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Ground Zero: Nicole Seah

Update 2 Aug 2015:
Former NSP star candidate Nicole Seah says she will not contest in election
Nicole Seah during a walkabout in Aljunied on April 24, 2011. PHOTO: ST FILE

The National Solidarity Party (NSP)'s star candidate of the last election, Ms Nicole Seah, said on Sunday that she is not rejoining the party and will not stand for election.

Ms Seah was replying to queries from The Straits Times, following comments from NSP acting secretary-general Hazel Poa that the party had "initiated contact" with Ms Seah via WhatsApp.

Ms Seah, 28, told The Straits Times: "I didn't receive any message on WhatsApp from NSP. Perhaps they messaged my Singapore number which is not in use.

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Nicole Seah: What lies ahead for S’pore?
LKY's legacy: "It is the idea that there was someone who fought so bloody hard for us because he genuinely wanted to help make the country work."

From standing in the rain with thousands of other Singaporeans just 24 hours ago, I’ve since flown back to Bangkok where I am currently based. I stayed up late last night catching up on the eulogies that I missed, reading transcripts and posts from other Singaporeans online.

Today is the new start of the week. Life for everyone goes back to normal. When I took the Bangkok Skytrain this morning, it was the same faceless crowds I see every morning when I get off at the Siam intersection. It’s routine for me as much as it is for the average MRT commuter in City Hall.

Yet I feel that something intangible in me, and many other Singaporeans, has shifted.

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Nicole Seah leaves National Solidarity Party
Seah, who relocated to Bangkok in March for work, said the decision to leave the party was “an extremely difficult and painful” one to make

The 28-year-old noted that when she started out in politics as a fresh graduate, she had wanted to make a difference by bringing more political awareness to young people and felt that her “job is done (for now).”

“I have to move on and grow in other areas, before I can continue to give back to the communities I choose to place myself in," she said.

Despite her departure, Seah is not leaving politics completely, saying she will “find a more suitable platform to contribute and give back".

Nicole Seah leaves National Solidarity Party
Nicole Seah quits NSP, says 'job is done for now'

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Nowhere to go but up: Nicole Seah
In an emotional Facebook post last November, opposition party member Nicole Seah, 28, spoke of a year filled with self-doubt, physical exhaustion and death threats. She tells Ankita Varma how it took a major meltdown for her to love herself again

A friend once told me that your 20s are like walking in the wilderness. You have enough idealism for ambition but not enough experience to know right from wrong.

That statement couldn't be more true of the last four years of my life. My walk in the wilderness is more poignant only because, for years, everyone around me assumed I had my life all figured out.

Perhaps it's because I got into politics at 24. You would assume I have stellar academic records and a successful career, right?

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Nicole Seah: Boyfriend left me to protect his own reputation

UNDER the intense scrutiny of the media, Nicole Seah's boyfriend distanced himself as he was concerned about his reputation.

She broke up with him and is now single, Ms Seah revealed in an exclusive interview with Her World magazine this month.

The man, Steven Goh, chief executive officer of social networking site Mig33, was first identified last year when Ms Seah posted a Facebook entry on self-doubt and her struggles. She also uploaded a picture of herself and Mr Goh.

'I'm now single and happier than before'

"Though I would have struggled silently in the past, this time I refused. I ended the eight-month relationship and I'm now single and happier than before."

The New Paper tried to contact Ms Seah for follow-up questions, but she did not respond.

She had previously written about how her love life has been affected ever since she was put in the public eye.

NSP’s Nicole Seah shifts to Thailand for work
Opposition politician Nicole Seah on Tuesday night announced that she will be relocating to Bangkok

In a status update she posted on her public Facebook page, she called it “a difficult decision”, but said she will be going there to further her career in advertising.

The move, reported Mumbrella Asia, will be from her employer IPG Mediabrands’s Singapore branch to its Thai office, where she will take a role as a digital manager in Bangkok. In Singapore, she has held the position of senior account manager at the agency since November last year. Her mother, Patricia Lim, holds the position of Managing Director at the company's Singapore office.

Explaining her move in her statement, the 27-year-old said the larger scale of work, managerial duties and budgets involved will be her “training for the challenges of public service”.

Nicole Seah Interview

Were you happy with the apology you received from SPH? - Yes. But I was very specific in terms of the apology I wanted. As a media planner, I knew exactly where I wanted it to run. I didn’t want it to be hidden. On AsiaOne, I wanted it to be on the news rotator for an entire day and on its Facebook page. In Lianhe Wanbao, I wanted a quarter page in a specific part of the paper.

