Sunday, 8 September 2013

Reflections on how coffee helps fight liver cancer

A fragrant kopitiam Ah-Ko sock-brewed version of coffee

I had to spend two sleepless nights before I could churn this story out. It was recently reported that three to four cups of coffee a day can help keep liver cancer at bay, or at least reduce it by 44 percent. I don't know how that percentage is calculated but I am taking no chances.

You see, I love coffee and my late father (bless his soul) passed on with some liver complications over 30 years ago. So if hereditary genetics is anything to go by, then those extra few cups I had over the weekend would certainly ease my mind about inheriting things I don't want from the family's genetic treasure. So I stayed up, entertained my heightened memory (coffee is known to have that effect) and pondered about that finding on coffee and cirrhosis.

Firstly, I was celebrating what the Singapore Chinese Health Study research concluded -- that those few cups of intoxicating black wonder helps delay or hold back liver disease or cancer for Singapore Chinese folks only. The finding was published in the American Journal of Cancer and Causes. Too bad my Chinese pals in Johor Baru cannot benefit from this finding -- they are so near yet so far. I realised this from my two trips to the loo at 2am and 4.30am (the diuretic effects of coffee was a natural post celebration party).

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