Sunday, 17 November 2013

Miss World Muslimah 2013

Miss World, the Muslim version

The grand final of the third World Muslimah Peagant

Held at Balai Sarbini in South Jakarta on Wednesday, it began uniquely

The World Muslimah pageant is not your usual beauty contest

For a start, the three Bs of Miss World - brains, beauty and behavior - have been replaced by the three Ss: sholehah (piousness), smart and stylish

Women strutting down the stage, wearing loosely fitting outfits and veils instead of revealing gowns

While some of the women paraded with a model's confidence, others were more awkward as they tottered by in glittering high heels and long gowns

At the end of the evening, 21-year-old Obabiyi Aisha Ajibola from Nigeria was named Miss World Muslimah 2013

She took over the "Crown of Modesty" from last year's winner, Nina Septiani of Indonesia

She will receive an all-expenses-paid opportunity to complete the umroh, or minor haj pilgrimage, as her prize