Another problem is that things are reported in Singapore that simply wouldn’t be covered in other countries, because they’re not deemed newsworthy – like the experience I’ve just had.

Why subject a female politician to a sexist attack? Because you can get a few more eyeballs? I believe that it’s a journalist’s duty to help shape culture, and stories like that achieve nothing. I would hope that as Singapore’s media landscape matures, we’ll see less of that happening in the near future.

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Public Apology from Lianhe Wanbao for their damaging report from the chief editor, on Pg 6 of this evening's edition. Thanks Jason Lee for the share

Wanbao has now officially apologised on its printed newspaper for the defamatory article it published on Tuesday about Nicole Seah.

With this apology, Nicole had said that she would now be willing to let the matter rest, indicating that she would like to get on with more important issues.

“I will let the matter rest from here on. This has been an absolutely unnecessary distraction from the issues that really matter in Singapore.” She wrote in her facebook page

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Dear Nicole, I thought that was a despicable reporting by SPH, wasn't it! Anyway, I am glad that both AsiaOne and Wanbao have issued an “apology”.

It was said that in military manoeuvring, when you scored an easy victory on a strong enemy, do not pursue further, especially into unfamiliar ground. So grab your “half-victory” and do not pursue into your enemy’s kill zone!

On one hand, I doubt this is the type of apology you deserved, if one reads the Chinese words and phrases carefully. Seemed to me more like an official clarification of its previous report.


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Taking the online offline

Nicole Seah , the most happening lady on the internet at this moment because not only did she post a very personal, unexpectedly raw Facebook post, she also became targeted via scandalous headlines in MSM for some Facebook photos which she had uploaded.

This got quite a few netizens enraged, because you don’t just bully people using online material like that. What’s worse was that the news websites quietly changed their headlines after the online outcry. Some bloggers have come out in her defence, demanding that Wanbao and AsiaOne apologize. Both papers, Wanbao and AsiaOne, have since publicly addressed the errors.

Moral of the story: There is mis-reporting even in MSM.

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AsiaOne apologises to Nicole Seah

Translated Text by Wake Up Singapore

On 26 Nov, we published a story entitled "Nicole Seah uploads photo of her with a man believed to be married", in which we mentioned that Nicole was seeing Steven Goh, a marred man. At the time of publication, the marital status of this man was not clear.

We have since found out that he is divorced.

We regret the inconvenience caused to Nicole Seah and Steven Goh for not including the above fact in the story and hereby apologize to both parties.

AsiaOne makes official apology to Nicole Seah for defamatory article
AsiaOne, Lianhe Wanbao apologise to Nicole & Steven over inaccurate report

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Nicole Seah: SPH’s gutter journalism at its finest

My contacts in the media industry are currently looking into asking for an official apology from the Singapore Press Holdings for the irreversible damage that they have caused to me and my loved ones because of their baseless and irresponsible reporting.

Failing which, I am looking into the very real possibility of suing them for libel and slander.

Just because I'm from the opposition doesn't accord the media more liberties to mess around with my reputation. After all, they wouldn't dare do the same with anyone from the PAP. Please compare Steve Chia's and Yaw Shin Leong's case against what happened with Michael Palmer. In Palmer's case, he got away quietly and the girl involved was implicated severely.

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Media secretly changes misleading headlines after they drew ire from Nicole Seah and other Singaporeans online
[Editor's note: Devadas Krishnandas, political commentator who writes regularly for TODAY. It was Wanbao and AsiaOne which carried the report, not ST.]

Update Nov. 28, 2013:  Wanbao has apologised to Nicole Seah and Steven Goh for the inconveniences it caused them. It added that it did not accurately reflect Goh’s marital status.

The editor of AsiaOne had also  ”unreservedly apologise” to both parties for any distress and inconvenience caused by the article. He said that the headline did not correctly reflect the rest of the article’s content, which indicated that Goh is divorced and not presently married.

related: To sue or not to sue? What can Nicole Seah do?

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Dear SPH, please apologize to Nicole and Steven

Update November 27, 9.58am – Here’s how the headline on AsiaOne was changed (before and after). As of writing, the original article link is redirected to AsiaOne’s Singapore section. We have also fixed a typo within the article.

I’m sorry, but your recent articles (here and here) on Nicole Seah and Steven Goh just stink so badly. Pardon my language in this open letter, but I can no longer stand the bullshit because I’m allergic to it. Your articles contain a lot of mistakes that a big, traditional media company shouldn’t be making.

