestic worker. The maid is from Indonesia and her name is Maryani Bte Usman Utar.

The maid was missing when the gruesome death of the baby was discovered, and had remained uncontactable since. Detectives from the Criminal Investigation Department arrested her this afternoon in the Marina Bay area.


In a shocking twist to an already sensational case, it was revealed in court that the maid who raped the 14 year-old boy, her employer's son, had tested positive for Chlamydia trachomatis, a sexually transmitted disease (STD). The boy has not tested positive for the STD yet, but prosecutors argued that the child could have escaped infection by sheer luck and this should not lighten the burden of guilt on the accused.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Nicholas Lai urged the court to slap at least 10 months jail on the month, citing aggravating factor such as the maid's STD infection, her breach of trust and the unprotected nature of the intercourse. The maid was eventually sentenced to 10 months jail, but will have her sentence dated back to 7th September. She could have been jailed for up to 10 years and fined for having sex with a person under 16 years old.

An Indonesian domestic worker has been jailed 10 months for having sex with a 14 year-old boy, who is the son of her employer and exactly half her age.

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Maid and 2 foreign workers take S$5 million from elderly with dementia

In what appears like a repeat of China national Yang Yin’s case, 3 foreigners are accused of unlawfully taking S$5 million of a rich elderly who suffered from dementia. The rich elderly was a retired paediatric doctor with SGH and Associate Professor with NUS, Dr Freda Paul. The accused are her Sri Lankan maid, Arulampalam Kanthimathy, and two Indian nationals, Kulandaivelu Malayaperumal (Perumal) and Gopal Subramanian, who used to be construction workers.

The three claimed that Dr Freda gave them S$5 million between January and July in 2010 but the retired doctor was earlier diagnosed of dementia and incapable of making financial decisions on December 2009 by a psychiatrist. Relatives of Dr Freda filed a lawsuit to recover the S$5 million on this basis.

Lawyer Philip Jeyaretnam, son of former opposition MP JBJ, and another distant relative filed the lawsuit against the three foreigners. The Sri Lankan maid has since gone back home while the other two Indian nationals has become Singapore Permanent Residents.


The Indonesia maid has been working for me about 6 months. She is very good in acting. Like a normal person just do her job to look after our new born baby girl and housework.

During the weekdays my wife need to sent my 2 years old son to the child care centre and do marketing for the daily need so we leave the maid and the baby at home. We trust her that she will do her job. One Saturday evening we wanted to past her the work permit for her off day the next day but we couldn't find the work permit and the passport!

When we ask her and she said that her work permit is with her and claim that the passport is with us. After that we decided to search for the passport in our room but we could not find it. The next day the maid go for her off day and we try to search for her passport again but cannot find it than we decide to check our locked drawer to check if our gold and money if is still inside but to our surprise our gold in a bag n cash is missing!!!!

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With Singapore economic boom and the influx of thousands of foreign workers, we are experiencing a culture shock of unSingaporean behaviours and attitudes.

I am filing this report as my concern to what is happening every Sunday at our parks and public places. I hope the authorities will look into this issues. Every Sunday, Paya Lebar and Lucky Plaza have become a 'flesh market' for thousands of Banglas to gather, stalk, prey and pick maids for their lust and sexual desires. Toa Payoh park, Botanical Gardens, Sentosa are full of Banglas and maids.

The open space between Kallang Airport Drive and Kallang Airport Way is littered with couples, Banglas and maids. Openly displaying ‘intimate and sensuous’ behaviours. Checkout also cheap hotels for hourly bookings, in Geylang, Balestiar etc, where maids and Banglas checking rooms for their sexual flings.


Geylang deaths: Maid's throat cut, man found hanged

Ms Ruli Widyawati's employer was expecting her to return home on Sunday evening but, instead, got a call at midnight saying the Indonesian maid, 29, had been found dead in a hotel room in Geylang with her throat cut.

Also discovered in the same third-floor room at Hotel 81 Palace in Lorong 16, according to reports in the Chinese newspapers Shin Min Daily News and Lianhe Wanbao yesterday, was Mr Chinnasamy Baskar, 31, a construction worker from India, who was found hanged.

