Thursday, 10 October 2013

Eight Bad Habits for Your Skin


Our skin is the largest organ of the body and is subject to daily aggressions. It is constantly exposed to environmental factors, that affects all of its layers over time, sometimes with visible results. If you are concerned about your skin here's what not to do anymore, starting today.

Too much tanning
Sun can damage cells and tissues of the skin causing irreversible skin aging. So make sure to minimize the time you are spending on the beach and use protective lotions all the time.

Actually, smoking has the same negative effects on the skin as the sun, the only difference is that it acts within the body, not outside it. Smoking will just make your skin look bad overtime by decreasing the blood flow and slowing down the wound healing process.

Using the wrong products to clean your skin
A mistake many people make is to use harsh soaps for cleaning body skin. A better solution would be to use mild cleansers especially for your face, if you have sensitive skin.

Squeezing pimples
Whenever you feel the need to squeeze pimples, control yourself. This usually leads to aggravated acne and can even leave permanent scars.

Stress is the disease of the 21 century. Did you ever noticed that you look different when you are stressed?

Everyone wants to have a young and beautiful skin, but this may come with a high price. For long lasting healthy skin you should follow the advice of an experienced professional, especially if you are considering advanced procedures such as chemical skin peeling.

Insufficient sleep
More than a quarter of the people sleep less than 7 hours a day. Exhaustion will be visible as dark circles and bags under your eyes in a couple of days if you are not getting enough rest.

Ignoring warning signs
Your skin is sending you signs all the times. A change in the appearance of your moles can be one of the clearest signs of skin cancer. Early detection offers a chance to treat the disease before it spreads.

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