Your lack of accountability in the articles is unforgivable. If a blog like ours cares about seeing things from both sides of the coin, then you’d better start learning the ropes of good journalism. Rather, you chose to blatantly accuse Nicole that she is seeing a married man Steven, making her look like a bitch. You failed to seek Nicole for her side of the story.

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A brave new world awaits Nicole

Many things have happened to Nicole this year, her two job losses, her health and the diagnosis of her dear grandma's illness. We wish her well in coping with these setbacks.

This predicament gives Nicole a timely opportunity to reflect on what she wants to do in the next stage of her life. She can soul-search and decide to strike out a new path to develop herself professionally and politically.

There is still so much for her to contribute to society. A brave new world awaits her. Seize the day, Nicole. Carpe diem.

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Nicole, my dear, please do not feel bad or guilty about you having made a “terrible, irreversible mistake” in the 2011 Presidential Election. It was not a constituency election in which you were contesting, it was a Presidential Election which did not require a team-mate to run for Vice President. I am not even sure whether you did make any difference to Tan Jee Say’s rally crowd. May I make this confession : I watched Tan Jee Say’s Presidential Election rally on youtube – and I only watched his speeches, not yours.

Nicole, you are young, hardworking and have the potential to become a parliamentarian. I am pleased with you and I like you, just like so many other Singaporeans.

It is alright to make mistake, especially you are still a young lady. The PAP ministers made mistakes all the times! We pray that any mistake you made or will make in future is not serious enough to destroy your political career.

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Nicole Seah, The Failed Strategist

Had anyone stop to wonder why the media chose to slander her with that photograph that she posted only a month later? No, because only Nicole Seah was required to know her enemy but failed utterly to do so. Like a snake, the enemy bid for time. Then Nicole granted them a golden opportunity when she posted "Ground Zero". A strategist will do the utmost to conceal weakness or even set up decoys of strengths. Dear Nicole bared her tits, warts and all for the public granting the snake the perfect time to strike. [link]

Nicole immediately hit out on her Facebook in an attempt to clear the air, telling the public she isn't a slut seeing a married man like what the media insinuated. Within hours, all news sources were noticed to have changed their headlines and alter content, like a living shape-shifting labyrinth.

The damage was already done. Initially, Nicole claimed that she didn't have the money and energies to pursue matters with SPH. That might have been a good closure to reduce her damages. Alas, urged and fueled by her team of foolish fans, she decided that it would be a good idea to sue the SPH, again, announcing to the whole world her intentions without giving herself even a night to consider.

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Power, Politics and Popularity

I think it was unwise of the newspaper to blow up the whole married man issue. They just made themselves look bad in the end.

Between MSM and Nicole Seah, the public generally favours the latter more. So if they wanted to make her look bad, they should have to done it based on hard evidence, not gossip. Right now, Instead of focusing on the misdeeds and falsehoods, people are talking about how lousy these newspapers are and asking them to apologize

Back to the lying part. True, she did tell lie to the public and all. I am not saying what she did was correct or ethical.. I think that quite a few other politicians, regardless of parties and countries, have done that before too.

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Nicole Seah threatens to sue
If Nicole Seah does not get an apology, she will be suing SPH to get back her pride. She claimed that the MSM is practicing double standard by ruining her reputation and letting PAP politicians get away. And it seems to be working, Asiaone's balls have shrunk and they have removed the articles that are sensational sounding:

If they have nothing to fear, why do they need to remove the articles?

Update 28 Nov: Asiaone has apologised.

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In solidarity with Nicole Seah
But to add salt to the wound, the mainstream media, like a malevolent predator smelling the blood of prey, pounced with its legendary viciousness, and smeared Nicole Seah with defamatory remarks that she was seeing a married man.

Both the English and Chinese newspapers tore into Nicole’s wounds like a pack of savage hounds intent not just on consuming but on destroying, declaring spitefully in big bold words: “In late October, Nicole Seah uploaded a photo of her with a man who is believed to be married“

The truth is that this man is not married any longer, but divorced. Neither the man or Nicole Seah had done anything wrong. If they are having a relationship, it is a perfectly legitimate one. Yet the mainstream media shamelessly and gleefully pronounced this man as “married” on the headline of its articles. (See appendix)

Nicole Seah: SPH’s gutter journalism at its finest

Wanbao and Asiaone yesterday (26 Nov) reported a story regarding Nicole Seah, who is currently the Second Assistant Secretary-General of the National Solidarity Party

She is reported to be currently seeing a person, Steven Goh, an entrepreneur. Both Wanbao and Asiaone tried to “sensationalize” the matter by reporting that Nicole is seeing a “married man”. Wanbao at first reported as follows: The title said, “Nicole Seah and married man, intimate photo uploaded to Facebook.”

