Saturday, 7 April 2012

Watz Buzzing - 7 Apr 2012

Photo offers convincing proof that foreigners are invading Singapore

Surveillance photo taken by an NS recruit

A startling photo has been deemed by the Singapore government as proof that foreigners are invading the country, years after ignoring repeated warnings from citizens and experts in the field.

The peculiar image, taken in Orchard Road, shows a rotund man in what appears to be a military fatigue resembling that worn by Chairman Mao, the revolutionary leader of China.

Experts who studied the photo have raised the alarm bells, imploring the government to finally take action after months of burying their head in the sand.

“They are everywhere, attacking our buses, driving on our roads and engaging in reckless Grand Theft Auto-like killing sprees,” said Dr Matthias De Silva, a Total Defense Propagandist at the Singapore Armed Forces and lecturer at an obscure private university.

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 PRC student calls Singaporeans ‘PIGS’ and hurls insults at Malay/Indian community
Two days after Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong called on Singaporeans not to ‘target’ PRC immigrants because of NUS PRC scholar Sun Xu’s offensive remarks on there being ‘more dogs than humans in Singapore’, another PRC student has learnt from his ‘example’ and hurled expletives at Singaporeans on the Lion City Forum.

In a thread titled in Chinese “Singapore is a brain-dead holy place to die”, PRC student “litong2865″ ranted at Singaporeans:

“The entire Singapore is like a gathering of rubbish, got Malay xxx, Indian xxx…”


He also called on PRC students studying in Singapore to return to China:

Err do judges read TOC, TRE etc?

I was pleasantly surprised to read that a High Court judge on Tuesday dismissed the attorney-general’s arguments to have an application dismissed. The application had asked the court to determine the prime minister’s discretionary powers in calling by-elections in Singapore.

What this means is that the Court is satisfied that there is an arguable case and that the courts recognise the need for clarification on the constitutional questions raised in the application. It does not mean that the court has made a decision against the prime minister on the merits of the application.
As a trained lawyer, I tot that the court would strike out the application on the grounds as argued by the attorney-general’s representative in court that the application was “wholly misconceived”, “legally unsustainable and unarguable in law and fact”.

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Beware of fraudulent financial advisers!

"Need money? Call ********* today, totally legal and fuss free!"
Is this something you see frequently on the road, pillars and in your mailbox? If yes, beware! These could be fraudulent financial advisers or their accomplices attempting to defraud you.

How prevalent is this problem? Nobody knows. But my observation is these practises still exist. Some financial advisers also work together with loan sharks to target hard-up Singaporeans who are in need for quick cash.
Fraudulent advisers try to reach out to unknowing victims through various media instruments like flyers, newspapers, online advertisements and word of mouth.

Singapore:Bhutan of South East Asia?

I read in the newspapers that Singapore is the happiest country in South East Asia. I am not sure about the ranking methodology but as far as I know, Singapore is the most affluent country in the South East Asia and if the ranking equates affluence with happiness, then I think the correlation may not be really accurate.

Yes, our country may be the most affluent country in the region but does that really make Singaporeans the happiest in the region? As a Singaporean, yes, I am contented with the good quality of life here and the modern and comfortable amenities of our country but I am not too happy with life here for the following reasons:

Tougher rules on strata-landed homes

Foreigners will now have to seek permission to buy such property.

AN AVENUE allowing foreigners to buy landed homes without needing official approval has been blocked with new rules governing condominium developments.

Strata-landed homes built in condominium estates have enjoyed condo status, meaning foreigners can buy them without restriction, unlike standard landed homes that require the green light from the Government.

Under the new rule that kicked in yesterday, the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) says it will no longer give condominium status to developments comprising strata-landed homes and apartments within the same development.

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Worrying Trends

Last night, I had a dream. I dreamt that to ensure that I had enough children to support me after my retirement, I would need more children. So I decided to adopt a few. In the most populous nation in the world, I was spoiled for choice. I picked the brightest, best-looking kids to be my adopted children.

Project365.[163]_My Big Family

Back in Singapore, they didn’t disappoint me. They did better than my own kids in school. They even managed to emerge top in their schools. To reward them for the good performance, I spent a lot more money on them than on my own children. Of course, my own children were unhappy, but I told them that they should never take Daddy’s support for granted. If they want pocket money, grants and bonuses, they’d have to earn them. But not being as bright as the brightest from the most populous nation in the world, they always fell behind. I told them that our family needs these adopted children. They’re the ones who will support us (actually just me) when I grow old.

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Nuclear Energy

After the earthquake and tsunami last year, you would think this would be a non-issue especially in Japan. Evidentially not because news out of Japan is that their government is still thinking of restarting their nuclear reactors!

Worried about a power crunch in the coming summer, the Japanese government is thinking of restarting some of their nuclear reactors which were shut down last year. This despite the safety worries last year at Fukushima!

The Singapore government has also talk about opening a nuclear reactor in the past, something I’m dead set against and I can’t help but shake my head at this piece of news coming from Japan. It’s amazing to me how short people’s memories are. Nuclear energy is a fool’s choice. Yes, it is suppose to be safer and less polluting than oil or gas but as Fukushima showed, once things goes wrong, they really go wrong!

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Seems like bureaucracy restricts innvoation innvoation too
I was reading another article that talks about the work life in a certain company. What the person liked about the company is that even though there were many layers above him to the founders, all the people in the middle got out of the way so that the founders could actually hear the idea from him, a relatively junior person within the organisation.

I think it is quite common in organisations that if you want to get access to the upper management, the usual case is that all the people in-between will want to vet and modify whatever that you're proposing or bringing up. Sometimes, you see your idea being morphed into something completely different when it goes up, or worst still, your idea becomes your bosses idea, causing the team to be demoralised.

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He pledges to keep costs manageable

The Government intends to keep health-care costs manageable and nobody in need will be denied medical treatment, Health Minister Gan Kim Yong said on Sunday.

His pledge, coming after his ministry announced plans recently to double its yearly health-care spending to $8 billion over the next five years, was made at a dialogue in which participants continued to express worries about health care.

Among other things, they cited their concerns over rising subsidised consultation fees at public hospitals and the prices of quality medicine.

Mr Gan said that Singaporeans can expect health-care costs to keep rising, especially if patients want better outcomes from newer technology.

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SHOCKING VIDEO: SBS bus driven by PRC driver ran over woman as she was crossing road in Sengkang

The tragic accident at the junction of Sengkang East Way and Compassvale Road this morning was recorded by a passer-by. It showed a 33 year old woman crossing the road when the traffic was flashing a ‘green man’. (In the earlier part of the video, another woman can be seen walking across the junction at the opposite side).

[Snapshot from video: Seconds before the poor woman was knocked down by the turning bus whose PRC driver appeared to be 'sleeping' and not aware of a pedestrian crossing the road]

A SBS Transit Bus Service 159 made a right turn and simply ran over the woman without stopping to allow her to pass. The woman was reportedly dragged under it for nearly HALF A MINUTE MORE under the bus before other motorists alerted the bus driver to stop.

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