Ms Ruli was married with two young children in Indonesia. Mr Chinnasamy was not married.

Snapshot: Domestic maid places elderly lady in wheelchair to face the wall while she frolics with Indian foreign worker at void deck, 17 May 2014

"This incident happened at the void deck of Block 122 Geylang East Central on May 13, Tuesday, at 1.10pm.

"I believe the helper was supposed to take care of the elderly person who was seated in the wheel chair.

"Apparently, she is seen behaving intimately with a man, ignoring the elderly who was left in the wheel chair for more than an hour. Full story

Indonesian maid charged with socialite's murder
Dewi Sukowati, 23, is alleged to have caused the death of her 69-year-old employer at her Victoria Park Road bungalow in Bukit Timah between 7.30am and 8.46am on Wednesday

She lived her life amid culture and style - with a degree from Trinity College, London, a taste for music and a portfolio of porcelain paintings that graced several exhibitions and fund-raisers.

Yesterday, she was found murdered in a swimming pool of a luxurious house in Victoria Park Road in Bukit Timah.

Madam Nancy Gan Wan Geok is believed to have been killed by her 23-year-old Indonesian maid.

Indonesian maid charged with socialite's murder
Dewi Sukowati, 23, is alleged to have caused the death of her 69-year-old employer Nancy Gan at her Victoria Park Road bungalow in Bukit Timah between 7.30am and 8.46am on Wednesday. -- ST PHOTO: WONG KWAI CHOW

An Indonesian domestic worker was charged in court on Thursday morning with the murder of socialite and philanthropist Nancy Gan Wan Geok.

Dewi Sukowati, 23, is alleged to have caused the death of her 69-year-old employer at her Victoria Park Road bungalow in Bukit Timah between 7.30am and 8.46am on Wednesday.

The mother of two, who was the ex-wife of former Hong Kong Legislative Council politician Hilton Cheong-leen, was found in the swimming pool of her home, dressed in her pyjamas. She had suffered head injuries.

Socialite's body found in swimming pool; maid held
The body of Ms Nancy Gan, 69, being taken away from the swimming pool of her bungalow in Bukit Timah yesterday. A 23-year-old Indonesian maid has been arrested. -- ST PHOTO: LAU FOOK KONG

Socialite and philanthropist Nancy Gan was found dead in the swimming pool of her upscale Victoria Park Road bungalow in Bukit Timah yesterday morning.

A 23-year-old Indonesian maid, Dewi Suko Wati, who was arrested there, is believed to have been working for Ms Gan for barely a week. Police have classified the case as murder.

The 69-year-old mother of two was the ex-wife of former Hong Kong Legislative Council politician Hilton Cheong-leen.

Indonesian maid charged with socialite's murder
Maid arrested in connection with murder of woman found dead in swimming pool
Woman found dead by the side of a swimming pool in upscale bungalow

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Domestic helper arrested after Singapore woman found dead in pool

The body of a 69-year-old woman was found floating in a swimming pool in her bungalow off Coronation Road on Wednesday morning. This is the second case of alleged murder involving a foreign domestic helper this month.

On 4 March, 24-year-old Than Than Win was charged with killing an 85-year-old woman at Springdale Condominium, off Upper Bukit Timah Road.

Earlier in January, a 26-year-old Indonesian helper was charged with the murder of a 77-year-old wheelchair-bound woman, whose body was found in her flat in Serangoon.

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Elderly woman found dead in bungalow pool; maid arrested

The victim was found dead in the swimming pool of her bungalow. Photo: Ooi Boon Keong

An elderly woman was found dead yesterday in the swimming pool of her bungalow along Victoria Park Road, and a 23-year-old Indonesian domestic helper — who is believed to be working for the woman — was arrested.

The police are investigating and they have classified the case as murder. The helper will be charged today.

The victim, Nancy Gan, 69, was understood to have suffered head injuries.