The byline said, “NSP Second Assistant Secretary-General Nicole Seah uploaded an intimate photo with a man onto Facebook. The man, according to information, is a married man!”

However, in the Chinese language, “已婚男” can actually have 2 meanings. One is simply “a married man” – meaning he is still married. The other can mean a man who has been married before, but is no longer now.

related: Nicole seeking apology from SPH over irresponsible reporting

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Hatchet job by MSM on Nicole Seah

It all started off as a gossip in the Eat drink man woman section of the Hardware forum that Ms Nicole Seah, Second Assistant Secretary-General of the National Solidarity Party is seeing a new boyfriend (link).  Based on a photo she uploaded on her personal facebook account. A day later the Chinese newspaper, Lian He Wan Bao of the Singapore Press Holding (SPH) picked up the story and published an article on it.

The man in the photo was named as Steven Goh and listed the comments that accompanied the uploaded photo

For those who don’t read Chinese, the headline reads: “佘雪玲有已婚男面簿上载亲密照” – (Translation – Nicole seah uploads photo with married man on facebook.)

In short, the article writes that the man in the photo is said to be a married man. Referenced to the earlier post she made on facebook and mentioned that it was captioned with (“Sweetheart” with a smiling face).

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To the Editorial of SPH and Meredith Woo
Please resign from your jobs, because you all are incompetent at making proper news. Attempt at character defamation/assassination of Nicole Seah, digging out her Facebook pictures and posting a picture out of context, implying infidelity and of easy stature. This is just low. There is no better way to express how dishonest and dishonourable the publications are by doing this.

Is your employers' moral foundation based on lies and threats? Because it is beginning to look like scum and villainy that possesses these 'reputable' sources. I am disappointed in SPH. You are already quite terrible at content, don't make it be dishonest as well.

And to you, dear Meredith Woo, you are better than this. There's honour in reporting truthful news than sensationalizing one out of context picture. Do your karma a favour and pull the article with an apology. You know, like how Japanese people do. Is Singapore, SPH, and everyone here in power, ethically bankrupt?

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Oh, Nicole
As expected, Nicole Seah’s online outpouring of  how her entry into politics has emotionally scarred her got her the vote of netizens with many sympathising with her. One, Belmont Lay of Mothership, even went to the extent of saying the government’s action to weed out trolling was unnecessary because netizens know how to show love, too.

There are three other points that need to be made.

One, Nicole, 27, has shown that politicians need not be mean machines tying to trip up opponents using every trick in the book. They can be sincere, open and humane. The assistant secretary general of the National Solidarity Party is the refreshing face of  politics that Singapore has lacked. If she lasts the long haul, then it can have a lasting impact on how politics is practised here.

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OPINION: SPH should publicly apologize to Nicole Seah and Steven Goh - Willis Wee, 27 Nov 2013

Dear SPH, I’m sorry, but your recent articles (here and here) on Nicole Seah and Steven Goh just stink so badly. Pardon my language in this open letter, but I can no longer stand the bullshit because I’m allergic to it. Your articles contain a lot of mistakes that a big, traditional media company shouldn’t be making.

Your lack of accountability in the articles is unforgivable. If a blog like ours cares about seeing things from both sides of the coin, then you’d better starting learning the ropes of good journalism. Rather, you chose to blatantly accuse Nicole that he is seeing a married man Steven, making her look like a bitch. You failed to seek Nicole for her side of the story.

That’s not right. Steven was married but no longer, unfortunately. Your initial headlines unnecessarily sensationalized the news which brought you many clicks and much criticism from your readers.

You were pressured and that was when you made the second grave mistake. You sneakily changed your headline and edited your story without explaining what went wrong and why the article needed a change. Full story

SPH changes titles of defamatory articles before taking them down completely
SPH attempts to paint Nicole Seah seeing a ‘married man’ - TR Emeritus
In solidarity with Nicole Seah -
Dear SPH, please apologize to Nicole and Steven - Yahoo! News Singapore
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Nicole Seah's online post creates stir

Reactions were almost all positive.

One commended her "brutal honesty and willingness to share" her weaknesses and strengths.

Miss Seah did not respond to TNP's queries by press time.


