Sunday, 3 November 2013

Body Evolution: Manipulating in Advertising

Shocking Video Reveals Photoshop Trickery

Just how crazy unrealistic can photo retouching be? Crazy enough to make a perfectly attractive normal-looking woman into an unrecognizable, mannequin-like version of herself. And while that may not be an entirely new concept, there’s a striking example of the practice currently making its way around social media, wowing all who see it.

The 36-second clip — which is an edited version of a video created by Global Democracy that first appeared on YouTube well over a year ago — has inexplicably resurfaced with a vengeance this week. In it, we see an unknown woman with a blond bob, red bikini and creamy-pale skin become transformed into a wide-eyed, long-haired, heavily made-up Barbie who winds up much taller and thinner than she first looked.

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