Maid arrested in connection with murder of woman at Bukit Timah condo

Police have arrested a 24-year-old maid from Myanmar who is believed to be connected to the murder of her elderly employer at the Springdale Condominium.

Police said it received a call requesting for assistance at a condominium along Hindhede Walk at Bukit Timah yesterday at about 5.23pm.
When they arrived, the body of an 87-year-old Chinese woman was found motionless in one of the condo units.

Myanmar maid charged with murder of 85-year-old
Police officers at the carpark of Springdale Condominium on Tuesday, when the body of Madam Yong Wan Lan was found in her eighth-floor unit

A maid from Myanmar was charged on Wednesday with the murder of an 85-year-old Singaporean woman.

Than Than Win, 24, is accused of killing Madam Yong Wan Lan some time between 4.05pm and 5.23pm on Tuesday.

That day, police received a call at 5.23pm for assistance at Springdale Condominium in Hindhede Walk, off Upper Bukit Timah Road.

Myanmar maid on murder rap
SCENE OF THE CRIME: Than was yesterday charged with the murder of Madam Yong, who was found on Tuesday afternoon in her Springdale Condominium (above) unit

A 24-year-old maid from Myanmar, Than Than Win, was yesterday charged with the murder of an elderly woman she was helping to look after.

Madam Yong Wan Lan was found on Tuesday afternoon lying motionless on the floor of her eighth-floor Springdale Condominium unit in Bukit Timah, according to The Straits Times.

The 85-year-old woman had stab wounds on her upper body and was pronounced dead at 6.27pm. The incident happened an hour before - at about 5.30pm.

Maid in elderly woman murder case heard crying for 2 hours the night before

A 24-year-old maid from Myanmar, Than Than Win, was on Wednesday afternoon charged with alleged murder of an 85-year-old woman, The Straits Times reported.

The body of the elderly woman was found motionless inside a Springdale condominium unit along Hindhede Walk on Tuesday, March 4.

According to the Shin Min Daily News on Wednesday, neighbours interviewed said Than had been crying loudly at the balcony of the 8th-floor on Monday night.

Indonesian maid charged for murder of employer, 77
A 26-year-old Indonesian domestic helper has been charged for the murder of her 77-year-old employer

Madam Aandi Abdul Rahman Rasheeda Begam, who was wheelchair-bound, was murdered in her Serangoon North flat on Tuesday morning, Lianhe Wanbao reported.

The alleged murder occurred between 12:05am and 11:33am, the Chinese daily said.
Madam Aandi's family had thought that her death was due to natural causes. However, police classified the case as murder after investigations were carried out.

Indonesian maid charged with murder of 77-year-old employer

An Indonesian maid was charged on Saturday with murdering her 77-year-old female employer.

The 26-year-old maid, known as Yati, allegedly murdered Madam Aandi Abdul Rahman Rasheeda Begam on Tuesday between 12.05am and 11.33am in her flat in Serangoon North Avenue 4.

The Straits Times understands that Madam Aandi's family thought she had died of natural causes, and it was only after police investigations that the case was classified as murder. Indonesian Embassy counsellor Sukmo Yuwono told The Sunday Times that Yati was arrested on Friday

Family stunned by maid's murder charge

Four days after an elderly woman was found dead at home, her Indonesian maid was charged with murder on Saturday.

But the family of Madam Aandi Abdul Rahman Rasheeda Begam, 77, appeared shocked to hear from reporters that their maid had been charged.

Yati, 26, allegedly murdered Madam Aandi last Tuesday, some time between shortly after midnight and 11.33am, at the victim's flat in Serangoon North Avenue 4.

Parents return to see daughter dead, maid in a daze

Neighbours had noticed the Indonesian helper looking despondent and pacing outside the flat late last Saturday night.

Five days later, she was found in a daze, sitting in a bedroom in her employer's executive flat in Tampines.

The body of her employer's 16-year-old daughter lay beside her. In the bathroom, a bloodied knife stained the floor.

Neighbours had earlier heard a blood-curdling scream, followed by cries, coming from the flat

Maid charged with murder of 16-year-old girl

An Indonesian maid was charged today (Nov 15) with the murder of a 16-year-old girl.