Nicole Seah uploads photo of her with a man believed to be married
AsiaOne Tuesday, Nov 26, 2013

In late October, Nicole Seah uploaded a photo of her with a man who is believed to be married on Facebook.

The post was made on Oct 27 by the 27-year-old who is the second assistant Secretary-General of the National Solidarity Party

In her Facebook post, she is seen leaning on the man's shoulder and she wrote "sweetheart..:)" as a caption

Ground Zero: Nicole Seah

The darling of Singapore politics, Nicole Rebecca Seah says that 2013 is the worst year for her. And makes a confession on her Facebook page about how life has been since GE2011.
I was naive, arm-twisted into making some pretty bad decisions (Yup, the Presidential Elections was one of them. Terrible, irreversible mistake, completely underestimated what my lobbying could do) ~ Nicole Seah

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Nicole Seah reveals 2013 worst year of her life on Facebook
Nicole Seah reveals 2013 worst year of her life on Facebook
Singapore opposition politician and social media darling Nicole Seah opened up on a Facebook post Saturday, revealing a series of negative experiences since the 2011 General Election that resulted in her suffering a “meltdown”. (Image:

The lengthy post recounts the 27-year-old social media darling’s experiences since the 2011 General Election, when she says her life took a sharp detour that would lead to a meltdown.

She talks about people’s sky-high expectations, getting derailed from her life’s purpose, working to the point of exhaustion, making bad decisions, feeling like a fraud, and constantly being stalked with rape and death threats.

Then, one day at work she found out her grandmother had third stage stomach cancer, and she snapped. She had a physical panic attack, and went on two-months medical leave. She contracted dengue and ended up in the hospital.

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I felt like a fraud, says Nicole Seah

She was also brutally honest about her feelings

Ms Seah, who is working temporarily as a senior accounts manager, said that she did not think about whether what she posted would be "political suicide".

"The larger objective is to give people hope and empathise with their struggles, and I believe that there are many ways to do that. Politics is one way."

Although it is not known whether she will contest the 2016 General Election, political observer Alan Chong said: "Given the ongoing grouses about the cost of living, the stresses of living here, she may garner more sympathy than revulsion"

Nicole Seah speaks at a rally for presidential candidate Tan Jee Say in this file photograph. (Yahoo file photo)
Yahoo Newsroom/Marianne Tan - Nicole Seah speaks at a rally for presidential candidate Tan Jee Say in this file photograph. (Yahoo file photo)

Opposition politician Nicole Seah opened up on Saturday, revealing for the first time on Facebook that she suffered a meltdown over a series of events that unfolded this year in her life.

In the wee hours of Saturday morning, Seah, now 27, wrote a lengthy status on her personal Facebook page recounting her experience in the time since the 2011 general election — a time where she says she was "derailed" from her larger purpose, taking on opportunities with being elected in 2016 in mind.

"Needless to say, when you start thinking about your life in 5 year blocks, you start to get equally myopic about the way you do things," she wrote, adding she was getting exhausted by her daily routine of work, house visits and walkabouts.


NSP's Nicole Seah opens up on the "worst year" of her life
She made a political splash in the 2011 General Election with a poise and confidence beyond her 24 years, but opposition figure Nicole Seah has candidly revealed her struggles and self-doubt since being propelled into the spotlight

She has been used for her public profile by others and has suffered rape and death threats against her and her family.

In the past year, she has lost two jobs and her grandmother was diagnosed with stomach cancer - the news of which caused her to have a physical panic attack.

She also contracted dengue fever, she wrote in a Facebook post on Saturday that has since garnered more than 2,900 likes as of Sunday evening.

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2013 was the worst year of my life: NSP's Nicole Seah
2013 was the worst year of my life: NSP’s Nicole Seah

The 27-year-old also said she was “naive, arm-twisted into making some pretty bad decisions”, citing the Presidential Elections, during which she lobbied for Mr Tan Jee Say, as an example. “Terrible, irreversible mistake, completely underestimated what my lobbying could do,” she said.

When contacted, Mr Tan said he was caught by surprise by Ms Seah’s remarks and said he had “no idea” what she was referring to. “We can understand the stress that she has gone through ... We are all here to support her,” he added. Ms Seah, the Second Assistant Secretary-General of the National Solidarity Party, could not be reached for comments.

When contacted, party chief Jeannette Chong-Aruldoss declined to elaborate, other than saying the post was “self-explanatory”. She confirmed that Ms Seah was still with the party and her activities were still “status quo”. Party comrades also declined to say whether they knew what prompted Ms Seah to write her post.