Tuti Aeliyah, 28, is accused of murdering Sharmeera Basha Noor Basha at Block 856B Tampines Street 82 yesterday between 7.10am and 12.57pm.

It is believed that the accused was working for the victim’s family at the time of the incident.

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Domestic helper charged with murder for allegedly stabbing employer’s daughter to death

A 28-year-old Indonesian domestic helper who allegedly stabbed her employer’s daughter to death in broad daylight was yesterday charged with murder.

Tuti Aeliyah, who was charged in hospital, is said to have killed Shameera Basha Noor Basha, 16, in the teenager’s home at Block 856B, Tampines Street 82, between 7am and 1pm on Thursday. If found guilty, Tuti could face the death penalty.

Shameera was a Secondary 4 student at Tanjong Katong Girls’ School and was taking her O-Level exams this year. She had participated in the Singapore Mathematical Olympiad this year and also wrote for her school newsletter, according to documents found online.

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Maid detained after teenager found dead in flat

A 16-year-old girl, who was purportedly stabbed twice in the torso, was found dead in her flat in Tampines yesterday.

The case is being investigated as a murder and a 28-year-old woman, believed to be an Indonesian domestic helper in the teenager’s home, was arrested.

The police said they received a call at about 1pm, requesting for assistance at Block 856B, Tampines Street 82. When they arrived at the 10th-storey unit, the girl was understood to be lying motionless in a bedroom, and apparently had two knife wounds on the front of her torso. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Indonesian maid arrested for murder of 12-year-old girl

An Indonesian maid has been officially arrested for the murder of 12-year-old Linda Li Yi Ling.
The 24-year-old maid who had been working for the girl's family will be charged with murder tomorrow. If convicted, she faces the death sentence.

According to the Lianhe Wanbao, investigations are still ongoing as to which floor the deceased was thrown down from.

Neighbours had told the Chinese evening daily that the maid had not worked very long for the family. She had been sent back to the maid agency before for unsatisfactory work performance. However, the family took her back after deciding to give her another chance.

related: Disabled girl murdered in Hougang

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Maid charged with man's murder

A 31-YEAR-OLD Sri Lankan woman was yesterday charged with the murder of an Indian national found dead in his living quarters two weeks ago.

Assembly worker Murugaiyan Selvam, 32, was found on Dec 4 lying motionless, with head injuries, on his bed in a room in Kaki Bukit Crescent where he was living.

After 13 days of investigations, the police arrested Tharmalingam Puwaneswary, who works as a domestic maid, on Wednesday.

Death penalty could await 3 Indonesian workers in S’pore 

Three Indonesian workers in Singapore could face the death penalty for their alleged involvement in the murder of their employers, a top envoy has said.

“Three workers are involved in legal cases. They could all face the death penalty,” Indonesian Ambassador to Singapore Andri Hadi said on Monday as quoted by Antara.

It is said the Indonesian Embassy in Singapore was providing legal assistance, including by hiring noted lawyers to defend the three in their trials.

Maid threw baby down and smothered her
THE videos were heartbreaking to watch

In one of them, the one-year-old girl was crying while the maid, who was lying next to her on the mattress, kept hitting her tiny body.

When she did not stop crying, the Indonesian maid, Desi Kurnia, now 17, carried her and flung her back onto the mattress.

The cries got louder, so Desi put a pillow over the baby's face. She then placed her leg on the pillow, smothering the little girl as she struggled for air.

Maid charged with hurting boss

A YOUNG Indonesian maid was charged in court on Friday with hitting her employer with a wooden pole.

Suhartutik, 23, allegedly hit Madam Lin Siew Ting on her head, back of her upper body and left arm resulting in a 5cm-long cut on her head.

The alleged offence took place at Northvale Condominium in Choa Chu Kang Loop at about 1pm on Thursday.

Maid faces attempted murder

A YOUNG Indonesian maid was charged in court on Friday with trying to murder a seven-year-old girl.

Kumaeroh, 24, is accused of using a kitchen knife to stab the girl on the back and a chopper to cut her wrists at a flat in Serangoon at about 12.30pm on Wednesday.

The petite woman was represented by Mr Mohamed Muzammil Mohamed, who has been engaged by the Indonesian Embassy to act for her

Murder charge against maid reduced

An Indonesian maid earlier accused of killing her employer will now be charged for culpable homicide. No reason was given in court for why the charge was reduced.

Fitriah, 19, also known as Vitria Depsi Wahyuni, was to stand trial for killing Madam Sng Gek Wah, 87, at her home in 2009.

Fitriah was thought to have been 23 years old at the time of Madam Sng's death.

Maid in water tank: Bangladeshi worker charged

A Bangladeshi maintenance worker has been charged with the murder of an Indonesian domestic worker.

Md Bepon Mostafa, 27, is alleged to have caused the death of Ms Ruliyawati, 30, at Block 686B, Woodlands Drive 73 between 7.10am and 9.54am on Monday.

He is being remanded at the Central police division lock-up for a week. If convicted, he faces the mandatory death penalty.


Bangladeshi worker charged with murder of Indon maid

A BANGLADESHI worker was charged on Friday with the murder of an Indonesian maid whose body was found in an uncompleted condominium in a District 10 area on Sunday.

Kamrul Hasan Abdul Quddus, 34, is said to have caused the death of Ms Yulia Afriyanti, 25, at the third floor of Viz@Holland at Block 3 Queensway between 10pm on Dec 15 and 11.07am the next day.

Police cordoned off the worksite for about 12 hours and took DNA and swabs from an estimated 200 workers.

Maid who buried her newborn jailed 12 weeks

A domestic worker was today (Jan 28) jailed 12 weeks by a district court for burying her newborn baby in the backyard of her employer’s home. It is not clear if the baby was alive at the time of the birth.

In pressing for a custodial sentence, Deputy Public Prosecutor Michelle Lu said that it was possible that the baby’s life could have been saved if there was early medical intervention.

Musliyati, 37, an Indonesian who is divorced with two children back home, committed the crime in November last year at Brighton Avenue in Serangoon Garden.

Maid found dead with 'rope' at foot of Toa Payoh block
TRAGIC: Ms Siti was found dead with a makeshift rope near her

When there was no breakfast ready as usual at 7am on Sunday, she knew something was wrong.

So the employer went to check on her maid who had started working for her two weeks ago. Ms Siti, 29, an Indonesian, was not in the room, her employer, who declined to be named, told Shin Min Daily News.

But she spotted yellow cloth hanging out from the window of her fourth-storey Toa Payoh North flat.

Dealing with a new generation of maids

BETTER pay, a day off every week, and even free access to Wi-Fi - the demands of foreign maids today are a far cry from when Singapore first opened its doors to them some three decades ago.

While an impoverished situation in their home country and a strong Singapore dollar remain the main push and pull factors, maids from the Philippines, Indonesia and even Cambodia now also want an enriching time for themselves while working here.

But while their needs are changing, some Singapore employers seem to be stuck in the past. This puts them in conflict with maids asking for better employment terms and more personal freedom.

The Lessons Singapore Learned From Flor Contemplacion

We were not ready for the emotions of the Filipinos over the execution,” said Associate Prof. Alan Chong

On March 17, 1995–18 years ago–the Philippines wept when Singapore hanged Filipina overseas worker Flor Contemplacion, a death that apparently unraveled the chilling tragedy behind the government’s labor importation policy.

And quickly the mourning turned to rage over what Filipinos considered a punishment too barbaric and inhumane. Contemplacion was hanged despite the appeals made by the Philippine government to postpone the execution.
Looking back, a professor at Singapore’s S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies said Singapore was not prepared for the backlash brought by the decision to hang Contemplacion. “Until that point, Singapore did not fully understand the issue of human development in the Philippines.

murderpedia: Flor R. CONTEMPLACION
infopedia: Flor Contemplacion
wikipedia: Flor Contemplacion

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