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Nicole Seah at Ground Zero
See more or rather read further

What cannot kill you will only make your stronger. I think she will come out of this much stronger. Perhaps she is already beginning to or she wouldn't have written that post. It was a U shape story with a visible right ascend.

Actually she kinda of remind me of Jennifer Lawrence and was losing it. Going back to herself, being authentic I think is best. Long ago in school and no longer fashionable now, I learned not in moral education but English for exams: honesty is the best policy. They used to test you on idioms and we had to memorize a long list of them.

The most important lesson is not to be seduced by forbidden fruit. Do that and she will be much more than alright. I think she will be fine. Perhaps she could also have a chat with Jack Sim of the WTO. I think she can learn lots from him on how to carry on.

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Nicole Seah proves once and for all the Internet is not just good for trolling

Whoever said the Internet is all about negativity and abuse is dead wrong. Period

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said during last Friday’s Chinese daily Lianhe Zaobao’s 90th anniversary celebrations that the online world has been overrun by abusive trolls.

He was quoted as saying: “We must fight back against trolling, and provide a safe, responsible online environment which promotes constructive participation.” He also said: “Satisfied people don’t have time to go onto the Internet. Unhappy people often go there.”

However, within one day, he was proven wrong.

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Nicole Seah reveals she suffered meltdown earlier this year

After reading Nicole's, my opinion of her is this: She is a just a regular girl next door who went into politics for the same reason as why she would pretend to be a newscaster with a big audience on TV.

But if a person is not politically savvy, or has what it takes to walk the ground without melting down, she is better off staying out of politics.

From what Nicole wrote, it is clear that she is not politically savvy, rather she is naïve, and not physically strong. Tin Pei Ling has been walking the ground since June 2011. She did not complain. She toiled and persevered quietly and the last time I saw her, she'd aged beyond her biological age.

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An Encouragement Note To Nicole Seah

Dear Nicole, you may find it ironic or even feel that I am just being "sarcastic" but I have to congratulate you of crossing the most critical point of your life. Contrary to what you and many other people think, I think 2013 is the best year you could ever have in your life

From what I have read from your post “Ground Zero”, 2013 is the year that provides the most important opportunity of metamorphosis for you, both in terms of personal as well as political development.

Although I hardly write to you about anything but in private, I have raised the concerns of your early political fame. Especially when you are blown out of the sky by the initial political fame gained with so many people flattering you, there lies the very danger of a devastating fall and destruction by the overinflated ego

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If Nicole Seah need political agenda to work on, she can consider the following list:

1. HDB price had got beyond average Singapore income earner. Although KBW had illustrated an example, but what happened you got lay off, having children etc; that will make you short of money, a complete family size of two aged parent, two kids, housewife and only husband working, can he support?

2. Majority HDB flat size are designed for young couple, only a few for multi-generation family, worst if parent reach old age and need additional care, shuttle between family need a car and extra cash.

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Dear Nicole Seah, I refer to your self reflection piece: "NICOLE SEAH: GROUND ZERO"

Long time no see, this is Alex Tan previously from SPP. I read about your little revelation and would like to share my part what happened after the GE2011. Like you, I was the youngest candidate in GE2011 and I’m now 26. There are a lot of expectations from us young politicians and it is indeed suffocating hearing advice from different well-intended people.

But unlike you, I resigned from SPP and do not wish to commit myself to the party, because that means a lot of walkabouts, meeting the people, writing stances, expressing opinions and basically just doing anything to get popularity. Hah. It’s a drag, and honestly I am not a committed person like you and I’ve tried for a month or so, it’s tiring. We are not elected MPs, we don’t draw a salary and everything we do is out of goodwill. Simply put in, we are just like volunteers.

But like volunteering, we could only afford spare time and resources. I notice you have made it a full time job with a tuition centre and NSP matters. Like you, I teach tuition too, but I charge a fee and it is at my own leisurely time. Perhaps it boils down to our primary purpose, for mine is just to remove the PAP out of power, contesting in GE2016 or not does not matters to me; whereas for you, is to get voted in by next election.

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Nicole Seah Ho Say!
– Yahoo Sg: Nicole Seah reveals depression, meltdown and how she ‘felt like a fraud’
– Singapore Alternatives: An Encouragement Note To Nicole Seah
– Singapolitics: NSP’s Nicole Seah opens up on “worst year” of her life
– The Mothership: Nicole proves once and for all Internet is not just good for trolling
– Under the Angsana Tree: Ground Zero: Nicole Seah
– Blogging for Myself: Nicole Seah at Ground Zero

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